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Francis-France Matthew-Canada

Matthew sat on the sandy bank with the tips of his toes touching the waves of water coming in. He clothes were ripped to shreds and hung off him in rags. His hair was completely disheveled and tangled with abuse. His stomach growled hungrily but he paid in no attention. He had certainly gotten thinner.

He sat on his little island than was slightly bigger than himself to the point where he could lay flat against the rough sand that was cool from the caves walls surrounding the little island around him. The water surrounding him was twenty feet deep all around and covered in layers of pink seaweed and coral.

Mermaid birthing chambers.

He shivered in disgust at his new grotesquely children that swam around him. He, a regular 16 year old teenage boy gave birth to approximately a thousand new mermaids. They were still in their little eggs that were attached to the seaweed from which they ate or that's what he's observed when he noticed that some seaweed is gone.

Just a year ago or maybe less or maybe even more, he was visiting in Miami with his brother ,Alfred and their father, a renowned professor at Cambridge University in the UK to study crocodiles for the summers.

Days were humid and the heat never seemed to stop. One day, Mathieu sat inside a boat in the Everglades and fell asleep. His father was talking about how invasive species were damaging the wildlife and how native species have to compete for resources and breeding grounds and yatta yatta yatta, and boom! He becomes bride to the Mer-King of the seven seas.

Mermen and mermaids were supposed to be beautiful creatures that had angelic voices and lured sailors to their deaths like sirens.

People just don't know how common mermaids are. And how rare mermen are.

Being beautiful is one of their forms, where they seem kind and generous. Another form is their storm-chaser form. Let me tell you…it's not pretty. That form is reserved for tropic storms and when the King has lured a ship full of sailors to feed off of. They look like monsters. Like the kind in Alfred's movies. And they can crawl onto land with that form.

Matthew was completely terrified of the King's Storm-chaser form. He thought the kind was going to eat him. With rough skin like dried coral all over their upper bodies and how they moved like snakes, secreting oils the smell of death. Teeth were sharped and made to eat meat and crack bones like nuts. Nails were black, long and ugly and were as sharp as butcher knives. And their eyes are the worst! Black bottomless pits that reflect no light, almost like a black hole.

Only the king had the right to the first kill and the first bite. He was extremely ugly like the rest of them. His golden crown of jewels and white pearls became a mark of death. It was a head pieces that differentiated himself from the others. His tail was covered in spikes at the ends. Skin was grey and scaly like sand paper.

Matthew was completely terrified of them. How could he not. They ate human flesh like it was no big deal. They left the blood to stain the water to the point that occasionally sharks were attracted.

Matthew watched as one of the King's daughters delivered him some fish and seaweed with multiple other sea foods that he was not accustomed to. She was pretty he would admit although now that he knows her true form, knows it's all an illusion.

Her hair was black like ebony, all the way down her black and held together in pig tails by red ribbons she probably stole from a ship. Her skin was the exact color of milk chocolate. She wore nothing on her top so her breasts were completely revealed to him. Not that he cared anymore.

He hoped to grab something from her basket and she hissed at him, completely repulsed by him. Her canines were revealed. Sharp and thin like a cat's.

Matthew drew his hand back quickly, fearful. She was ready to claw his eyes out when the king of the oceans pulled her hair and hissed at her threateningly. She backed down immediately and swam away. Matthew pulled his legs to his chest, in a pitiful attempt to be away from the king.

The king looked handsome for his age. With beautiful fair skin, long blonde hair like locks of gold spinning down his back and bright blue eyes the color light sapphires he could have been the envy of the world. But Matthew knows better than that. That beautiful face means nothing when he's fucked to the ground and forced to give birth month after month.

It was unnatural. His stomach would grow as soccer ball for two weeks and then he would finally feel himself break and ejaculate the eggs in the water. He learned very quickly that the water surrounding him was warm for a reason. So that he wouldn't feel so much pain ejaculating eggs the size of marbles out of the slit of his penis. The water had medicinal properties. It would be able to disguise his blood in the water so that sharks could not get near. It acted like a safe haven for the little babies in their shells.

He just didn't want to be a part of this. He didn't like being used here. The king offered him one of the small squids on his platter of food. Matthew shook his head no. The king sternly looked at him and pressed the squid closer to Matthew who shook his head. He pressed it until Matthew was forced to eat it. He chewed it a bit, trying not to think of the blood and juices going down his neck. His face scrunched up in disgust.

The King did something similar to a laugh before offering more strange sea foods. Matthew was unfortunately forced to eat these sea foods raw. The King, satisfied dove back into the water to check on the eggs by the seaweed. He gently touched the seaweed and did something close to a croon underwater.

Matthew watched him examine the eggs before resurfacing again. His unnaturally blonde hair clung to his scalp and back. He gently touched Matthew's hand, his thumb making circles on the top of his hand before kissing his knuckles.

It was an attempt to make up for all the pain he was going through. Matthew didn't accept. The King frustrated dived again and out of the cave. Matthew didn't want any of that. He laid down on his island, stretching his feet into the water, his toes in the water, trying to ignore the funny feeling of raw fish in his stomach.

He tried to fall asleep. Too many things happened all at once. He fell asleep out of pure boredom. Drifting in his sleep, he didn't realize they were eggs hatching in that moment.

He finally woke maybe hours later when he felt something tickling his feet. Matthew rubbed his tired eyes before noticing inside the water were hundreds of little tadpole-looking creatures. They swam in indiscriminant directions. They were no large than his thumb from what looked to their heads to their miniature tails.

Matthew bent over to examine them closer. They had large beady eyes on the side of their heads that looked up to Matthew. He scooped a little water with a few inside. They were strange and alien-like to him. He placed them back into the water where they swam happily together. Matthew dipped a finger inside where they brushed happily against.

