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It was official; the Sonic gang was heading off high school and today, was the first day. The group was attending West Coast Academy; a private high school on Santa Monica Beach. This school was a bit different though, instead of going to and from school, you had a dorm and roommates, kind of like a college. Anyways, enough chit chat, let's visit some good old friends.

It was 7:30 in the morning when everybody was on the bus Amy sat next to Rouge, Blaze was next to Silver because they were already a couple, Sonic sat next to Knuckles and Shadow alone. The pairings talked about whatever the bus ride to the high school.

At exactly 8 am the bus arrived at the very large school, it had white bricks and above the entrance were the words West Coast Academy. As a group, Amy, Sonic, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, Rouge, and Shadow walked through the doors of the next four years of their life.

First, all high school students had to meet in the auditorium for a speech and to get everybody organized with their dorms and such. Everybody in the room was chatting until the principal arrived.

"Can you believe this, we are in high school!" squealed Amy, she eyed the group. "This is a chance for everything, a new life." Blaze said.

"New friends." Sonic added.

"New romance." Amy said nudging Sonic as he sweat dropped.

"New enemies." Knuckles growled.

It wasn't until 8:30 when the principal actually came; he was a tall Dalmatian dog with a black spot covering his left eye. He dressed very formally, in a grey suit and mint green tie.

"Hello class of 2012!" He greeted. "Let me just say, West Coast Academy is very glad to have you here. This is a place that will be a part of you forever. This is a place of great education and great memories."

"We hope to have a wonderful year this year and, I'm sure we will. Now, as you well know, you got a letter A, B, C, or D when you came here. Now, I would like all of you to split up upon your assigned letters." The principal continued. After his directions were given, the students split up in their given letters and they all had an assigned staff member to show them to their dorm.

Coincidentally, the Sonic group was all together in group B, they arrived to their beautiful dorm on the beach and then listened to the staff member speak.

"Ok, in wing A will be Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, Rouge, Shadow, and Olivia Marie." A voice interrupted the staff member, "I go by Olivia." A sassy girl from the back spoke.

"Okay, Olivia well, meet your roommates." The staff member spoke once again. She handed Sonic the key and they unlocked the door. The group walked inside to a huge dorm.

As they walked in they noticed the large dorms features, first there was a living room that had two couches with a fireplace and flat screen above. Behind the living room was a small kitchen and behind that was a stair case that winged into two separate directions, the girl's living area and the boy's living area.

In the girl's living area were four bedrooms, one for each girl. In each room were a dresser, bed, closet, and side table with a window in the back of the room. The boy's living area was the same way except with a more boyish theme. In all of the bedrooms were each student's class schedules, dorm key, and locker number and combination.

After everybody observed the dorm, they all met in the living room to talk about high school and everything else.

"So, who are you?" Amy questioned the new student.

"Oh yeah, I should've told you guys earlier, I'm OMG the Echidna." The spunky girl said. Amy giggled, "OMG isn't a name."

"No, it's not but, if your actual name is Olivia Marie Gold it can be." The girl said. Everybody seemed confused by her. She was a rather tall, purple echidna; she had bleach blond long hair with many neon colors strung between them. She wore a black and white tiger print shirt, black skinny jeans, and black nerd glasses.

She seemed to be herself, what other people were afraid to do. Amy spoke again, "Well, OMG it's nice to meet you." OMG gleamed with happiness, "So, now can I meet you guys? You seem like a tight-knit group."

"I'm Amy and I'm dating Sonic." She looked over at the blue hedgehog.

"No, she's not and I'm Sonic."

"I'm Knuckles and I'm awesomer then Sonic." Sonic rolled his eyes at Knuckles stupid remark and then Blaze spoke, "I'm Blaze and Silver is my boyfriend." Blaze said happily looking at Silver.

"I'm Silver and Blaze is my girlfriend and I can do this." Silver spoke and then used his telekinesis to lift up a glass of water that was sitting in the center of the table.

