AN: Hello folks, it is with great pleasure that I am here to announce the release of Possessors 2. I am looking forward to bringing you more comedy, romance, and perhaps a few more touches of Cameron kicking ass.

Summary: Mack and the Gangs are back in another storm of musical romantic comedy. This time a new enemy shows itself in the form of a rival band. Who are they and how low is anyone of them, the Possessors, and Omega willing to stoop in order to get to the top of the charts?

Chapter 1: Vocaloid Music Academy: Tour day

The day started off like any other, I woke up to find that all of my girls had made their way into my king sized bed at some point during the night. Let's see here, ok Miku is currently in the fetal curled up against my stomach, Luka is doing the same against the inside of my knees. Haku is spooned up against my back with one arm draped over Miku and I, she always has been overprotective of me and Miku. I twitched my arms slightly, trying to get the blood pumping. This woke up Haku, who rolled over and freed me so I could then flip out of the bed and land on the floor. Her training may be harsh but I was a badass because of it. I looked at the clock on my Holo, 5:30 am.

"Ranger: Bring the room online and see if any of the other members are up yet."

"Yes sir." My AI, Ranger responded, all of the lights began to gradually increase from their offsetting, giving my eyes time to adjust. Once they were all the way on I walked over to my bed and woke up my girls the best way I knew how, good morning kiss.

"Master, please be gentle!" Luka said, still half asleep, I sighed and poked her in the side

"Get up." I said, her eye's snapped open and she blushed a deep crimson, Miku was up by now to and she latched onto my arm

"No fair, Luka is getting all te attention! I want some to!" I sighed turning and kissing her, her 01 lighting up the room. She melted into me, I smiled

"Mack, will you quite spiking their energy levels so early in the morning? Neru and I are trying to sleep." Len said, walking into small living room area of my dorm. That's right, I am still at the Vocaloid Music Academy or VMA for short.

"Your just jealous." I said, he flipped me the bird… when did Len ever act like that?

"He was probably arguing with Neru again last night." Haku said, I nodded, those two were head over heels in love with each other. However they would also argue like an old married couple, there were times that it got a little violent, with Neru throwing her cellphone at Len, that phone is invincible I swear. I went into the small kitchen area and began cooking breakfast.

"Sir, Cameron and Iroha are up." Ranger said

"Ok they're up but are they up or are they up and having sex?"

"They're at the door."

"Let them in then." I said

"Why is it we have to get up this early?"

"Because we agreed to stay here and teach." I said, Cameron nodded, that was when I looked over and saw that he was carrying Iroha. "She still asleep?"

"You know she isn't a morning person, beside she's too cute for me to wake her up." Cameron said, looking down at her.

"Look I know it's hypocritical but if you're going to get all lovey-dovey on me go in the next room or something."

"Up yours dickhead." Cameron responded

"Fuck you harder."

"OK, when, where, and how hard is 'harder'?" Cameron asked, I popped him square in the jaw.

"Shud up!" I barked rolling my eyes. (AN: Whenever I send an FU txt to him that's always his response.)

"Cameron, put me down. Mack shut up before I blow out your eardrums. You're both to loud and it's too early." Iroha said slipping from Cameron's arms her speakers floating around her in annoyed fashion, I nodded. Iroha was about the last person you wanted to piss off, she was a living breathing sonic weapon. I grabbed the toast out of the toaster and put it on top of the pile that had been steadily growing as Cameron and I had been talking. Eating quickly we all split up after breakfast. My Vocaloids and I to go prep the alarm room for morning wakeup call and Cameron to go get Jackson and Ryan. Every school day, Omega and one of the Vocaloids would sing a song and that song would be projected throughout the academy at 6:30. It was currently 6:15; I had taken too much time on breakfast.

"Step it out folks we have 15 minutes." I said and we all took off full tilt down the hallway. "Haku, go, start firing things up."

"Yes master." She said and vanished, she was a ninja after all. We all kept running and got the to the room about two minutes later. Haku was arguing with some group that was in there. "This is the alarm room, you can't warm up and practice in here."

"What authority do you have over us you stupid silver haired-HRUGH!" The boy said as hand appeared and hoisted him into the air, the body soon coalescing behind it.

"I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you." Came the deep gravelly voice of my alter ego, Ultimatum, as the head appeared. The members of the other band looked on in shock and fear. "Now get out, my group has work to do and we are late because of you" He said throwing the boy out of the door. The rest quickly followed, taking their stuff with them.

