AN: The first of a series of drabbles that I plan to dribble out, something that just came to me. It may not be my best writing, I've never written Iroh before, and it's a little wordy. Please let me know if it's unclear, and what I could do to straighten up this drivel into something worth reading.

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The Ways of Tea and Failure



It was all his fault, Iroh thought to himself, looking into the cup of tea. Lu Ten's death, the deaths of every other person who died at Ba Sing Se, the failure that the Siege was, and even his sister-in-law's disappearance coupled with his father's death. If he had been more patient, more prudent, maybe Lu Ten and the millions of other young soldiers on both sides would not have died. Maybe Ozai would have found no way to usurp the throne, as Iroh was sure it was connected to Firelord Azulon's death and Princess Ursa's disappearance. He hadn't been, 'though, and Iroh resolved that he would begin, as he had been told in the Spirit World, to do his part in mending the torn world.

"For," He whispered into his tea, "Each person can only do their own part, and nothing more."

He resolved that he would devote the rest of his life to the Order of the White Lotus, which he had recently joined, and looking after his nephew. He wished he could travel again, to see more, and learn more from the other cultures. He had never had quite the same distain for other cultures' ways of life as many of his countrymen did, but even after meeting the Firebending Masters years before, he hadn't had quite as open a mind as did now, now that his son's death had forced him to see the truth and not the pretty little lie he had forced himself to believe for so many years. It was a moot point, in any case, he had a duty to his nephew, the boy's mother was gone, and his father, Iroh's own brother, was a hard, cruel man now, who cared little for his son. No, Iroh could not travel the world once again, or even settle down and open a tea shop, as he wanted to eventually, but he felt that one day all these things could happen, once the world found a little balance, that is.