Chapter 10: Zeta's Fall: Planning

I stood in front of the squad and the Possessors who had jumped in upon hearing of Haku's injury.

"So here is what we are working with, we have their hitman behind bars, however I have reason to belive that this is not the last we have seen of them, the President believes that they may be involved in a much larger scheme that is going after members of the Possessors and Omega in attempts to get something from them, there are also indicators of Vocaloid Inc., getting targeted as well." I said

"So whats the plan boss?" Bryan asked from his spot on the couch, lounging with his ladies tucked up against him, sound asleep.

"I intend to hit them where it hurts, right in the-"

"Balls!" Jackson cut in, I threw a nearby directing baton at him.

"No, now shut up Four." I said. "Anyways I intend to hit them right where it hurts, their wallets, I'm going to sue them for aggression towards us."

"But we have no solid evidence." Loni piped up from the other side of the room, she was lounging on the bed with Kaito and Gakupo giving her a massage,

"True, Cameron any ideas?"

"Huh? Wha? Nuke 'em" He said before going back to sleep.

"I for one agree." Ultimatum said.

"No." I said in an annoyed. "Why is it that the only ones pay a lick of attention are Ryan and my girls?" I asked in even greater attention.

"I am listening, I'm just choosing not to do anything beside sit here with my eye's closed." Cameron piped, clearly fully aware of what was going on around him.

"The only time I added input got me a directing baton to the face so why should I bother, besides the fact that they ran me over… which come to think of it is a damn good reason." Jackson said, pausing, then leaning forward in his seat his entire attitude changing as he went from his goofy Jackson mode to his serious Mason mode. "I'm all ears Omega-1"

"As am I boss." Bryan said now leaning forward on the couch, his Ladies standing behind him.

"I am… also… listening… Mast…er" Came Haku's weak voice from the door, I turned to see her leaning heavily on a crutch as she hobbled in to the room.

"Haku, your body is still getting used to the temporary power unit you shouldn't be up and about right now." I said running over and picking her up… when did she get this light?

"I'm sorry… but… I had…to… come." She said leaning her head against my chest breathing hard.

"Baka." I said before redirecting my attention to the now fully attentive crowd.

"She is a ghost of herself." Kaito said, the other Vocaloids nodded.

"We will see Zeta pay for what they have done." Luka said, clenching her fist. "Even if that means I have to beat them all to death with a frozen tuna!" I nodded smiling.

"Our time will come sweetheart but for now, Miku I need to speak with Zatsune, Ultimatum get out here."

"Already in attendance." He said as Miku sighed and her hair and eyes changed color

"Yes Master, what is it?" Zatsune asked.

"I need your help with a little something, I know that Zeta squad is the ones responsible for this attack so I need you to sneak into their headquarters and create some solid evidence for us." I said holding up a small Ziploc bag, the contents of which was the remains of Haku's old power source and a few of her hairs.

"I will see what I can do." Zatsune said walking up to me.

"Thanks Zats." I said hugging her, she pushed me away, blushing

"B-baka!" She stuttered out before storming out of the room.

"Now all we need to do is get to RRA for our final concert." I said, everyone nodded and we began packing up our stuff. "Possessors, excluding Cameron, this is gonna be another VSL style concert, be ready for it."

"Sure thing Mack." Loni said, Bryan nodded.

"M…master?" Haku said from her spot in my arms, I had forgotten I was carrying her.

"Yes Haku?"

"Can I sing… in the next… concert?" She asked before finally falling asleep in my arms.

"Sure thing sweetheart." I said, stroking her hair aside and kissing her gently. "But for now sleep. Ranger: Re-double your efforts and get that power unit finished by the end of the week."

"Yes sir." Was Ranger's ever crisp reply. I smiled, things were looking up for Omega again.

If only I had known… if only.

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