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So guys, here I am with a new story. This is my first vamp fic, so be nice, LOL. Just to tell you though, these are not your typical Twilight vamps. In my opinion, they are sort of a mixture of all the modern day vampires you read/watch today.

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I stood in the shadows, watching her from across the room. Her mahogany waves bouncing as she moved her body to the beat of the music. I tried to focus on her thoughts, but was unable due to the loud music in the room and the fact that it was filled with people. I had yet to see the woman's face, but her body was definitely enticing me.

Her back was completely exposed and I watched the muscles there flex as she raised her arms high above her head. The short dress she was wearing rose to just under her incredible ass with the movement, and my eyes couldn't help but be drawn by the sexy sight. As she moved her hips from left to right, she ran her hands down the side of her body and slowly turned around.

She was fucking beautiful. Her long pale neck was stretched taut as she tilted her head up toward the ceiling. Even from here I could see the vein in the side of her neck as it throbbed, sending blood pumping throughout her body. As she lowered her head again, I could see that she had her plump bottom lip held tightly between her teeth.

What I wouldn't give to have that luscious lip between my own sharp teeth. To feel them slice easily through the tender skin, the warm liquid flowing freely into my awaiting mouth.

It felt as if she were performing just for me, but I knew that she had no idea I was watching her. Her eyes had remained closed the entire time she was dancing. As the music finally came to an end, she opened her eyes and stared directly into mine. Her eyes were deep brown, tiny flakes of gold speckled around the edges.

"See anything you like?" Emmett asked as he clapped his large hand onto my shoulder. I turned around to look at him and he was grinning widely. For all intents and purposes Emmett was my brother. But really he was just another member of our coven. The seven of us had joined together and chosen to live amongst the humans and had grown close. Although none of us were truly related, I considered them all to be my family.

"Possibly," I answered him vaguely. We'd gone out tonight on the hunt. While some vampires like to drain their victims dry, we Cullens tend to take advantage of our ability. Every vampire has the ability to make certain memories disappear. So while most drain the bodies, we take just enough blood to sustain us and then wipe the memory of the event completely from their mind. With one simple look we can erase whatever memories we want to from a human's mind. It makes it so much easier to hunt the same places because the victims don't actually remember meeting us.

I turned my attention back to the dance floor to point my possible prey out to Emmett, but the beauty was gone. I looked around the room and finally spotted her sitting with a group of young girls. I was able to quickly focus in on the group's conversation and thoughts and was surprised by what I was hearing.

"Hey, Bella! You looked like you were having a great time out there," Angela said. I remembered Angela from Forks. She was one of our fellow classmates when we attended high school most recently. I could hear Angela's thoughts easily. She was watching Bella and wondering if she was truly having a good time. She'd met her recently at work and invited her to go out with them tonight.

I could also hear Jessica Stanley's mind-numbing thoughts. It seemed as though she'd already spotted both me and Emmett and was conjuring up ways to 'bump' into us. But the one person's thoughts I couldn't hear were Bella's. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate, I couldn't pick up a thing from her. She was completely silent to me.

"Hey, what's got you thinking so hard?" Emmett asked when he noticed I wasn't paying attention to him anymore. He followed my line of sight and saw the girls at the table across the room.

"Isn't that..." he said, before I interrupted him.

"Yes, Angela Webber," I replied quickly, still trying to focus on the girls' conversation.

"Angela, I have a question," I finally heard Bella say. I could focus easily on her voice, but her mind was a mystery.

"And that's..." Emmett started again.

"Yes, Jessica Stanley. Jesus Christ, Emmett, shut the fuck up for a second will you?" I gritted out.

"Who are those guys over there?" Bella asked her, casually nodding her head in our direction. Angela glanced our way and I saw an image of our high school English class flutter through her mind.

"That's Emmett and Edward Cullen. They went to high school with us back in Forks. If you'd moved in with your dad sooner, you could have met them back then," Angela said. Angela's imagination began to form images of Bella and me walking hand in hand through the halls of Forks High. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. That never would have happened.

I looked over at Emmett and saw that his focus was on the table as well. Of course he was interested in what they thought about him.

"Trust me, Bella Swan, don't waste your time on those two. Emmett has been with the same girl for as long as I can remember and Edward wouldn't give any girl the time of day. I don't know what the fuck his problem is," Jessica said, a memory of one of the many times I turned her down back in high school running through her thoughts.

"Wait...Did she just say Bella Swan?" I asked Emmett as I nudged his elbow.

"Yeah, why?" he asked. His focus was still on the table in front of him. Surely he wouldn't pick one of the girls we went to high school with to feed on. Rose would probably kill him. There had to be someone else in this bar.

"Chief Swan, Emmett. Bella is Charlie Swan's daughter," I told him, my attention still on the beautiful girl in front of him. Now that I thought about it she definitely shared traits with her father. Of all the time I lived in Forks, Chief Swan was the one person that I had a hard time reading. I had to concentrate so hard that it would almost give me a headache, which was pretty much impossible.

"Shit, man. That's fucking perfect. You've gotta pick her man," Emmett said, finally turning toward me.

"What? Why?" I asked him. It didn't matter why though. I'd already chosen her as my prey tonight. How could I not? Having the chance to feed from a beautiful creature like her was rare, not to mention the fact that her mind was closed to me; I could actually feed in peace for once.

"Dude, she's like the ultimate Daddy's girl. You can...I don't know...make her call you Daddy," Emmett said laughing. I couldn't help but laugh a little with him. But I needed to make my move. I could tell from Angela's thoughts that they were just about ready to leave. I needed to go up to them and strike up a conversation. I already had the perfect in since I went to high school with two of them. I pushed myself off the wall where we'd been standing and tossed a wave over my shoulder toward Emmett.

"See ya later, man," I said, walking over toward Bella and the other girls. I knew though, that before the night was over, Bella would be leaving with me. I knew from the moment I saw her tonight that no one else's blood would satisfy me tonight. It had to be her.