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This story is written mostly in BPOV. There will be some POV changes once in a while and they will be noted.

Racing the Wolf

Ch. 1


I'd wanted those tickets. And Paul had them. He always got the good tickets to any concert or event before they went on sale because his best friend James was the event coordinator for Pacific Northwest Productions. He would call Paul and tell him who was coming and when and get him the best seating available. It wasn't fair.

I'd offered to buy these particular tickets from Paul when I heard the band was coming to Washington, but Paul refused. He knew I'd been dying to get tickets even before they announced Metallica's tour schedule.

I'd wanted to take Jake to the concert so we could spend some time together. Just the two of us. No parents. No pack. No work.

How was I going to get Paul to surrender those tickets? I needed to think of something, and soon. The concert date was only a week away and Jake and a few of the pack were getting ready to open their new auto shop. Once the shop was open we wouldn't have many days off together. I was still working part-time at Newton's and had started full time at the new bakery in Forks two weeks ago, and I had enrolled in evening college classes that were going to start in three weeks. We just weren't going to have a lot of free time between us to actually plan anything. So I wanted, no, needed this night with Jake before life took over.

I sat at my computer finishing my online registration when I got a text from Jake.

Hey beautiful. Bonfire tonite 2nd beach 9pm. Can you come?

I couldn't believe my luck. There was always alcohol and heavy drinking among the pack at the bonfires and even if the wolves couldn't stay drunk, they could get quite loose for a little while. It just might be long enough to give me an edge with Paul.

I sent Jake a reply.

Hey baby. Sure can, the pack too?

I got an immediate response. Jake must have been waiting for my answer.

Yea, all except Leah. Something about a 'hot date'.

Hmm, Leah on a hot date. That must be code for PMS or something; I'd have to ask Jake about it later. You never could tell with her. Some day she was pleasant to be around, the next you didn't want to be in the same universe with her. I felt bad for the pack sometimes, but they managed to get along with her for the sake of the tribe.

Ok, see you in a few. Love you.

Great. Love you too.

I glanced back at the time, it was almost 8. I finished my online paperwork and shut down the computer and went to my closet to pull out some clean clothes to wear to the bonfire and headed for the shower.

Once I was done showering, I got dressed, put my hair in a loose braid, grabbed a box from the pantry and headed out the door to the beach. My apartment was only a few blocks from the beach and since it was a nice night, I decided to walk the short distance.

As I rounded the last stand of trees I saw the fire had already been lit and most of the gang was there, drinks in hand. I needed to know that Paul was here too, preferably drunk or on his way to it. I had my secret weapon ready and wasn't afraid to use it.

I was so focused on looking for Paul and trying to think of exactly how I could muster those tickets from him, I didn't hear Jake come up behind me until his warm hands found my waist. His hot breath tickled my neck as he spoke quietly, nuzzling the sensitive spot behind my ear.

"And just where do you think you are going?" He pulled me back against his hard chest as his arms enveloped me. I set the box down in the sand.

"Mmm, I was looking for you." I turned around in his arms and pulled him in for a kiss.

"I missed you baby." I pulled back to look into his eyes. He held my face tenderly in his hands and began to kiss me gently. I wrapped my arms around his neck and parted his lips with mine, sighing contentedly as he curled his tongue around mine. God I loved this man. He was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't know what I would do without him. He ran a hand from my waist to the back of my neck, and pulled me in for another kiss, this time deepening it. His scent filled my nose and mouth, and made my brain go fuzzy and my legs weak. What this man could do to me with just a kiss.

Jake picked up the box I had set down and eyed me curiously. I smiled and gave him a sultry wink. He knew then what was in the box. We walked to the driftwood logs some of the guys had drug over to use for seating and made ourselves comfortable. Jake put the box down next to the cooler and sat on the ground using the log as a back rest and pulled me down to sit in front of him. I leaned back against his warm chest as his arms wrapped around me. Sam and Jared were already there with their girlfriends Emily and Kim. Embry was dragging out more wood to put on the fire so we could keep the fire going most of the night. Claire was sitting with Shannon, Seth's girlfriend. Embry's girlfriend Kryss had to work late, but said she would be here when her shift ended at 9:30.

Quil and Seth showed up minutes later with a long rope drug between them and dropped it on the ground. I wondered what they were going to do with the rope. I could use that rope to tie up Paul and take those tickets. I'd wait until he was passed out, which wouldn't be for that long with the werewolves ability to burn off alcohol and most drugs very quickly, I mused silently. I giggled to myself enjoying the visual.

"What's so funny?" Jake leaned over my shoulder and peered into my eyes.

"Nothing. Well, ok, it's something, but I will tell you about it later." I didn't want Jake to know what I was planning until I had all the details worked out. I wasn't going to jeopardize my chances of getting those tickets.

"Hey, guys, who is up for a game of tug-o-war?" Quil's excitement evident in his voice.

"Uh, Quil, don't you think that's a bit unfair, you know, you guy's having the distinct disadvantage of being stronger than us humans?" I really had no desire to play that particular game with a bunch of muscle-bound werewolves, unless… they were drunk. Really, really drunk.

"Why don't we play truth or dare? That way everyone can play and no one gets rope burns." I was hoping this would work.

"Which version do you want to play?" Jake pulled me back against his chest as he asked me.

"How about take-a-dare? Is everyone ok with that?" I knew this version was riskier than the standard one, but I was crossing my fingers. To start the game, everyone needed to slam a shot of their choice and then choose a number out of a hat. The highest number went first. The object was if you took the truth and decided you didn't want to answer the question, you had to take a dare out of the can. If you refused the dare you had to slam 2 shots, or in the case of the wolf's high metabolism, an entire bottle of the hard stuff. It would take much so more than just one bottle of Jack or Absolute to get a wolf buzzing. And that was my plan.

"Sounds like fun. I'll get the drinks out. Hey Seth baby, throw more wood on the fire," Shannon said. She was still new to the whole pack dynamics, but was fitting in very well.

"Anything for you babe." Seth was so whipped.

After all the drinks were passed around and more wood on the already raging fire, we settled close so we could hear each other and be heard. This was not a game one wanted to not be paying attention to. Quil and Claire found that out the last time we played the hard way when they started making out to the point of oblivion. Paul had taken a dare from Jared to grope Claire from behind while Quil had his tongue down her throat. Neither one of them had seen it coming. Claire said she swore that Quil's hands were all over her, and when Paul reached under the back of her shirt to unsnap her bra to cop a feel from behind he met with Quil's hands and the jig was up. Quil chased Paul half way down the beach before he caught him and a fight ensued. Both men returned with black eyes and cut lips. Paul didn't care that he was feeling up someone else's girl, it was only a dare. He didn't have a steady girlfriend, and he always said he'd take whatever he could get form whoever he could get it from.

Sam reached behind him and picked up a coffee can with the numbers in it and passed it around, making sure everyone took a single number and didn't cheat.

"So who has the mark?" Sam asked.

"I do, so everyone take your shots," Shannon said. Seth looked like he'd seen a ghost. I giggled quietly.

We downed our liquid courage and waited for Shannon to pick her first victim.