Aaaaaall rightie! Here's my Valentine's Day short-ish shot for Izuru Kira and my OC Midori Otoribashi. Please keep in mind that this is WAAAAAAAAAAY after the Winter War and all the other stuff, k? ^^

Chapter 1

Izuru paced nervously in front of the Otorabashi residence, wondering whether or not to go in and visit. He looked up at the window on the left of the second floor, his mind wandering to the young woman who lived in that bedroom. He couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of guilt at the silent feelings that he had for her. Despite who her father was, she was decades, even centuries younger than him; and he, with his knowledge of living-world morals, couldn't help but feel that gap in age was something that should be keeping him from feeling anything…

"HEEEEEEEY, KUMO-SAAAAN!" a loud, young girl's voice yelled from right behind Izuru, making him shout in surprise and turn around frantically. The source of the voice turned out to be the middle Otorabashi child, Akina. Her long brown-ish blonde hair was up in the usual pigtails and her bluish-purple eyes gleaming mischievously as she regarded him with a wide grin. Her uniform and school bag were enough evidence as to where she had just come from. "Nice ta see you!"

"N-Nice to see y-" Izuru's greeting was cut short by Akina grabbing his wrist and dragging him through the front door. The transition from the crisp February air to the warm interior of the house confused Izuru's senses slightly.

Akina was quick to remove her shoes and slide her slippers on while calling out, "I'm ho~ome! And Kumo-san is here too!"

A sweet voice rang from the other room in response. "Well, don't be afraid to come in, Kira-san, and Akina-chan, I expect you to have your homework done before you go out later."

"Hai, Okaa-san!" Akina bolted down the hall and up the stairs almost faster than Izuru could blink before he slid his own shoes and jacket off, placing them in the appropriate places, and walked in to the living room. The first thing he noticed was the wheelchair that was sitting next to the couch and then he saw Nikki Otorabashi sitting on the couch, blanket draped over her legs and a shawl around her shoulders.

The woman looked up at him as he entered the room and smiled warmly at him. "It's good to see you again, Kira-san. I've been able to sense your reiatsu ever since you set foot on the street and I would have invited you inside earlier, had I been in any condition to move without aid."

Izuru bowed his head slightly in apology. "I apologize, Nikki-san. I was unsure if you were prepared for company and I didn't want to impose on you all."

Nikki laughed and gestured at the couch across from her, telling him to go ahead and have a seat. "Please, Kira-san. We're used to unexpected company, so you're welcome anytime you feel the need to visit."

Izuru took the offered seat and smiled gratefully at her. "Arigatou, Nikki-san."

Nikki's silvery-blue eyes glinted in the same mischievous way that Akina's did before she commented, "Midori-chan will be home in about 10 or 15 minutes, if you're willing to wait."

Izuru felt his face heat up in slight embarrassment and he scratched the back of his head nervously. "H-How did you…?"

Nikki put a finger to her lips and teased, "That's a secret~~"

Izuru now found it difficult to look the woman in the eye. The fact that she knew about his feelings for her daughter made him feel even more backed into a corner. Tension was thick in the air until the door opened a second time and a blonde ten-year-old boy ran in after sliding his shoes off and hugged Nikki around the neck. "I'm home, Mama! Were you lonely at all?"

Nikki hugged her youngest child and smiled. "Of course I wasn't, Tokkou-kun. I knew that you all would be home before too long." She then sat him on the couch next to her, giving both herself and Izuru a good view of his violet eyes. "Where's Midori-chan, though? She usually meets you on the way home and walks with you here."

Tokkou thought back a minute before he commented, "I did see onee-sama heading my way, but then a guy with her school uniform came up to her and they talked a little and then they walked over to the park. But I didn't wanna interrupt a conversation that onee-sama was having…" The young boy looked upset as he looked at his mother "Did I do something wrong?"

Nikki patted his head, reassuring smile plastered on her lips. "Not at all, sweetie. Now, why don't you go and put your stuff away? Papa helped me make some chocolate cookies earlier."

The boy was gone in a flash and Nikki's mood became serious. "But, truth be told, I am a little concerned. Kira-san, if it wouldn't be too much to ask…"

Izuru nodded, already catching her drift, and stood up, making his way to the front door as he replied to her, "I'll go and see if she's okay. I passed by the park on my way here, so I know where to look."

Nikki smiled warmly at him and bowed her head in gratitude. "Arigatou gozaimasu."

The young man smiled nervously and waved her thanks off, saying, "It's no problem at all, Nikki-san." Walking back to the front door, Izuru pulled his shoes and coat on in a heartbeat and stepped back out into the crisp February air.


Izuru retraced his steps back to the park, which was located about two blocks away from the Otoribashis' residence. Part of him didn't know why he didn't just shunpo to a location near the park and just walk the rest of the way. The other part of him understood why he didn't: despite how many times he had visited the living world, he always found the change in scenery to be inviting and thought that it was best enjoyed by travelling by foot instead of shunpo. That, and if other people besides Midori were present where he exited his shunpo, it would raise unwanted questions.

