A/N~ TheAfterShock, Kathie says Hai, HangonLine, Sis-indaclouds, foodluver, Trikster Queen were all right since it was...Red Riding Hood, when she was understandably mental.

I like reading about embarrassing moments :) Especially ones those that are even worse than mine.

Embarrassing moment: I'm sure I've told you this already. The story about me in the Johnny-On-The-Spot? Well, I had to go pee during this 24 hour walk for Cancer. I ran across the field, and I had to go pee so bad, when I was fiddling with the lock to close the door, I just gave up. I held onto the door. When I let go to pull my pants up, a boy my age (at the time, 11) OPENED THE FREAKING DOOR. He blushed, I blushed, He shut the door. I pulled my pants up and ran back to my Father's booth at the walk for cancer. I have never been able to live it down. *facepalm*

That won, because, as you can tell that's just awkward and humiliating and...thank you Red for sharing that with us. I feel your pain. *pats hand comfortingly*


Man, there are, like, no anon replies...ANONS SHOW YOURSELF!

Shout out to foodluver, whose amazing poem gave me the idea for this chapter!

This poem is dedicated to Red.

Look down

Flickers of green and gold dot the earth

Little saplings bursting, ever struggling to come aground

Away from roots that bind and make mirth

At the one who can do nothing


That's what they say

I am


But they say nothing but lies


Look down

Little creatures move in patterns and roam

So tiny, insignificant, as they search for a home

At least I know that

I am not alone

In this lonely world where people don't

Look past the tip of their nose

Even though, I am there


Do you see me?

I am there


Look down

Drops of water, glittering tears, come together

To create the ocean we hold so dear

Oh, yes, I realize

Indeed, it's not about size

Just like every shard of broken glass must join to be complete

Each grain of sand must surpass the stomping

Of violent feet

Each and everything was not created without reason

Although no one may hear it cry or sing

Although we may be small or tall

We matter

I matter

Once and for all


Look down

My dear, stop your crying and tell me

What do you see?

In the dirt and ashes beneath

I am there

Yet I am not there

I am nothing

Yet I am everything

Look up

In the horizon, with the clouds that dot the sky


My soul is able to fly


A/N~ I know that this poem might be confusing to some of you.

My sister read it first (which is how I usually test my poems: if they're hard or too easy). If she gets it on the first try? Too easy. If it takes her ten tries and very blatant hints...then it's too hard.

This one was the latter. Then again, maybe she just didn't understand my handwriting :D

So for those of you who don't get this, here are a few hints.


What does that mean? What would that imply if you're looking at a person?

Why am I talking about small things that seem weak and useless, but are in fact very strong?

Okay. I think I might have just confused you more.

Maybe I'm just paranoid and you all will find this easy.

Maybe. You can PM if you want a real hint...


NEWS ALERT THAT YOU PROBABLY DON'T CARE ABOUT: I finally watched Paranormal Activity.

I think I slept through some of it cause the beginning was boring, but that's beside the point.

The scariest part was of the video footage of the girl who was possessed and went crazy and was clawing herself. Had to cover my eyes for that. One of the girls who was watching it with me was like, "She was eating her cheek." And I was like...WHAT? Thanks for that disturbing image, I mean it's not like I covered my eyes for a reason!

But something happened this week that TERRIFIED me even more that.

Normal day at school, I was in Geography, 'researching' on the computer (Actually I was checking a review I got) and the girl next to me-whose name is Amanda by the way- turns and goes:

"Shireen! Why are you on fanfiction?"

Me: Uh...I'm checking my reviews for a story I write online? And you know fanfiction?

Amanda: Yeah. I write stories online too!

Me: Really? That's awesome! I never knew you liked to write! I write for Sisters Grimm. What about you?

Amanda: One Direction.

Me: *speechless*

I couldn't believe it. One Direction? People write fanfiction for ONE DIRECTION?What the Puck?

So I go to my math class and turn around while my teacher's talking and ask two of my friends-Malissa and Emily- that same question. One thing you should know is that they're both obsessed with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, so I thought they at least would have some sense.

Me: Did you guys know that people write fanfiction for One Direction?

Them: Uh...yeah? We read them sometimes.


I'm serious. People wrote freaking novels about how Harry what's his name should end up with Carly Rae Jepsen or Taylor Swift or some Mary Sue who is obviously based after them. And then, like, Zayn should totally like this person and –I SWEAR MY HEAD WAS GOING TO EXPLODE.

So now I am terrified for humanity. Or at least the girls of humanity. THIS is what we now use our brains for.

Horrifying isn't it?

If any of you are like this...it's okay. I don't bite. (But I might give you a good whack on the head to wake you up)

As long as you tell me some of your fears so I can make fun of- I mean, comfort you too. :)

QoD: What are your biggest fears? What scares you the most?

Please don't say "that Harry will never like me!" because if you were talking about Harry Potter, I would understand, he's a book character. *sobs*...I said it...forgive me Harry...

But Harry Styles? (I JUST FOUND OUT THAT'S HIS NAME!) ...no.

Just no.