They recognized him as their mother. For the next few days, Matthew watched them grow larger. They sometimes leaped out of the water and onto Matthew's island where he had to pick them up and place inside the water again. He watched them grow arms and hair. Some began to show tail colors.

But the scariest part is when they began battling amongst themselves to kill off the weaker ones. Battle of the fittest. Blood began to taint the water once more until they reached the point where they reached only a few couple hundreds.

The King showed himself once more. Francis is the name Matthew gave the King since he looked oddly French to him.

The King was very proud of his newborn children. Whenever he swam into the lake, they scurried away from him knowing all too well he could kill any of them at any moment. He often began complied to play with them, allowing them to climb upon his form and slide off his tail like a slide.

Often Francis was in good mood enough to put up with Matthew's silence and often gave chaste kisses and soft caresses. He allowed his children to play with his gold crown and was often amused with how they began to take appearances. Blonde, fair-skin and colored eyed.

Matthew saw some of this but he also saw their predatorial habits. How they thirsted for blood and chose to fight. He waited until the day he could be released from his prison. How he loathed this place.

Matthew got sick of how he smelled one day that he took a dip in the water. He stripped himself of those rags called clothes and submitted to the warmth and odd-smelling water. The island was really just a pillar of rock that stuck out of the water. Even through all of this, Matthew couldn't swim. He could only hold onto island and float out of the water.

His children were gleeful that their mother joined them in the water. They had full grown arms, tails, hair that now reached their small backs. They surrounded him and caressed him, curious why he didn't have a tail like them or scales.

He dived himself, still holding onto the island before feeling small hands pull him away from the island and deeper into the water. Matthew struggled to hold on and lost his grip. He felt himself sink deeper into the water before a pair of strong arms pulled him up.

He coughed water out of his lungs before hearing strong screeching in his ears. Francis was screeching something. Matthew boxed his ears. The high-pitched screeches were going to make his ears bleed.

Maple! His ears popped painfully and he felt liquid come out of his ear. He gently removed his hand to see blood on his palm and more dripping down his ear to his neck and into the water.

Francis noticed this too. He hissed at the children to stay back and bore his fangs to them. Francis hugged Matthew and began to lick the blood away. Matthew trembled. This wasn't right!

A cold slick tongue licked up his shoulder blade, and to his shoulder. He gave a long lick up his neck and suckled around the ear. His finger twirled Matthew's wet locks.

" S-stop. P-p-please!" Matthew protested. Francis pulled away annoyed and dived in as Matthew climbed onto the rock island.

Soon, the pink seaweed that surrounded the island was gone along with the coral turning gray. The little mermaids grew more each and every day to the point they were full grown mermaids. They still kept a safe distance from him albeit a little cramped until Matthew began naming them.










Random things that made him remember Canada. Some began to take him up in Appearance. Toronto had his eyes, Vancouver had his exact same hair shade. Ontario was passive-aggressive compared to her sisters.

On some timeless day he couldn't count, he began braiding Calgary's hair. Her hair was extremely long, from her scalp to the fins of her tail. He obliviously began whistling through dry lips. His daughters became captivated by the sound until Victoria began attempting it and succeeding. He tied Calgary's hair with the ripped cloth of what used to be a very nice red polo shirt. He cut it thinly and began braiding his other daughter's hair.

In all, from the 1000 born from eggs, only 22 survived to full maturity. Matthew was saddened but he knew there was no way 1000 mermaids would survive inside the little chambers.

What once used to be full of light and strange properties, the cave lost its luster and glow. No one has sent food to Matthew in a few days. The cave entrance is only thirty feet in front of him and two thousand feet from the surface of the water.

There was no possible way he would be able to hold his breath long enough to make it. He was trapped in there…

Cold fingers touched his toes. Matthew broke out of his train of thoughts to find Francis by his feet in the water. The King had a predatorial smile.

Oh no. Francis sprung on him, an iron grip holding his wrists down. Matthew tried kicking him away but Francis' claws dug into his wrists making them draw blood.

Francis gave him a soft kiss to his cheek and began trailing them down his chest. He noticed how Francis had legs now. Another one of his forms.

Francis dipped his tongue into Matthew's bellybutton. Matthew twitched underneath. His heart was beating too fast in his chest.

Francis placed a sharp pointed ear on Matthew's heart and listened.

Francis began humming. A song strikingly similar to the Official National Anthem of France which Matthew learned in History class.

His scaled palms dipped by Matthew's thighs, stroking the soft skin. Matthew tried to worm away from his ministrations. He couldn't get away even if he tried to….

Matthew sedately laid on the small island surrounding his body. His heels were gently caressed by the warm water. He tried not to think of how the semen dripped from puckered hole. Of how he could feel the stirring in his stomach of the after effects of mating and how he will swell up again.

God have mercy on him.

It was time! Matthew was awaken by the sharp stabbings in his stomach. He knew it was time again. Matthew rolled into the water and held onto the island.

Breathe Matthew….Breathe

This was going to hurt like a bitch he knew it. Heat was stirring in his stomach. Not sexual pleasure. It was a burning sensation.

His fingernails began to bleed from holding onto the stony island. He grit his teeth. His cock was ready and stood up painfully red.

First baby.

A small round marble shaped squeezed out of the slit. And another. And another. And another until they all squeezed out in one time. Matthew screamed. The pain was unbearable. He screamed, panted and cried bloody tears until he was sure the last one came out. His head dropped limply onto the rocky island, bumping it.

He no longer hand any energy. The eggs moved around with the small current inside the cave, attaching themselves to suspiciously grown pink seaweed that grew inside the cave. Matthew felt large hands on his shoulder blades and onto his shoulders. Long hair brushed against his back and he shivered.

Cold lips were placed by his ear.

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