This is a small preview of a bigger FanFic I'm working on. I'll try to get the full thing up soon, but I'm still working on it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gaia Online. I don't know who does, but it ain't me.

I was moving across the arena. It was the finals of the first annual D.A.S.H. World Cup, and there were only thirty seconds left in the game, which was currently tied.

The other team was making a drive to the goal. If they made it, they would break the tie and win the game.

As they sped closer and closer to the goal ring, I saw the goalie try to make an intercept, but it failed and the goalie overshot.

With the goalie too far to block, I was the only one close enough to prevent the other team from scoring the winning goal.

As the ball carrier brought his arm back, I put on an extra burst of speed. The ball was less than ten feet from the goal when I caught it.

I looked up at the clock just then. There were fifteen seconds left as I sped faster and faster towards my own team's goal hoop. I was alone. My teammates were either injured or too far away to help me.

Ten seconds. An opponent tries to tackle me from the side. I do a quick spin and manage to dodge him.

Five seconds. I have a clear line to the goal, but I am too far to get to it in time. I decided to take a chance and throw the ball over the remaining five hundred feet.

I slow down as the ball reaches a blistering speed.

The ending buzzer sounds just as I hear the bell that indicates a goal.

There is a dead silence as everyone in the arena waits to hear the official verdict.

"Goal is valid!" Blasts out from the arena loudspeakers. The cheering of the crowd is deafening.

I'm also cheering as I go back to my team's benches. I have just scored the first D.A.S.H. Championship-winning goal in history. The ball made it through the goal less than a tenth of a second before the game ended.

I doubt that such a close game would repeat itself. For now though, I just basked in my team's camaraderie.

Life is good.

So... What'cha think? The FanFic will obviously be about an athletic sport. I haven't even completed the first chapter yet, so be patient.