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*Hime's p.o.v*

"Hime-onee-sama we are going to move, right? So why aren't you packing up your stuff?" said the petite 10 year old girl, her name was Akane, the perfect child is what her twin brother Shiro would call her. It's the truth thou, Akane is the perfect child. I smiled at her and moved my hands to communicate with her…in other words, yeah-I'm mute. I have been since let's see…since I was a baby-hell with it-since I was born, yes…take pity on the unspoken child. My hands spoke and said "Yes, I know. I will. Thank you." I got up from the couch was currently sitting on and went to my room. "Yo, Gori-Hime" Shiro said as he smirked, I went over to Shiro and automatically smacked his head: he knew how much I disliked that nickname, ass gets what he deserves. "Damn those lessons are really starting to pay off, huh?" he said while rubbing his head. I couldn't help but smirk and nod. I play the piano, violin, and keyboard. You see there are a huge difference in the Kino family and then me... Example-

Kino Misaki: Was a famous ballerina.

Kino Takeo: Was a famous anime-manga artist.

Kino Akane: Is a famous model and singer.

Kino Shino: Is a famous actor and does anime voices.

Kino Hime: NOT-famous, Period.

I sighed and lay on my bed, as the song Rondo by ON/OFF went on.

I sat on my piano and starting to hit random keys, ever since I was a kid, this always seemed to perk me right up. I started to open my mouth- no words, nothing but silence around the air I'm breathing on, seemed kinda sad. I grabbed my great book of lyrics in other words my song book.

I get an idea at first than later I always seem to forget, I can't sing any of my lyrics so I let Akane or Shiro sing them for me.

I looked at my clock, '10:53' I changed into my which is a black and white checkered tank-top, red basketball shorts, and my dirty blonde\brunette wavy hair goes to my shoulders. I kissed my family members (aka Shiro and Akane) and eventually went to sleep…

Emo: I know, I know; no lyrics... I'm deeply sorry. Please check out the song thou. It's also known as the 2nd opening for Vampire Knight.