"Was that really nessacary, Ulty?" Jackson asked, narrowly dodging the bass guitar pick (Yes there is a difference) that Ultimatum, or Ulty for short, chucked at him. I sighed before clapping my hands together, the band snapped into motion, Haku and Neru running around plugging in and turning everything on. I quickly tuned my violin and started playing a reference pitch for the rest of the group and once everyone was in tune we quickly decide that Iroha was going to sing Panda Hero as the wake up. As we played I watched Cameron, the look of pride and admiration on his face unmistakable.

"Don't lose your place in the song Cameron!" Ryan whispered from the keyboard. When we finished a group of campus security officers came in.

"We need you folks to come with us."

"What happened?" I asked

"You fucked with the wrong kid." Came a voice from the door, that boy from earlier.

"So what you're just going to cart us off for making them leave a room they aren't allowed in to in the first place. They were in violation of student code of conduct article 4 subsections 16. 'Any door with the signs teachers and faculty only are prohibited from student entry without express permission.'" I said, the boy gave me a piece of paper which read 'Zeta is here by authorized to use the alarm room for warm up and practice.' Signed by one… who the hell is this guy. "Ranger: Cross reference this signature with the register."

"Yes sir." The boys eyes widened and he dived for the paper, only for the security guards to grab him

"AS I thought, alright off to ISS with you boy!"

"I'll get you for this!" The boy said struggling against the guards.

"Next time don't break the rules and you won't have to be on the receiving end of Ultimatums wrath."

"Ultimatum? That means you're!" He was cut off as he was dragged out of the room.

"Alright guys, let's go ahead and pack up and get a move on. I have to make sure Mr. Cameron gets here on time."

"Mr. Jeremy is coming to VMA?"

"Along with the current Varsity orchestra… I'm not going to know a single one of them." I said, sighing, Omega had all gone to Harker Heights for high school and Mr. Cameron was the orchestra director there, and a close friend of mine. Once I was packed a started walking towards the orchestra room.

"Mack, I can take this back to the room. You go and make sure HHO got here." Haku said grabbing my violin and disappearing, I sighed before making an abrupt left and walking towards the front entrance. Vocaloid Music Academy was located about 5 miles outside of Denver, Colorado on the plains. It was a small town in and of itself, it contained all sorts of shopping locations as well as a shuttle service to the city, airport and several of the local ski resorts. The school itself had a student body of about 121,000 students and about 24,000 people in staff, faculty, and teachers. As I walked through the front entrance I was greated by the sight that I saw almost every day, hundreds of thousands of students flocking in from the dorms and a bunch of positively flabbergasted visiting high schoolers. I saw Mr. Camerons mop of brown hair alongside the orchestra assistant, Mr. Clarkson. I weaved through the crowds of students and finally made got to HHO just in time to here Mr. Clarkson's signature "Sorry trolls!" I laughed and walked up giving them both firm hand shakes.

"C Money!" I said, Mr. Cameron sighed at my use of his old nickname given to him by 2012's graduating class.

"It's good to see you to Mack." He said, I sighed and nodded.

"So shall we start the tour?"

"Yes, also as per your request I had the varsity bring their instruments."

"Lovely. Alright time to confuse the hell out of your students." I said, there were two languages spoken primarily at VMA, English and Japanese. I could speak both. "Ohayōgozaimasu, watashi wa anata ga sore o tsukuru koto ga deki ureshiku omoimasu. Suru koto ga dekimasu." I started laughing, hard, everyone was giving me this 'WTF is this guy saying?' look. "Ok what I said was, good morning I'm glad you could all make it." They all seemed to sigh in relief as they realized I could speak English just like anyone else. "Let's get this tour started shall we? Since the Varsity has their instruments we'll start in the orchestra room. I need to give my students their lesson anyways." I said, turning around and setting off at a brisk pace. "Please do keep up, I can't afford to be late." I hollered over my shoulder. "Ranger: Have Luka, Miku, and Haku meet me at the orchestra room."

"Yes sir." Came the voice from my Holo. Several people gasped as they realized who I was. I smirked, continuing to walk forward, once we reached the orchestra room. Which was in actuality an auditorium about the same size as the one at Heights.

"I forget how big this place is." Mr. Cameron said.

"Wow." "So big." "I wish our classroom was this big." Were just a few things being passed around the HHO.

"This room just so you people know is a perfect copy of the Auditorium at our high school." I said, a hand went up. "Yes! Finally someone with the balls to ask a question when they feel like it, go ahead."

"You said, our high school?"

"Yeah, just where do you think Omega Squad went to high school?" I replied smiling, several eyes widened. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Harker Heights High School Orchestra, allow me to introduce myself. I am Mack Bator, Omega-1, and the first Possessor." People gasped as it finally dawned on the group as a whole just who I was. "Now then I want the Cellos to follow Luka here to where you will put your instruments. Violas, follow Miku, Ultimatum… ULTIUMATUM!" I barked, he coalesced next to me.

