Summary::s After Maggie and Miles leave Black Dawn with Delos,and the others,head home, and pack for Vegas they plan and hope for a smooth ride.. BUT like every other story there are many bumps,twists and turns. Plus is Miles OK with Maggie and Delos? Will Miles find his soulmate? Who's lives will be at stake? What will happen if someone go missing? Wait... is Hunter dead...He IS dead,right? Is Lily alive? And of course,will Maggie stay human? I could answer there's question right now...but i'll just let you read and find out.

..OKAY,OKAY...short summary...sorry. So just to let you know this is my first story with bare with me,please. OH,plus the title might change. Sorry this is suck a short chapter. ANND one more thing before I began, I HAVE THE BEST BETA READER OF LIFE...sorry for bragging. Now, enough babbling... READ ON :D talk to y'all at the end of this chapter.

Ash:...Forgetting something?

Selena Alicia:NOPE

Ash:You sure?

Selena Alicia: YUP...well...errrrrrm...

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Chapter One;; Home for awhile.

Maggie's POV

I ran up the stairs and to my room. As I pushed the door open I paused for a second, and smiled as I looked around. Everything was where I left it weeks ago. 'Too bad I can't sleep here for just a night, I've missed my room' I thought to myself. I walked over to my closet, took the first shirt I saw and threw it on my bed. Then I moved over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans. I placed them next to the shirt and walked into my bathroom. I studied myself in the mirror then whipped my head towards the shower. I turned it on and stripped out of my clothes then stepped into the shower.

Delos's POV

I watched the weird houses we passed along our way to Maggie's. I could feel that we were so close. I sat back in my seat looking around again, noticing that red headed girl was looking at me...again. I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what so I looked back out the window. I was wishing someone would explain what all these things were. I pulled on the collar of my top. I felt weird in 'jeans and a tee'; it didn't seem right. I looked around at the others, the red head was wearing shorter jeans and a tee, I looked to the boy beside her, he was wearing the same thing as me but different colors. I stared back out the window as my thoughts took over.

I must have been lost in my thoughts for quite some time because when I snapped out of it everyone was looking at me. The red headed girl spoke.

"Delos?" I blinked "I give up!" she yelled. "

Jezebell, calm down" Morgead said. She glared at him then hit him hard over the head

"I told you, don't call me that, idiot."

"You're the idiot, idiot." Jez rolled her eyes.

"Guys, would you please!" the other girl said, I looked over at her. She was a small thing, with a head full of thick curls. Her name was Poppy.

"Anyways, Delos?" I blinked

"We are arriving at Maggie's in-" Jez checked the rubber thing on her wrist "-about nine minutes. Then from there it's the airport, then Thierry's!" I just nodded and closed my eyes while I listened to the two idiots fight. Soon I'd be with Maggie.

Maggie's POV

I stepped out of the shower, walked back into my room, pulled on the clothes in set on the bed and towel dried my hair. Then I just sat there, thinking.


Miles and I were almost at our house, and I was scared for mom and dad's reaction.

"You okay?" Miles asked and looked down at me. I nodded

"Yeah,just…. worried."

"Same here kiddo." I looked out the window to see the house I knew too well. We stopped across from our house, and I looked out the window. Our nosy neighbors were looking out their window, probably wondering why there was a limo across the street.

"Ready guys?" I looked over to the boy who's name I thought was Ash. I looked up at my brother. He nodded and we got out of the car and walked towards the house, Aradia walked next to her and that Ash person walked ahead of her with others. As we got to the door step Ash pulled Miles, and I in front of him. My father opened the door, looked at us, then just stood there, like he saw a ghost.

"Bill?" my mother called from the kitchen. "Who's at the door sweetheart-" she stopped when she saw Miles and I.

"It-it- MAGGIE! MILES!" she pushed past my father and hugged both of us. "I thought you were gone Miles!" she held his face in her hands. Miles was crying.

"Hi mom." She hugged him again the moved on to me.

"I could be very mad at you right now young lady!" then she hugged me as tears ran down my face. I looked over and my dad had come out of his shock and was hugging Miles. My mom pulled away then looked to the people behind us.

"Well….it looks like you have some explaining to do!'', then she lead us into the living room, we started to explain, and for once my mom and dad didn`t say a word. I thought they might pass out.

**end of flashback**

I walked over to my mirror and started pulling my hair into a pony, I grabbed an elastic then looped it in. I backed up a couple of steps to examine myself. I had put on a light loose floral top, and a pair of light blue skinny jeans. Then I went to my closet and pulled out a big hockey bag and started stuffing clothes and other items into it. When the bag was full I zipped it shut. That is when there was a knock on the door. I smiled to myself and went out of my room and met Miles on the steps.

''They're here.''

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Poppy:HI GUYS IT'S !

Theirry: Who gave her sugar?

Ash and Quinn: NOT ME!


Ash: IF she does

Selena Alicia: Don't call me that...and what do you mean by if?


Ash: WEEELLLL...theres a chance they could mess up,and you go blind OR-

Poppy: -BATMAN

Selena Alicia: That sure helps me from not being scared... Thanks Ash...

Ash:...I didn-

Selena Alicia: See y'all sooon!