"Yeah, yeah that's cool," Rouge said sarcastically, "I'm Rouge by the way."

"And, I'm Shadow and I don't want to be here." Shadow spoke in his usual tone with no expression.

"So, how do you guys know each other?" OMG asked, "Well, I guess we grew up together to say the least." Sonic said. OMG nodded and then took in the group again, she wanted to be friends with them but, they just seemed so close that it would be impossible just to be friends with them. At least they were nice and tried to accept her.

The group chatted for a while about life and each other and whatever topic came up until it was time for dinner in the lunch hall. The school did this gathering every year at the beginning of the year to kick off.

Together, they made their way to the lunch hall the place was already pretty filled up. Students were seated according to cliques. The first table was the popular people, the second table was the nerds and geeks, then a random group, and last was us.

"Okay, I suppose I should introduce you to the students around here." OMG said the group leaned in to listen.

"How do you know everybody here?" Amy questioned, OMG answered, "I grew up with all of these people, elementary school and middle school." Everybody nodded and waited for the echidna to continue.

"Well, first off the nerds, they don't cause much trouble and you want to be paired with them for projects. Next, are the normal people they can be trouble if you rub them the wrong way and if you don't, you should be fine. Finally, the popular people, or as they call themselves, The Toxins; you need to stay away from them as long as you can, but you are the new kids so they are coming for you." OMG explained the group listened intently.

"The group is led by Percy the cat and her boyfriend Kyle. They have a couple of people to back them up but, the main problems are them. They come after the new people because they see you as weaklings, so don't back down, Got it?" The echidna finished, the group nodded in unison and continued with the dinner.

Of course, no high schooler could go without drama and The Toxins made their way to the Sonic table in no time.

"So, you're the new kids, I see?" Percy said; the girl was a sky blue cat with pink stripes that looked like cotton candy. She wore high heeled shoes, a short white mini skirt, and a sparkly black tank top. The cat had short hair like Amy's when she was twelve that was brown with blond highlights.

"Yes we are do you have a problem with that?" asked Amy ready for a fight. She watched the cat's expression and waited for a reply, she said, "No I don't as long as you stay out of my way, we shouldn't have any problems."

"I'm not going to let you push me around, girly so get that idea out of your head now!" Amy said standing up. Percy didn't look the least bit threatened and just waited for the right moment to make Amy snap.

"I wasn't thinking about that at all, I just want to make sure that neither you nor any of your friends will be in my way." Percy threatened.

"What if we don't get out of your way?" Amy pushed.

"Well, that will be your problem." Percy said crossing her arms.

"Listen, why don't you get back to your seat before I punch you?" Amy said trying her best to stay out of trouble. Percy just stood there and Amy knew she was waiting to see if Amy would actually punch her.

Amy then said, "Okay, if this is the way you would like it." She picked up her fist and punched the girl in the mouth. The whole cafeteria was now gazing at the fight. Still, the cat didn't give up she got up and punched Amy right back.

The punch knocked Amy down but, she got right up and kicked the girl, she went flying back and then back up again. The fight soon turned into a wrestling match until the principal whistled out, "Ahem!" the girls got up and glared up at their principal.

"What do you girl's think you are doing? First day of school and a fight already has broken out! Since this is your first day, no detention, but if I catch you causing trouble again, you're both getting detention, do I have myself clear?" The girl's nodded their heads and headed back to their tables. The cafeteria snapped back to the conversations of each table.

"Amy!" snapped Sonic, "What do you think you're doing? Just stay away from her." Amy looked around at him and said, "I don't know, I just felt this sudden, awesome power, I like it!"

The rest of the dinner carried on without any trouble and so did the rest of the night. Everybody went to bed early, knowing tomorrow was the actual first day. Everybody was so excited for the first day tomorrow but, nobody knew what was in store for tomorrow.

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