"What I was napping?"

"I noticed, show the bass players where they can put their stuff. Violinists, follow me." I said ad everyone went and followed their appropriate people to were their instruments were going to be stored for most of the day. When we got to the violin room I saw one of my students a girl named Ayame was uncasing her instrument. "Ohayōgozaimasu, Ayame-chan!" I said, waving, she looked over smiling.

"Ohiyo, Mack-sensei! Korera wa Tekisasu-shū kara no kodomodesu ka?"

"Hai." I responded, she stood up and walked over.

"Hello, my name is Ayame." I heard several of the boys in the back whispering amongst themselves.

"She's already taken boys." I said, they all blushed.

"Like I'd go out with them anyways." She said teasingly, I laughed and nodded. Once everyone was done putting away their instruments we all walked back out to the room where a about five more students were, two violas, two bass', and a cello. All of whom were section leaders of second chairs.

"Alright guys listen up… I can't start your tour until the rest of the orchestra gets here so go ahead and take a seat out there for now." I said to HHO, they all went and spread out in the audience chairs. In about 10 minutes the rest of the VMA Orchestra (VMAO) had gotten into their seats. "Good, no one is tardy. Alright...3…2…1." I counted down and the bell went off on zero. "Still got it. OK people lets tune." I said, handing a box to Mr. Cameron. He smiled wickedly at the small present in his hand, knowing exactly what it was. I watched my orchestra as they all tuned. It was the E string that always caused problems for the violins, so I began walking around along with Mr.'s Cameron and Clarkson, the three of us had all but about two of thee instruments really in tune when I heard

"JOENES… NO TALKIN DURING TUNING!" Mr. Cameron bellowed, pulling from the box I gave him a directors baton and throwing it with uncanny accuracy at the bass section leader Joenes (Joe-en-es) Jarvis. A solid thunk accompanied by an 'oww!' was heard clearly by all.

"And for those of you who don't know," I said directing my attention to HHO, "that is why you don't talk during tuning. Mr. Cameron has uncanny accuracy." Everyone laughed once VMAO was tuned I turned my attention to HHO again. "Ok, just so you all know Vocaloid Music Academy serves kids grades 9-12 and freshman to senior in college. This group is our mixed JV, it consists of our medium skilled players from all grade ranges. Now before you go wondering just how good they are, these orchestra's have criteria on par if not harder than that of yours, so making JV is a feat in and of itself." I said before getting the VMAO started on a few pieces and telling them to work on those up until the last 6 minutes of class at which point they could pack up and go to their next class. I took HHO out of the classroom and began touring the main performance facility. "OK folks, this campus is divided into three sections, student and staff living quarters, the educational zone, and "The Town." We are currently in the educational zone, first floor, first building. There are several other main buildings here, this one is our primary performance center, the classes here are your music classes as well as theater." I began to go into the pre-written boring ass speech about this building as we walked through it. after a little bit we came to the entrance to the "Network," a system of underground tunnels that connected the building of the educational zone. Each section of the school had its own Network, but they were not connected. We went down and came back up in the primary education building. "Ok this building is your primary education building…"

"You would come here to take your standard classes, such as English, Math, History, or Sciences." Cameron said cutting me off.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" I asked irritably.

"Not until Fourth Period."

"Damn it, oh well. Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to Cameron DeLaigle, Omega-2, and the final Possessor." I said, several of the girls looked at him with stars in their eyes until the vibrations of Iroha's Sound System became unmistakable.

"You may fawn over him from a distance… and always out of my line of sight." She said, walking up. "He may be a pervert, but he is my pervert!" Iroha said kissing him, causing her 10 to light up. This little PDA didn't last long as Ultimatum forcibly shoved them apart.

"Must you two be such pains in the ass?" He asked, chuckling lightly before dragging them off. Nobody said anything we all simply stood there a bit flabbergasted at what we had just seen.

"…Ok then, lets continue the tour. The next building we will be going to is my personal favorite, the extracurricular building." I said was we entered another tunnel entrance and walked down and back up. "This is the EC building, you can take classes here ranging from athletics and ROTC, all the way to photography and CGI animations. Come with me, I have a teacher for you guys to meet." I said as I walked up two flights of stairs to the third floor. As we were walking the transfer bell went off. "Everyone up against the wall, don't want to knock over some student carrying some extremely fragile projct that they have been working on for the past month and have it break into a gajillion pieces." I said, and everyone flattened themselves against the wall. I smiled and would say good morning to any student that passed me by and said hello as well.