He came into view of the park as he was contemplating this and could hear two voices, one, a young man's and the other, a young woman's. And from the sounds of it, they were arguing.

"You can't answer the simple question, can you? Do you really hate me that much?" the woman yelled, her voice cracking.

"Maybe I don't want to answer your question!" the man shouted back. Izuru walked to the park's entrance and found a sight the wrenched at his heart: Midori Otoribashi, who was on the verge of tears, was clutching the sleeve of the uniform of a boy her age, if not slightly older, who had probably tried to leave before she had grabbed it.

Midori's purple-and-bluish gray eyes glistened as the tears began to spill out of them. "You won't even tell me why! An answer is all I'm asking for!"

The young man wrenched his sleeve out of her grip. "I don't have to answer you anymore, Otoribashi! Because it's over! Hear me? OVER!"

A dead silence fell over the park. The young man shoved his hands in his pocket and stormed past Izuru, not even bothering to give him a sidelong glance. Izuru watched him leave for a little while, but his attention was turned back to Midori when he heard her bag hit the ground. She was just standing there, hand extended slightly to where she had been holding the young man's uniform and her expression one of disbelief, as if his words had petrified her. He cautiously walked up to her and, as he picked up her bag from the ground, she blinked a few times before gazing curiously at him.

She shook her head vigorously, almost like she wasn't believing what she saw or she was trying to get her act together, and calmly asked, "Kira-san? When did you get here?"

Izuru could only smile warmly at her as he stood back up and answered, "Just now."

Midori's face portrayed her unease as she asked in a hushed tone, "Did you just…see that?"

Izuru hesitated for a little but then sighed, "Yes. I did."

Midori looked even more anxious for a few seconds before she put a smile on her face. "I'm sorry you had to see that. I guess my voice carries a lot farther than I thought. Heheh…"

Izuru picked up on her feeble attempt to alleviate the situation and smiled. "It's all right. And really, I heard that guy's voice first."

Midori bit her lip and clutched her stomach, causing to Izuru to almost ask her if she was okay, and then broke down into a fit of giggles. Izuru sighed in relief; the sight of her almost crying had nearly torn his heart in half. If she really had broken down and cried…he probably would have died…

Midori held out her hand to him, still smiling. "Can I have my bag back, Kira-san?"

Izuru had to look down at his hands to remember he was holding her school bag. He hastily handed it back to her, blushing slightly. "O-oh. Sure."

She took it from him and began walking back the direction he had come from, Izuru taking pace next to her. "I take it you're here to visit tou-san and give him the latest report, ne?"

Izuru scratched his chin, unsure of how to answer that. "Well….yes and no. I do have a report for Rojuro-taicho, but I came here mainly because I felt like taking a small break. Of course, I asked the company's 3rd and 4th seats to look after things while I'm gone."

Midori nodded and swung her bag back and forth in front of her. "Well, you came here at the right time. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day and they have a whole lot of good deals on food and other things as well."

Izuru stopped dead in his tracks. Tomorrow…was Valentine's Day. His mind worked in over-gear, processing what he had witnessed and the news he had just received.

Midori stopped after walking a few steps and realizing that Izuru wasn't beside her anymore. She turned around and that's when she saw a disbelieving look on Izuru's features as he looked at her. Curious and concerned, she inquired, "Is something wrong, Kira-san?"

Izuru paused, unsure of how to delicately approach the topic he was about to present. "Midori-san…you just broke up with that guy who was in the park, right?"

Midori blinked a few times before smiling forlornly, her voice cracking a bit. "Yeah, I did."

"And you said that tomorrow's Valentine's Day?"

Tears pooled at the edges of her eyes. "Yeah…"

Izuru's expression became one of loathing, disbelief, and sympathy as he stated, "Then that means…"

"Yeah…it's pathetic, right?" Midori wiped the falling tears from her eyes with the sleeve of her uniform, her smile still in place. Almost as though she was mocking herself. "I can't hold on to a guy for more than a few weeks, let alone long enough to celebrate Valentine's Day with them." She chuckled wryly. "I guess I should have seen this coming…"

Izuru couldn't control his actions. He wanted to comfort her, to wipe her tears away, to let her know she wasn't the one at fault. Before he could register what he was doing, he had wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest, muttering soothing words that just spouted subconsciously from his mouth.

Midori was stunned for all of a moment, then she was clinging to him and bawling her heart out, her façade dropping in front of Izuru's comfort and reassurance. They just stood there a few heartbeats, standing in each other's comfort, until Midori's crying had subsided. She pushed gently on his chest and he reluctantly released her from his embrace.

She stood there and wiped the remaining tears off her cheeks. Her eyes were just slightly swollen from her recent crying, but he only got a glimpse of them as she bowed to him and murmured, "Arigatou gozaimasu, Kira-san. That really helped me fell a little better."

