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BEEP, BEEP, BEEP sounded everybody's alarm clocks. It was 6:45 in the morning, and everybody was required to get up. Since, everybody had their own personal bathroom, showering was quite easy.

Dressing was also easy. Girls were required to wear a navy blue school skirt that stopped at their mid thigh and either baby blue, yellow, or white polo, button down or regular. In addition, the girls had to wear white flats for shoes and long, white socks, too.

For boys, they were required to wear navy blue shorts, considering the weather, and a baby blue, yellow, or white polo again, button down or regular.

The boys were done dressing first and were gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. After a while, the girls joined them.

"Hey Sonic, looking great in that uniform." Amy said. Sonic backed away from her nervously.

"…Haha thanks, Ames." Sonic said, untruthfully. Amy smiled at the nickname and even giggled a little bit.

"Hey, has anyone seen Blaze?" asked Silver. Everybody shook their head and then, as if on cue, Blaze walked out of the girl's wing.

She had on the school uniform and wore a pair of hoop earrings, she also had on a bit of make- up, enough to bring out her eyes just the right way.

"Wow Blaze, you look great!" Silver complimented. Everybody nodded in agreement, except Shadow who had that same 'I don't care' look on his face.

"Thanks everybody." She said sweetly.

It was still very early, only 7:00 o'clock. All students had to be at school by 7:30 and in the auditorium by 7:45 for school announcements.

After about fifteen minutes, the Sonic gang was completely done and ready for school.

"Hey, we still have about fifteen minutes, why don't' we take a walk around campus." Suggested Amy, the whole group was in agreement and they all went out the door, together. OMG decided to give another 'tour' of the school. First, OMG pointed to a dorm next to theirs.

"That," she started "Is the Toxins dorm."

"Seriously! We have to be next to the world's brattiest cat in the world?" Shouted Amy loudly. A chorus of Shh's followed her loud statement.

"Amy! Keep it down, they might hear you." Sonic scolded, Amy rolled her eyes sassily and said, "I don't give a crap if the hear me!"

"It's rather odd that they all ended up together, how did that even happen?" Asked Silver.

"Well, Percy's Father is rich; she has him pay so she can be with her friends." OMG answered the question completely until Knuckles said, "Well, that seems unfair!"

"I know," OMG said. "Whatever Percy wants, Percy gets."

"That brat!" Shouted Rouge.

"That's not even the worst of it. Her lackeys will be switched every few months or so. Many girls are dying to be part of her group but so far, nobody has ever stayed for more than three months." Informed OMG, she quickly looked at the house and shook her head, disapprovingly.

"Uh, guys, its 7:28!" Shouted Shadow from the back, where he was standing.

"WHAT?" The group yelled in unison.

"What are we going to do; I can't be late on my first day." Said Blaze panicked. Quickly, Silver used his telekinesis to transport the gang to the school. They were in the hallway, just as the bell rang, they were lucky.

Now, they had fifteen minutes to find their locker and get situated, considering it was the first day. Amy's locker was next to Rouge's, which they thought was pretty cool. Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles all had lockers next to each other and OMG's was right next to Knuckle's

Blaze and Silver's lockers were still in the same hallway as the rest of the group but, a bit farther down.

As Amy put her books in her locker, she talked to Rouge.

"Rouge?" she asked, "Do you still like Knuckles?"

"Well, that's an odd question. But, no I don't, I figured I'd leave that one to OMG." She said, glancing over at the two echidnas giggling together. It was evident that they had no feelings for each other whatsoever, they just met! Still, everybody could tell there was something there. Maybe not now, maybe not yet, but there was something.

"I am a little interested in Shadow though, he got a whole lot cuter since last year." Rouge said blushing.

"Really, that seems a little odd. I never pictured you and Shadow together." Amy said, she thought about what they would be like as a couple, it didn't seem too bad. In fact, it was kind of cute.

Amy pulled out some pictures of Sonic and her and started to pin them on the bulletin board they got on their locker door.

"Aw, you and your little crush." Rouge commented, while Amy blushed.

"I know, even if it never happens." Amy said, Rouge looked at her, then spoke, "Honey, it's going to happen, trust me."

