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Chapter 2: Vocaloid Music Academy: Performance Day! Harker Heights shines

I paced back and forth calmly awaiting the arrival of Mr. Cameron and the HHO, our rehearsal started at 7:30, it was 7:20. The door opened and Mr. Cameron came in with the orchestra.

"'Bout damn time!" I said, retreating into the violin uncase and warm up room. "Everyone in here tuned?"

"Yes sir." Ayame responded

"Everyone here?"

"Hai!" She said again

"Arigato." I said and went to check on the cellos. "Is everyone tuned?"

"Yep, were also all here." Came the voice of one Jesus Espinoza, a classmate of mine from HHHS.

"Alright cool, thanks Jesus." I said, intentionally putting the J sound to it rather than hay. I quickly ran into the Viola room and got the all green from them. Once the basses were ready I walked back out on stage to see that Mr. Cameron had done exactly as he had been instructed and had the HHO set up and tune while I was checking my kids. "I'm ready when you are C Money."

"Alright, they're all yours Omega-1." I smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. I walked up onto my directing podium

"Alright, my directing style isn't that different from Mr. Cameron's so I shouldn't be too hard to follow. Let's go ahead and start off with a one octave… G Major Scale, by my signal." I said, everyone nodded and I took them through the one octave. "Alright, if I can get everyone to pull out… 'Cantarella' for now." Everyone pulled out the piece and we began working through it, I stopped about 17 measures in. "Jesus… what did I tell you about that part and the bowing?" I said in a low tone, I had been over with the entire cello section about how that part was down, down, up, up, and then down, up, down.

"Right, sorry about that." I sighed

"Back to the beginning, also if I can get a little more piano in those first five measures." We started the piece again and made it through most of it before I stopped and fixed some of the things the Heights was doing wrong. After that we went on to Beethoven's 5th symphony, and then our easy piece, the upbeat crowd pleaser, Dragon Dances. After about two straight hours of rehearsing with both groups then just the Heights Varsity, then VMA JV. I finally got it to sound decent. I put my baton down for the final time. "Well Jeremy, what do you think?"

"I think I'm still Mr. Cameron to you." He said smiling, I chuckled as well. "But I think they sounded good, defiantly better than what I had my group sounding like. I'm very pleased with how well they are doing."

"You think they are ready for the performance?"

"Hell yeah!" He said smiling. I nodded

"Alright, have them out at the bus area by 5:30 so we can get to the amphitheater." I said walking down off stage. "Academy Orchestra listen up! I want you all to relax and have a little fun but either be at the bus area by 5:30 or at Red Rocks Amphitheater by 6:30." I said to them before walking out of the classroom. I quickly made my way back over to Omega's "barracks" walking inside I caught sight of Jackson slipping into his room. Walking past it I knocked on the door. "Don't forget we have the concert tonight I need you to be ready to go by 5:15." I hollered to him.

"Don't worry, I didn't forget… also don't tell me what to do!" He yelled back in a playful tone. I went around and reminded everyone in Omega that we had a concert tonight. After that I made myself busy rousing and packing up my stuff and my Vocaloids.

"Master, is the Varsity any good this year?" Neru asked leaning against the door frame, her eyes glued to her phone.

"Better than they have been in a long while at least. Mr. Cameron really was hard on selection for the Varsity this year." I said, she nodded, I stood and sighed. Walking over I wrapped her up in a hug. "I hope you and Len stay happy for the rest of your lives." She returned the hug

"Arigato, aniki." I smiled and patted her head.

"Can you get everyone together while I start moving things outside?"

"Hai!" She responded turning and running off. I turned around grabbing my violins, Ultimatum grabbed his electric bass guitar and slung it on his back, I did the same with my acoustic violin, and we then grabbed our good mics and our stage communication mics.

"Ranger: Where are Julia and Jonathan with the semi?"

"Waiting out front sir."

"Wonderful, Ulty lets move!" I barked, he nodded and we both went outside where a semi with the same infinity inside an omega symbol was painted on the side, standing in front of it was Omega and the Possessors stage coordinator and makeup/costume designer, Jonathan and Julia.

"Mack, good to see you again, ready for tonight's concert?" Jonathan asked walking up and pulling me into a tight hug.

"Hell yes I am, time to show those punks that call themselves instrumentalist just what a real player can do." I said walking over and giving Julia a peck on the cheek and a hug. "It's nice to see you two again, when was the last time we got this thing out for a concert?" We thought for a bit before Omega walked up.

"Wow this brings back some memories." Cameron said, "Last time I saw this truck was at our last concert Vocaloid Summer Live."

"Oh wow it has been a few years haven't it." I said. "Alright Omega let's get loaded up and ready to go!" I clapped and everyone started moving things into the inside of the semi's trailer. Once we were loaded up it was about 5:45, Omega and my Vocaloids except Luka all piled into the semi's dual cab, picture a semi cab with a van like amount of personnel carrying capabilities. Luka and I hopped onto my Suzuki motorcycle. I slipped my helmet on, closing the windscreen. Ranger hooked into the HUD and displayed my speedometer, route guidance, and several other useful things. I quickly dialed the semi. "Ok Omega, I'll meet you guys at RRA."