Izuru scratched the back of his neck and muttered, "You're welcome." He was unsure of how to continue when he remembered the main reason he had gone to look for her in the first place. "Oh, Nikki-san was worried about you."

Midori chuckled nervously. "Oops. Tokkou-kun probably saw me walking off with… Watanabe-san. I can imagine why they'd be worried." She started to trot off in the direction of her house when she stopped and looked over her shoulder at him, smiling slightly. "Why don't you come back with me and have dinner with us? As a thank you."

Izuru paused before answering. While he wanted to stay by her side and make sure she was okay, the conflicting emotions from his reasoning, which said that he shouldn't have feelings for her because of the age difference between him and her, and his desires, which told him to keep her close and cherish her, made him debate his answer. HARD.

Finally, he nodded, although it was reluctantly, and took up stride with her as she continued to walk home.


Several hours later, Izuru was sliding his shoes back on as he listened to the television from the other room. He stuck his head back into the living room, where the entire Otoribashi family was gathered, including Rojuro, who had returned from his job as assistant manager of an instrument shop a few minutes before dinner had been served. "I'm leaving now. Thanks for the wonderful time."

"Bye, Kira-san."

"See you, Kumo-san."


"Sorry, Otou-san. Bye, Kira-san."

"See you next month, Izuru-kun."

Midori stood up and walked to the kitchen, coming back with a thermos that Izuru had noticed her working on after dinner. She handed it to him and said, "Something to keep you warm on your way…well, wherever it is you're going!"

Izuru unscrewed the cap and took a deep breath. The aroma of sweet, succulent white chocolate with just a hint of espresso greeted his senses and he smiled at her as he screwed the cap back on. "Arigatou, Midori-san."

He turned around and walked back to the front door, unaware that Midori was following him. As his hand rested on the door handle, he felt something grab his jacket. Turning, he found that Midori had grabbed the sleeve of his jacket. "And thank you, Kira-san, for comforting me earlier." She smiled wistfully. "If there's anything I can help you with, please let me know."

Izuru stopped a moment. While he wasn't surprised at the fact she had thanked him again, her offer had caught him off guard. She was probably still emotionally traumatized from her recent break-up so he shouldn't demand something too emotionally taxing like a private date or anything similar. But tomorrow was Valentine's Day and he didn't want her to be alone for that day. So, taking both of those facts to mind, he came up with an answer. He smiled kindly at her and asked, "Can you show me around town tomorrow? I haven't been here in a while, and I don't really want to get lost."

Midori blinked in surprise and a light blush dusted her cheeks as she smiled back at him. "Sure thing-"

"EH? Is Kumo-san really putting the moves on onee-sama?" Both Midori and Izuru jumped out of their skins and faced Akina, who was standing just outside the living room with a Cheshire grin on her face. She started dancing around, singing, "Kumo-san and onee-sama, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-"

"Akinaaa!" Midori whined, lunging at her little sister who dodged easily and dashed up the stairs laughing hysterically. Midori turned back around to look at Izuru, her blush deepening at the sight of the lopsided grin on Izuru's face. "I mean, um…I do have school tomorrow, but if you wouldn't mind waiting until I got out, I'd be more than happy to show you around Karakura."

Izuru simply nodded and replied, "I'd be more than happy to wait."

"Okay. I go to 1st Karakura High and we get out around noon."

"Alright," Izuru commented as he nodded and slid the door open. "I'll see you tomorrow, Midori-san."

He walked out and slid the door shut, beginning to walk down the street. He hadn't even crossed in front of their neighbor's house when he heard the Otoribashi's door slide open and shut again and then the sound of sandaled feet running up to him. He turned around to find Midori handing a folded slip of paper, her face completely red from either the bitter cold or complete embarrassment. "Mi-Midori-chan, please."

He blinked a few times as he took the paper and opened it to find her cell phone number in it. He quickly pulled out his Soul Pager, put her number in it, and sent her a quick text with his number. As he pocketed the paper and the pager, he smiled at her. "Then call me Izuru-kun. Okay?" Midori nodded vigorously and he patted her head, telling her, "Now why don't you go back inside? You must be freezing."

"A-all right. See you tomorrow, Kira…Izuru-kun," Midori called over her shoulder as she ran back into the house.

Izuru watched as she left his field of vision and then looked up at the sky, contemplating what he had just gotten himself into, before he shunpoed back to Urahara's house.

Okay, quick profile on Rojuro and Nikki's kids:

1) Midori (16) - looks more like Rojuro than Nikki, but has purple-and-bluish gray eyes. Her hair is naturally wavy.

2) Akina (12) - mix of Rojuro and Nikki. Has her mom's eyes. Unnaturally hyper and just a tad bit nosy.

3) Tokkou (7) - looks like Rojuro minus his short, brown hair. Quiet and reserved.

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