"You really are quite popular." Mr. Clarkson said, I chuckled

"Yeah, well what can I say, most of these guys know me because they were my class mates last year or the year before that." I said, finally it was only a few lollygaggers in the hall, with about 30 seconds to get to their next class. "Come on people lets move with a little purpose. You have 25 seconds!" I said, my voice filling the hallway.

"Yes sir!" Was the reply of several off the students, I chuckled and watched as they scurried because of my command voice. I gathered HHO and after a quick head count we continued on to the Photography room. Once there I knocked on the door, it was opened a crack but the light filter was still in place.

"We are developing film right now." Came a deep baritone voice.

"Alright, when are you going to be done?" I asked

"Mack? Oh yeah I guess today is tour day. Ah, hell." The voice said, suddenly a bald man of 6' 1" stepped out from behind the curtain, his ID read Joe Bator. My dad smiled introduced him to the students. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience normally you guys come in and we do a project or something fun but I forgot so until about 4th period I can't help you.

"Alright, well I'm going to tour the dorms next so just be ready after 4th as we will probably come rather unannounced." I said, Dad nodded and stepped back into his room. "Alright then, I guess we will tour the dorms next. Please follow me." A hand went up in the back. "Ja, what's your question?"

"How are we going to get to the dorms before 4th period? I was just looking at the map I picked up at the front of the building."

"Read the vistors guide's part oon transportation."


"Yep, this school has its own Shinkansen or bullet train system for those of you less fluent in Japanese." I said. "Students and staff use them to move between the three districts in a very small amount of time. The other two options are walking, or driving here however the student parking is very limited so unless you have something you don't want to take on the train its best to not do those other two." I said and a brief 5 minute walk later we were at the Shinkansen station. We boarded the train and went to the dorms, after getting there we stepped off. HHO looked around them, amazed at what they saw. Before them was a small city, with apartments each with different symbols over them, fraternity wards. We started walking and I discussed the different options for graduation here at VMA and how much you could experience here, after a while we came to a nondescript dorm with a unique symbol on it, an infinity contained inside an omega. "Ladies and gentlemen, Omega squads barracks, and when I say barracks I mean barracks. We do it army style here."

"Mack? Oh hey Mr. Clarkson, Mr. Cameron." Came the voice of one Ryan Marek. He walked down off the porch and opened the gate, as I passed he snapped a salute which I returned and then promptly whacked him in the head over

"No saluting out of uniform." I said, opening the front door. "Ok folks, our dorm are a bit bare compared to the others. If I can please ask that you not touch anything." I said as well walked down the hall. I stopped at the first room, MH was painted on it. "This is our dining room/ kitchen, each dorm is equipped with its own kitchen and laundry facility, and depending on who you and what dorm you are in. You either make your own dinners, like here, different floors cook on different nights, like most teacher dorms and senior dorms, or if you are a freshman or sophomore the juniors and sometimes the seniors will cook your meals and eat with you." I said, ending my spiel I directed everyone back out of the mess hall and we arrived at a room with a 1 painted on it. "This is my room, so. Don't. Touch. Anything!" I said, punctuating each word with a point at the student body. "I've already had plenty of my stuff broken." I said opening the door. "This dorm was originally a Senior dorm before everyone… almost everyone in Omega graduated, Jackson is three grades behind the rest of the group, so he is a senior this year. This is how the senior and teacher dorm rooms are designed, it has a small scale living room with a TV, bedroom, and full toiletries. Freshmen and Sophomores only get a bedroom with a desk for a computer. Juniors will get a bathroom and bedroom." I said before herding everyone back out and closing the door. "Ok, anyone hungry?" I asked getting several yes' I lead the group back down the hall to the Mess Hall where I began preparations, with help from Ryan, of a large lunch. After lunch I took the group to "The Town." Once there I passed out maps to everyone and told them to explore and have fun doing what ever they wanted to here but to be back before 3:30. "Oh also, for those of you who are couples, while this school isn't very strict about its PDA rules, mostly because of the Possessors here. We will not tolerate immoral acts on this campus. Ranger is plugged into the security systems and cameras. So is Cameron's AI Longshot, and trust me you don't want to piss off Cameron. So don't do anything that will get you in trouble. Alright go have fun, and remember 3:30." I said before waving my hands, dismissing the group. I talked with Mr. Cameron about how the groups were doing and other orchestrally related things all the while, wondering around and watching the students, there were no problems, if anything the HHO saw and busted at least 7 students of VMA stupid enough to try and outsmart Ranger and Longshot combined. Once 3:30 rolled around we all hopped back on the Shinkansen and made our way back to the Educational Zone, where Dad talked about the extras available at the Academy besides music and had the kids take pictures and develop the film. After that the HHO was broken up into groups and spread out among the dorms with to spend the night.