"Roger that." Cameron replied, I knocked the kickstand up, Luka wrapped her arms around my waist and we all took off. Being on a motorcycle allowed me to navigate traffic more easily, so I reached Red Rocks long before the rest of the squad, I pulled around back to the event staff parking, showed the gate guard my badge and rolled on through. Looking at my watch I saw that it was 6:00, I had 30 minutes before the orchestras got here. I pulled into a parking spot and Luka and I dismounted. I took my helmet off before turning around to see Luka struggling with hers.

"Sweetheart, how is it that you can put things like this one just fine but can't take them off?"

"I don't know, just get it off!" She said, I undid the clasp and pulled the helmet off her head. I smirked and then grabbing her, pulled her into a tight embrace and kiss. We stood there kissing passionately for a while before she began to sway. I pulled back and allowed her time to breath. "Must you be so aggressive?"

"Yes." I said laughing. "I can make a robot pass out from lack of oxygen, I haz skillz!" I said, Luka sighed smacking me lightly on the arm. I laughed harder before turning and walking towards the RRA's back entrance. Once inside I began to look over the stage plan Jonathan had sent me. Leave it up to him to come up with the crazy idea for where we were going and what we were going to do. Julia had also sent me the costume plan, Omega was in for a hell of night as they had to change between a costume and a tux depending on the song. I quickly began laying tape for the positioning of things, the VMA buses rolled in and the kids unloaded. I waved to Mr. Cameron and held up my phone. He nodded and checked his, Jonathan had sent the plan to him as well, and hopefully was briefing the rest of Omega on it on the way here. We got the chairs set up for the orchestra students and had everyone ready to go by the time Omega finally showed up. They got here at about 7:15, what took them so long I'd find out soon enough. I saw the one of the semi's tires was torn up… like they had run over a police barricade. And used up the two spares on the two other affected wheels.

"We ran into a bit of trouble on our way here. Damn those Zeta bastards, we aren't even really a stage band anymore!" Cameron said clenching his fist.


"OH SHIT DRUNK HAKU!" I yelped diving out of the way. That was when it dawned on me what Cameron had said. "Wait… you mean the Zeta squad?"

"Yeah, they're pains in the ass."
"When aren't they?" I replied, standing up and brushing myself off, Zeta Squad was a rival band that had been around for a couple of years and were highly popular, much like Omega in its early days. We had been in a friendly competition with each other for about two years now, but this was a new leaf in their antics, they had never done anything this serious before, silly stringed our stuff occasionally was about as severe as it ever got.

"COMEBACK!" Haku yelled and hit me from behind, knocking me to the ground.

"Alright guys, you know what to do!" Cameron said, taking charge and leaving me behind… asshole. Once I had managed to get the now passed out Haku situated on my back I began to help moving things around. We got set up in record time, the concert, which started at 7:45 was now 15 minutes out. I began to walk among the members of the orchestra, giving them words of encouragement. Checking on Ayame, Joenes, Jesus, and Tyler. Once that was done I walked out on to stage, at 7:44, I put my hand in the air, counting down from 10. With a loud and finalizing zero I fused with Ultimatum

"Are you folks ready to party!" I bellowed, getting an affirmative from the crowd I turned around threw my hands up, counting the tempo for Dragon Dances. I threw the orchestra into it at full concert tempo, and they pulled it off without a hitch. Omega's turn, we started off on our famous theme song, Weight of the World, from there we launched straight into a Vocaloid piece, Len's 'Fire Flower.' After that Mr. Cameron came on stage and he I performed a duet of "Only my Rail gun." This got quite a few pleasant responses from the crowd. After that I turned to the orchestra and we played our Beethoven piece and then finally came 'Cantarella.' I looked around, everyone was beaming, these concerts were always fun and it was the first time they had played somewhere other than the performing arts center. I pulled the piece out and held it up. Everyone followed my lead and pulled that piece to the front of their stack. As we began the piece the piano played the first several measures, at which point the whole orchestra would jump in. I began counting when I caught some motion out of the corner of my eye, brushing it off I continued counting, bringing the orchestra into playing position and then launched the piano into the song, when we jumped in Kaito's deep baritone voice… wait Kaito? When the hell did he get here, whatever, mustn't lose the song! I thought to myself. After Cantarella was finished I turned and walked over shaking Kaito's hand before turning to see none other than Loni Fonsen.

"Loni, it's good to see you!" I said walking over giving her a hug and dragging her out on stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce, Loni Fonsen! The third Possessor and master of Kaito and Gakupo." I raised Loni's hand into the air, she and I bowed, I signaled to the orchestra and they stood and bowed as well. After that the curtain was lowered and everyone began to either pack up or engage Loni in conversation. I walked off stage, taking several things with me and began to reload the semi, checking its tires for any signs of sabotage, nothing. Once we were packed everyone hopped into the semi except for me and Luka, even Loni who had taken the bus got in and they all drove off, Luka and I hopped on to the bike and took off heading towards the Campus. Once there we all went inside and crashed for the night, not doing a major concert like that on in several years really can take it out of you.