Yes, I saw the Worst Couple.
Yes, I don't cry often.
Yes, I sobbed actual tears for almost an hour.

I don't want to talk about it.

Okay so this is for Bade Prompts. You can find them on twitter or Tumblr.
My Prompt is: A Pink Cotton Candy Machine.
I was worried about making the deadline, so I'm making this a Two-Shot.
The second part featuring the prompt will be up as soon as I finish it, I just don't want to rush it, and make it turn out like poop.

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Schneider's Bakery, Momma always told me not to play with my food, but I couldn't resist.

Jade narrowed her eyes into a glare. "No." Her voice was dangerously low.

"But it's for Cat's birthday." Beck tried to reason with her.

"You're not running the kissing booth, Beckett." If looks could kill.

"Fine, I won't run the kissing booth, but will you at least run the 'Balloon and Darts'?" Beck asked her.

"Are the darts pointy?" She asked with a slight smirk.

Beck shifted uncomfortably. "Yes."

Jade smiled. "How far away is Vega's booth?"


She rolled her eyes. "Just work something other than the kissing booth."

Beck smiled at her, and pulled out his phone. "I'll go call Cat."

Jade waited somewhat patiently as Beck talked on the phone. She watched him nod, and try to get a word in somewhere with the talkative red-head. After what seemed like forever he finally hung up.

"Okay, I am not working the kissing booth." He told her walking over to her.

"What are you doing then?" Jade asked, as Beck pulled her into his arms.

"The Strength Test." He told her kissing her cheek. "The one with the big mallet. Yeah."

"Can I have the mallet when you're done?" She asked, rather cutely in Beck's eyes.

"Are you going to hurt Tori with it?" She nodded. "Then no."

She glared at him. "Jerk."

"Whatever." He pulled her onto his small RV bed.

"What's everyone else working?"

"Andre is doing the Bumper Cars. Tori is doing the Pingpong ball and Fish bowl game. Robbie and Rex are working the kissing booth." Beck ticked off their friends on her fingers.

Jade started laughing hysterically. "Robbie? The kissing booth." Beck started laughing with her.

"I know, a little ridiculous." He smiled through the laughter."A little?" She looked at him. "More like a lot."

"Trina's doing palm reading." He told her.

Jade laughed louder, it was actually starting to scare him a bit.

"Sinjin is doing in charge of the Funhouse." Beck said with a smirk, knowing that she was torn between wanting to go, and avoiding the mossy-haired freak. "Then, Cat's brother is going to be a clown."

Jade nodded, then yawned slightly. "I'm going to sleep." She told him.

He gave a small nod, and flicked off the light, settling down next to her.

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