After Lucifer caught his breath, he continued making chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup for Siree, his angel's favorite breakfast. She loved whipped cream and he meant loved. She put it them on everything, even him a few times before. That was a fun night, Lucifer thought to himself; sometimes he swore he could still smell a faint hint of maple syrup on their sheets.

"Yo, Luci Lou, stop daydreaming about your adventures with Siree, the pancakes are about to burn." Gabriel made air quotations around adventures and snickered.

When Lucifer quickly flipped the pancakes and tossed a chocolate chip at his brother in thanks. No matter what anyone said Lucifer really did love his brothers to death. He cared for them all deeply, if one thing mattered to him, it was family. Sure Michael was hard to put up with some times, but it hadn't gotten to out of hand, yet.

"So Luci, are you really gonna do it today? Are you really gonna ask Siree to be your mate?" Gabriel looked at his big brother with something that wasn't seen often in Gabriel's shining mischievous eyes. There was an utterly serious look there.

"Yeah, I am." A small smile graced his lips.

"You really love her, don't you." It was more statement then question.

"Yeah, I do, and she'll finally now how much I really do." He said with determination.

"I have a feeling that she already does." Gabriel walked over to his brother and gave him a hug ,a real hug, not joking around, not kidding, a real hug. "You'll do great Lucifer, and I know you really do love each other no matter what Michael says." When Gabriel stepped back, he looked up at him with admiration and support lacing his eyes

"Thanks little bro." That was exactly what he needed.

Gabriel turned to walk up the stairs. "Oh, one more thing. Can you guys try to keep your um… celebration down?"

"We'll do our best." This is wait he loved about Gabriel. He could be completely serious and heart felt one second, then the next be his usual joking self.

Lucifer put the pancakes on a plate, and squirted some whipped cream artfully around the dish, and poured syrup all over the pancakes. Then he grabbed the bottle of maple syrup and the can of whipped cream placing them on the tray, next to the plate. Even with the excess amount of toppings on the pancakes it wouldn't be enough for Siree.

He was sure Siree and Gabriel were the only two in the world who could actually enjoy that much sugar and sweetness besides a Trickster. That was even a maybe, seeing as Gabriel's best friend Loki challenged them to a… what did he call it, a sweet off? Yes that was it. A sweet off and he only won by a pixie stick, because Siree was too busy giggling herself to death, and Gabriel was chasing his wings because they had lollipops stuck to them.

He and Castiel had to try to capture them both and bring them to bed which wasn't exactly an easy thing to do. Eventually they just waited for them to come down from their sugar high. He threw Siree over his shoulder, feeling her slim torso and taunt stomach resting on his shoulder. As Castiel just dropped Gabriel on the coach, and went upstairs then came back down with a duffle bag, grumbling about how he was in an unsafe environment, and was going to spend the night at Dean's.

It may sound cheesy but that was the first moment that he realized he loved her. When she was half conscious from a sugar overload and completely helpless. That's was when he realized that he wanted to be mated to her, to be able to take care of her forever.

With that memory playing in his head he walked upstairs and into their room. Seeing her tiny yet strong form laying on top over the bed, covers kicked off, because, yeah she moved a lot in her sleep. This only reassured him of what he was about to do.

Lucifer was ready to claim Siree as his mate.