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(1st person POV: Bondubras)

The first thing I noticed was the noise: A nearly solid wall that took my breath away. As I looked around to find the stadium, I saw more people at a glance than I'd see all month at home in the Zen Gardens. It scared me slightly.

I decided to start moving. I was roller blading down the sidewalk and had to occasionally dodge large clumps of people. I managed to get going pretty fast, too. I was moving fast enough to feel wind on my face.

When I got farther in, I saw a huge open square with a fountain in the middle. The fountain was big enough to be considered a swimming pool. I actually saw a few people using it as just that: A pool. A few girls were swimming in the fountain while wearing their bikini's. There were also a few boys in their swim trunks.

Apparently, the city is more... liberal than I'm used to: I thought one girl was wearing a white swimsuit. Upon a closer look, I realized that the white color was her tan lines. She wasn't wearing anything.

I pushed the image out of my mind and started moving again, headed to the stadium that was about a half mile away.

-:- Ten minutes later-:-

As I slowed down in front of the stadium doors, I saw a line of people stretching down the block. I was making my way to the end of the line when somebody called out to me.

I turned around and saw a woman with platinum blonde hair wearing a long, sapphire blue dress.

The woman strode up to me. "Hello, miss. How are you?"

I was slightly hesitant in my answer. "I-I'm fine. The city is just kinda frightening to me."

The woman smiled. "You from the rural areas? That's alright. I am too. I used to live by the lake up north before I moved here and became an administrator to the D.A.S.H. games. What area did you come from?"

I couldn't help but smile at the woman's chattering. She was just like some of the younger children back home. "I'm from the Zen Gardens, Miss..." I trailed off, not knowing the other woman's name.

"Oh! Sorry! The name's Annalise. Annalise Nightwolf." The woman had an embarrassed smile as she held out her hand.

"Kuragari Bondubras, at your service." I stated while shaking the woman's hand.

(1st person POV: Annalise)

'Bondubras?' I thought to myself. 'Why does that name sound familiar? Wait a minute! Now I remember! Bondubras Devoncroix, the hero of the Animated Wars! But is this girl the same one as the hero?'

"I'm sorry, but your name sounds similar to one I've heard before. You wouldn't by any chance happen to know a—"

"Bondubras Devoncroix?" The girl cut me off. "Devoncroix is actually my maiden name."

My eyes widened. "You mean that you're the hero of the Animated Wars? But you're so young! How is that possible?"

Bondubras smiled and shook her head. "I was fourteen when the Wars ended. Think about that for a second: The last big battle occurred less than three months after I turned fourteen, yet I was the biggest contributor."

I had to resist the urge to faint. I was in the presence of one of the most important figures from recent history! It was then that I made the decision. "Well, follow me. I personally think that you deserve to skip the line completely."

With that final declaration, I turned around and escorted Bondubras to one of the introduction rooms. On the way, I also asked a few questions. "By the way; I noticed that you introduced yourself as Kuragari Bondubras. You also said that Devoncroix was your maiden name. Mind explaining?"

A few minutes passed in silence. I was starting to get worried that I'd said something wrong when Bondubras spoke up from behind me. "It was about five years after the Wars. I was living with the Choyaku Norisu ninja clan for about four years. There was this young man that I was close to. His name was Kuragari Tsukuro. Well, we were always friends. About three years ago, I was adopted into the clan. Three months after that, me and Tsukuro were married. I took the last name of Kuragari. I still find it strange that last names are always said first, but I'm not complaining."

I could hear Bondubras give a soft sigh. "He also has a little brother named Yakana. He always calls me nee-chan. It's really quite cute. But anyway, both of them are Kitsunes. That means that they have Fox-like features. Tsukuro actually has the ears and tail. Yakana has the whiskers. Their father, Kin is almost more Kitsune than human. I still think it's funny that I fit in with them."

I slowed down so that Bondubras could catch up with me. "Why's that?"

Bondubras smiled. "It's because I'm a Neko ni josei. I have the ears and tail of a cat." After she said that, I felt a strange, furry shape tapping me on the hand. I looked down and saw a long, black cat's tail with a forked end. I vaguely remembered that it was called a Nekomata tail. I followed it to the source and saw that the tail originated near Bondubras's tailbone.

I shook my head. "Believe it or not, that's not the strangest thing I've seen."

Bondubras just stared at me. "What about purring? When I'm with Tsukuro and Yakana, the three of us are usually purring. Is that strange enough for you?"

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Okay, I will admit. That is strange."

By this time, I saw the door that we needed to go through. "Well, here we are. Make yourself comfortable. I'll send somebody over as soon as I can."

Bondubras nodded to me. "I'll be right here."

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