Chapter 11: ZF: Vocaloid Summer Live the Second

We all stood on the Red Rocks Amphitheater stage awaiting the start of the concert, it was pitch black and we were all cloaked by the Holo projector that had been installed in RRA. When we started the lights faded in on one member as we started with Vital Mental Medicine. At last every member was in a spot light and then suddenly we had no audio… wtf?

"Omega stand down." I barked, bringing my instrument down. "Switch to Acoustic." I said bringing my Acoustic Violin.

"LETS ROCK!" I roared, launching into the next song on our playlist.


I knew the instant we lost audio that Zeta was trying to shut us down mid concert, I refuse to let them ruin this! 'Iroha, I need you to boost which ever instrument is getting drowned out by the others.'

'Ok Pervert.' She responded, I sighed


I almost felt this coming, Zeta interfering with the concert, don't they EVER give UP?


I don't have an acoustic instrument you dick!


The concert continued pretty well and then Haku's piece "Daughter of White" came, she was to start at the top of the stair case.

"NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMAN ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE OUR NEWEST SINGER, HAKU YOWANE!" I yelled to be heard over the roar of the crowd and pointed up at her, she stood at the top of stair, looking nervous, I nodded and she opened her mouth to sing but suddenly went wide eyed and spun as she began to fall. "HAKU!" I yelled running, people tried to catch her but they were simply knocked aside by her as she tumbled down the stairs, smashing apart as she well and finally came to a stop at my feet on the third stair, her "blood" leaking out all over my shoes. Nobody moved, nor was a word said as I raised my left hand and held up two then three then four fingers, snapped them together and pointed at the top of the stair case, suddenly the whole amphitheater was surrounded by ice and Jackson and Ryan were bounding up the stairs.

"No one leaves until We have Zeta in front of us!" I snarled, Iroha boosting my voice.

"Possessors, get repair kits and get over here!" I yelled

"Sir, you have a photo on your Holo." Ranger said. "It's from Haku." I snapped my right arm up and looked at the photo, a group of five people with their hands extended and Z's on their jackets.

"Ranger: Get this picture to the rest of Omega."

"Already done sir."

"Thank you old friend." I said, turning to the now assembled Possessors and their Vocaloids.

Omega: Cameron

"Three Four, go left, I'll get em from this side, Iroha let's go!" I barked grabbing the Enforcer. "Non-lethal force authorized." I said into the Holo and started running, we saw a group of people backed against the wall with none other than Zatsune standing in front of them.

"Where do you think you five are going?" She asked, licking her lips animalisticilly. "You didn't honestly think I would let you get away with hurting my sister in law? Now did you?"

"Iroha back her up, Omega hold position, I can't freeze anything else I'm at my limit." I said, panting, the ice began to sweat

"I'm going to make you pay!"

"Zatsune, wait!" Iroha said walking forward her speakers at the ready. "Don't even think about it jackasses, I'm the only Vocaloid immune to the tone."

"Why should I?" Zatsune said.

"Don't you think Mack is more entitled to making them pay? Haku is his wife after all."

"You're damn right she is, however We'd much rather these folks be somebody's prison bitch!" Mack said walking up, his multi-colored positively smouldering, the air around him seemed to shimmer from the amount of energy he was exuding. "Wouldn't you agree, Zatsune?"

"You are weak hearted master. I think they should pay now!" Zatsune said, stamping her foot on the ground.

"Oh they will pay right now." Said a police officer walking cuffing them and then carting them away. The air around Mack began to calm down as he came down from his Omega-1 form.

"Mack what's Haku's status?" I asked, melting the ice, I could feel the energy return to me. Mack helped me to my feet.

"She, in critical but alive, Ranger's is working on getting the self-repair sequence installed into her, it's a good thing that we had backed up all the Vocaloids before this concert. Her hard drive got pulverized." Mack said but there was still something wrong, I could tell.

"What else?"

"Nothing that concerns you, Two." Mack said, suddenly very cold. He turned and walked away.

"What crawled up his ass and died? Well in this case I guess it's more what landed at his feet almost dead." I said, chuckling, Iroha smacked me over the head. "What too soon?" She glared at me.

Mack: Earlier

"Ranger: I need to stop this bleeding, where are the worst ruptures? Bryan get me some spare tubing! Does anyone have any tissue?" I said, Ranger quickly extended the Holo over my eyes and I began working cleaning away the blood and patching the ruptures, that was the easy part, the hard part is going to be moving her without reopening any of the wounds.

"Sir, her power unit hasn't been damaged, it managed to survive the fall, I should be able to replace her hard drive and then install the self-repair protocol, she should be able to take it from there."

"Semi?" I asked, Ranger nodded, I very gently picked up Haku and began carrying her. "Bryan, get your detachment up there to help with apprehension." I said, Bryan was a cop and he had a special group in Denver that was designed for the prosecution of Vocaloids, and those in crimes related to Vocaloids, since I was in control of Vocaloid Inc I had started a second Possessors Project, this one included hundreds of people from all over the world and since there were so many, some of them turned out to be problems and so specialty "Vocalcops" were created. Bryan's detachment was already on station so arresting the members of Zeta was easy.

"Sir, I if I can have a word with you?" Ranger said.

"Whats up?"

"It's about Haku, the protocol took well but she won't be able to walk or do much of anything but talk for about two years." I sighed, I had expected results like this but still, hearing it was a crushing blow and put me in a foul mood.

"Let's go make sure the cops don't need any help." I said turning and walking back out of the semi.