"I doubt it." Amy said negatively.

"I see the way he looks at you and he gets lost in your eyes, he likes you!" Rouge chanted this made Amy blush more. Then, a thought popped into her head.

"Then why does he always say he hates me, ignores my hugs, and act all nervous when I try to be nice to him. Like this morning." Amy protested.

"That's what he wants people to think." Rouge answered, it was scary how well she knew boys.

"Whatever." Amy said, shutting her locker. Just then, the bell rang and it was time for the morning announcements.

The hallway was quickly flooded with kids all in a mad rush to get to the auditorium. The group was broken up on their way to the auditorium, all pushing to get there. It was literal insanity.

The auditorium was huge; there was a big stage in the front and then rows upon rows of seats. The Sonic gang all sat together as usual and sat in an order of, Shadow at the end next to Rouge with Amy next to her. Sonic sat next to Amy and Silver next to Sonic. Blaze sat next to Silver and OMG after that, Knuckles was at the last seat next to OMG.

About five minutes after everybody sat down. The principal entered in his usual black suit and mint green tie. He stood in front of a podium with great posture.

"Good morning students! Today is September 2, 2012 and it's a great pleasure to see you all!" He greeted with a smile. "First off anybody in first period English with Mr. Karthey will actually be having P.E. and then English, we had a mess up in the schedule." Announced the principal.

Just when, Mr. Smith was about to continue on to another topic, Amy noticed the Toxins enter through the back door and take the row behind them; Percy gave Amy the world's dirtiest look and Amy glanced back, also giving a look.

Percy mouthed something to Amy, but she couldn't make out the words so she turned her attention to the principal.

"Also, cheerleading try outs will be held Friday around 6 in the gymnasium, anybody wanting to try out and support our team is more than welcome." Amy shot a glare at Percy sitting behind her, Percy knew exactly what she was thinking and right then and there, she stood up and screamed, "NO!"

All eyes were quickly fixed on her, and she laughed nervously, "Uhh…don't you think it would make much more sense if you only let experienced people try out? I mean we wouldn't want bad people like Amy on our team like." She said in a snooty tone. A gasp was heard throughout the audience and she just stood there with a sassy look on her face.

Mr. Smith was shocked at Percy, "Priscilla, you may never put down a student like that! I am very disappointed in you! You should be ashamed."

"I'm not! I'm just speaking the truth." She said, even snootier then before. Then, all of a sudden, Sonic shot up and asked, "How do you know? You've never even seen her dance!"

Amy felt her heart flutter whenever Sonic stuck up for her.

"I just know, she's not coordinated." Percy said she didn't exactly have a valid reason.

"That's no reason; I bet that she's a better dancer than you!" Sonic argued; Percy was shaken up; she was losing at her own game.

"I doubt it." She said, and with that, she sat down.

"Priscilla! You have just earned yourself a Saturday detention. Also, you will no longer be cheer captain. Do you understand?" Mr. Smith scolded, in a firm tone.

"But…" She tried to argue.

"Do you understand?" He said much firmer.

"Yes." She agreed lazily. Mr. Smith nodded, and then continued with the few more announcements he had. About ten minutes later, the bell rang for first period.

The group all got up together and pushed their way back to their lockers; Sonic, Amy, Rouge, and Shadow all had P.E. first period. The rest had Literature.

It didn't take long to get to the gym; it was a building over from the actual school. Not too hard to travel too.

When they all got to the gym they saw their coach, Mr. McCarty, standing in the middle of the gym. He was a tall, gray bulldog. He had sinewy muscles and a buff chest. It was obvious he worked out.

"Good morning class!" He shouted, "First off, you all must change into your gym clothes, girls locker room to the right and boy's, to the left you have five minutes!"

The class sprinted to their designated locker rooms and saw that the shirts and basketball shorts were all lying on the benches in there. They were organized according to size.

The t-shirts were rather plain; they were gold with the school mascot in the middle. It also read, West Coast Academy, across the top. The bottoms were just black basketball shorts.

When the ten minutes were up, Mr. McCarty called for the class.

