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"—and that was a word from our sponsor, Sparkle-Fresh toothpaste. Now, onto the music. First up, we've got some Metallica to get your blood pumping!"

Bondubras woke up to 'Unforgiven 3' playing on the radio. It was one of her favorite songs. As she took care of brushing her hair, she softly sang along with the song. "...How could he know/ This new dawn's light/ Would change his life forever/ Set sail to sea but pulled off course/ By the light of the golden treasure..."

Two minutes later, the last note in the song had ended and Bondubras was eating breakfast.

The next commercial on the radio got Bondubras very excited: "We invite you to the first annual D.A.S.H. world cup, a no-holds-barred game of strength, agility, and endurance. We are currently holding open tryouts at the Barton Town Coliseum and Convention Center. Tryouts will last for three days. Anyone may try, but few will be selected. We look forward to seeing many young, eager faces during tryouts. Good luck contestants!"

Bondubras turned the radio off and grabbed her Solaris ring and roller blades before she went out the front door.

As she skated, Bondubras saw her best friend Katsumi drinking tea with her father, the kitsune known as Kin. (Bondubras had secretly taken to calling him Kenny…)

Bondubras smiled as she remembered Kin's offer to adopt her into his ninja clan.

-:-Flashback, three years ago-:-

Bondubras and Kin were panting. They had just finished sparring, and were taking a rest.

"You... are doing well... Bondubras... It is very rare... for me to be this tired..." Kin managed to get out between panting breaths.

"Yes, Sensei... You... Of all people... Should know... That I want to get better... At defending myself and others..." Bondubras responded, equally exhausted.

Kin nodded. "That's what I... Like to hear. Conviction... And determination... Let me ask you something, young one."

"Yes sensei?"

"How would you like to be... Adopted into my ninja clan?"

"You mean to join the... Choyaku Norisu? It would be an honor!"

Kin gave Bondubras a small smile. "Very well. Meet me at my house... In three day's time."

"Of course. Domo... Domo arigato, Sensei!"

-:-Three days later-:-

Bondubras walked up to the Japanese pagoda while wearing a traditional black Qipao with a red orchid design. She was wearing gold bracelets on her wrists. On her feet, she wore fishnet leggings and black sandals.

As she walked through the door, Bondubras suddenly got a feeling of peace and kindness. She thought it meant that the spirits of the clan accepted her into their arms. Kin had told her that during the acceptance ceremony, he would attempt to invoke the spirits of his ancestors. If they accepted Bondubras, she would be adopted into the clan and would be akin to a princess, since it was Kin himself that would take her in. It was also explained that her appearance might be changed to represent her membership in the clan. Bondubras didn't care. She was just happy to have a family.

Bondubras finally made it to the inner chambers of the temple. Standing behind the altar was Kin, wearing a long, black robe. His more animalistic features were on display: His ears that looked like they were taken from a fox, the paws that he walked around on, his slightly elongated face, he even had a tail.

Kin bowed to Bondubras. "You have been requested to join the Choyaku Norisu ninja clan. Being member of the clan will enable you to receive many gifts, such as a better understanding with nature, and a close-knit family. You will have responsibilities, however. If a rival clan were to attack, you would be expected to fight, even if it meant sacrificing your own life in the process. You would be required to help in the community. And since it will be I who adopts you, you would have many diplomatic duties to the clan. So, Bondubras, I shall ask you this: Do you wish to be adopted? Do not make this decision lightly, for you will be tied to the Choyaku Norisu for life."

Bondubras already knew her answer. "Yes, sir. I accept the adoption into the Choyaku Norisu and the rights and responsibilities therein. I swear to do all I can to aid where necessary, and fight when required. I pledge my life and myself to the welfare of the clan."

Kin nodded. "Very well. We shall see what the spirits of our ancestors think. Come. We must meditate."

With that, Kin and Bondubras walked to a set of pillows at the side of the room and sat down. It took less than thirty seconds before both people were in a deep meditative trance.

As she meditated, Bondubras suddenly felt four sharp pains on her back. She managed to ignore the pain and continue with her meditation, but the pain suddenly speared white-hot through her body, causing Bondubras to scream in pain and break her trance.

Kin pulled out of his own trance soon after, concerned for Bondubras. "Young one! What's wro-" Kin suddenly broke off, staring at something behind Bondubras.

"What is it, sensei? What are you staring at?" Bondubras turned around, only to be greeted by a strange red and black shape. "What's that?" Bondubras asked.

Bondubras reached back to touch the shape and suddenly felt her hand on her own body. It was then that she realized: The pain in her back was from the shape appearing on her back. As she looked closer, Bondubras realized that the shape was a wing similar to that of a butterfly. "It's beautiful…" She murmured in awe.

Kin was staring at the wings, slack-jawed. "Those particular wings are known as Shinseina Shomei. That would translate to Divine Illumination. We call them that because they are said to indicate an emissary of the angelic gods. Having those wings is incredibly rare. The last recorded person to have them lived before written history was even thought of."

Bondubras was confused. "How would you know if a person had them if you didn't write it down?"

Kin smiled. "Good question. Your answer would be that it was passed down through oral tradition. But enough about that. The fact that you have them indicates that you have a pure soul. You are going to do much in your lifetime, young one."

Bondubras smiled. "I look forward to the future, Chichi."

Kin nodded. "C'mere, young one." Kin pulled Bondubras into a hug. "You will be much loved, Musume."

-:-End Flashback-:-

Bondubras was soon nearing the shrine with the Null Crystal. She could feel its strange energy resonating with the ring on her hand. Bodubras understood that a person could only use the Null Crystal if they had an elemental ring. This fact, combined with the fact that rings stopped becoming soulbound after the Wars, meant that only a veteran of the Animated Wars could utilize the Null Crystal.

As Bondubras stopped in front of the Crystal, she took a few seconds to admire the shimmering purple and pink swirls within the arcane material.

Bondubras lifted her right hand, on which she put her Solaris ring. The Null Crystal responded with a bright flash before she was pulled through the crystal into the Null Chamber.

The shifting colors of the Chamber used to nauseate Bondubras slightly. Now she finds them soothing, occasionally curling up and reading while in the Chamber.

Bondubras walked to the inner Crystal where she felt a slight breeze and smelled fresh cut grass. This was the Crystal that led to the Village Greens.

Bondubras warped through and was instantly assaulted with bright sunlight burning into her eyes. As she waited for her eyes to adjust, Bondubras heard another vice pipe up.

"Bondubras? Is that you?"

Bondubras looked around and saw a girl in a kimono with white snowflakes on a blue background. "Aras, what are you doing here?"

Aras just pouted. "I was coming to visit you..."

Bondubras giggled at the pout on her sister's face. "I was going to Barton. I'm going to try out for the D.A.S.H. team there."

Aras smiled. "You might do well there. One thing, though." Aras reached out and grabbed Bondubras's breasts. "These might make sizing the suits difficult. These do make me jealous, though. You're in the D's and I'm only a B. That sucks. I want big boobs..."

"We're sisters. You might get them, too." Bondubras briefly wondered whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that she was so used to getting groped by her sister.

Aras turned away with a huff. "Yeah right..."

Bondubras shook her head. "No really. You might get at least as big as me, maybe bigger."

Aras turned around. "You really think so?" Aras pulled one side of her kimono to the side and looked in. This action also had the side effect of exposing her moderate cleavage. Bondubras knew from unfortunate personal experience that Aras rarely wore anything under the kimono. "I don't know..."

"Don't worry about it. You take life as you go. I gotta go. See ya, sis!" With that, Bondubras turned around and started skating north to the gate of Barton Town.

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