Valentine's Day Aftermath

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It was that time of the year again. It recognizes both genders male and female. All ages are permitted, young and old. Supposedly filled with love and compassion. "No, it's not the gift that is received it's the thought that counts" at least that what they say, but you know if you get the wrong gift there at your throat. Have you guessed? If you think it's Christmas then sadly you're wrong, I'm talking about heart wrenching Valentine's Day.

It's time for the guys to impress their girlfriends by giving the traditional red roses, real of course , chocolates, the expensive ones, and maybe even a stuffed bear with a little "I love you" heart on its chest. Then, it's time for the girlfriends to keep hawk eyes on their boyfriend in fear of some girl who dares to give chocolates to their "man". Oh that's a red threat on their radar. But of course the girl's only intention was to express her feelings with a sweet gift but will the she-demons let them? Heck no. They'll chew you up and spit you out.

Ah, now the bragging let's not forget that. After the gifts are received and the rejected are heart-broken it's time to show off! The guys gloat about how expensive their gift was, which in truth isn't bad. It's the girlfriends that take it to a whole new level. See a girl who didn't get anything on this glorious day? Then, time to shove the load of presents you received into her face. Spot a girl that was rejected? Even better! You not only brag about your ton of gifts, you and all you're other obnoxious friends gang up and decide she's the object of derision. Not thinking that she already had enough humiliation in her day. Let's just not hope the guy she was rejected by was one of the girl's boyfriends, I fear to even think about it.

This is how Valentine's Day is, well at least at Seiyo high. Knowing all of this one brave soul mustered up enough of courage to write a letter and make a box of chocolates for the one she loves. But how did such an act cause her to become a slave?

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