"Time is up!" Yelled the coach loudly. The students quickly filed out of the locker room and in a straight, horizontal line in front of him.

"Your first assignment is to find a partner and do sit ups and pushups. I would like you to have your partner keep track of the amount you do." The students did as they were directed and partnered up. Rouge with Amy and Shadow with Sonic.

"Hey look, Shadow got partnered with Sonic." Rouge said to Amy.

"Oh, this should be good." Amy said in reply. Just as the coach finished putting the mats out OMG and Knuckles walked in, suddenly.

"You two are late! I hope you both have valid reasons!" He shouted, at the students.

"Well, it turns out we had P.E. first period and we didn't understand the mix up in our schedule." OMG answered innocently.

"Well because it was your first day, I understand the mix up but, this better not happen again! Understand?" The coach scolded. The two echidnas nodded their heads.

"Alright, go get changed, please." Mr. McCarty pointed to the two locker rooms and they both headed towards the locker rooms.

"Aw…can you…believe…OMG and…Knuckles…got…lost…together!" Amy said in between sit ups.

"I know," Agreed Rouge, "They are going to make a cute couple, if they end up liking each other."

"We…already…know…they are…going…to end up…liking…each…other." Amy said, again in between sit ups.

"Okay, now switch with your partners!" Coach said, he blew his whistle and the students began.

"So, you and Rouge, what up there?" Sonic asked Shadow gave him a confused look.

"What are you…talking…about…Faker?" Shadow asked in between sit ups.

"Well, I noticed her looking at you. She looks at you differently, now?" Sonic answered.

"Are…you…crazy…there is…nothing…between…Rouge and…me…nothing!" Shadow said negatively.

"Okay, whatever you say, but I still believe she might like you…maybe." Sonic said but Shadow just rolled his eyes.

"Enough sit-ups, let's move on to pushups!" Shouted coach again the students did as they were told.

"C"MON YOU CAN DO IT! YEAH OMG YEAH!" Knuckles chanted.

"I…don't…think…I…can do…anymore." OMG said panting for breath in between every word.

"You can do it!" Knuckles said but just as Knuckles finished his sentence, OMG collapsed in front of him.

"Umm…" Knuckles stuttered, "I'm just going to give you ten." OMG smiled.

About five minutes later, it was time for the partners to switch. Mr. McCarty told the class that this would be there last thing to do before the next class period. After they did pushups, they had fifteen minutes to shower and change back into school uniform.

"Alright class, hit the showers! Have a nice first day!" Mr. McCarty said, as he started packing up the mats.

The students went into the locker rooms and got ready for class.

"Ugh, I feel all sticky and sweaty, it's gross!" Rouge complained, "I'm going to need a long shower!"

"We only have fifteen minutes." Amy told Rouge; she rolled her eyes.

"English can wait!" Rouge said, with that, she headed to the shower.

Ten minutes later, the majority of the girls had already left; Rouge was still in the shower.

"C'mon Rouge, how long can you take?" Amy said annoyed.

"I'll be out soon; you can go ahead without me." Rouge replied.

"Are you sure? I can wait if you want." Amy spoke.

"I'm sure. Go and get a seat next to Sonic." Amy blushed and then left the locker room.

When the bat finally finished her shower, she got out and put her uniform back on. She went to the mirrors to apply her makeup. That didn't take as long as she thought so she quickly ran back into the gym when SLAM!

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Rouge shouted. She looked up to see who knocked into her and it was none other than Shadow the Hedgehog.

"Oh, I'm sorry Rouge didn't see you." Shadow said nicely. Rouge blushed a tiny bit.

"It's no problem." Rouge said quickly; Shadow stood up and offered his hand to Rouge, who gladly took it.

"Thanks!" She said sweetly. "What are you still doing here anyways?"

"Just running some laps, I don't exactly like English." Shadow answered; Rouge nodded her head.

"Hey, we better get to class." Shadow spoke, Rouge nodded her head in agreement. She exited the opposite end as Shadow, well until he said, "Where are you going, don't you want to come with me?" He asked.

"I don't know do you want me to." Rouge asked this made Shadow blush a bit.

"I would like that." Shadow said sweetly. The two walked to English class happily together.

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