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I want to runaway,

Until I can't breath,

Until I can't feel,

Until the sounds of





Fades into the world.

I've done it before,

Escaped foster home after home,

Guardian after guardian,

Cruel life after life,

But I am still haunted,

with memories,


sleepless nights,

scarlet hands,

Never do they leave.

I want to run away,

So that never ending burden,

So that need to protect,

So that giving up myself,


slips away,


From my soul.

I wonder why I never do,

Because oh it hurts,

Stabs my heart,

Poisons my lungs,

The knowledge,

that no one cares,

no one wants,

no one fights,

For me to stay.

I want to run away,

From the blood that runs in my veins,

The gifts that I was given,

The curse that wraps around me,

and suffocates,


changes me,

But I can't.

I can never run away,

From the sister that looks up at me,

From the granny that lovingly poisons me,

From the fairy that drenches me in goo,

who hugs,

who teaches,

who bickers,

Just for me.

I can't run away from,


My family,

My life,

it strengthens,

completes me,

makes me,

Who I am.

And I am,

A Grimm.

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