Racing the Wolf

Chapter 7


Sharing the mind link while phased was both a blessing and a curse. In this case, it was met with mixed feelings. I had seen more of Paul's sexual fantasies than I really cared to admit to. But this one, oh hell yeah, I could do this one; even my wolf was on board with this.

I figured I'd better put on my game face when I'd told Embry I was going to take a walk and that when Bella was done with her dare to tell her come find me. None of the rest of the pack knew what was going to happen since no one had been phased with me since two nights ago when I confronted Paul about it. They didn't need to know; but I knew at the first chance Paul had, he'd let it all out while phased. It was something I was going to deal with later. Maybe I'd give him an Alpha order, though I'd never had to give one yet.

I had the forethought to bring out a few blankets, not wanting Bella to be too uncomfortable if we ended up on the ground. Letting my mind wander about the possible things we'd do, I just let my feet carry me far enough away from the group that they wouldn't be able to see or 'hear' anything, yet not so far that Bella couldn't find me. I knew Paul wouldn't be too far behind and he would make sure Bella was safely delivered to the seclusion of the woods.

Even with the roar of the waterfall behind me, I heard Bella's footsteps as soon as she entered the tree line and I took a moment to settle myself. My jeans were still snug and getting tighter the closer she came. I heard her heart beat flutter and her silent curses as she tripped over exposed tree roots or rocks hidden in the dark shadows. I mentally berated myself for her having to stumble through the dark, but I could now hear Paul's quiet steps and felt better knowing he would help her if she were truly hurt. My eyes scanned the dark forest in the direction of the bonfire and I could see a light flashing through the trees and heard Bella trip again and mutter another curse under her breath and continue walking. I smiled. Embry had given her his flashlight.

The small beam of light flickered back and forth erratically across the trail as she got closer. Her steps faltered once more and the light shown toward the water. I felt she had walked far enough; I was waiting on the other side of some downfall and didn't want her to hurt herself trying to climb over anything so I cleared the logs in one leap and stood in front of her.

"I heard you coming. Are you ok? I know you tripped a few times." I spoke quietly, listening for anyone else to come looking for us. I was sure none of the pack would have followed Bella, but I wasn't too sure that none of the girls would follow.

The pack might still be able to hear our voices if we spoke at normal levels and weren't so close to the waterfall; I was glad we were close to the waterfall, it would mask any sounds we made and this was something I really didn't want the pack to hear. It was going to be hard enough to keep from replaying it while phased.

Bella was nervous; I could smell her anxiety, but overpowering it was her own personal perfume. She still carried the heady aroma of her earlier arousal, and I couldn't wait to dive in.

"I'm ok, didn't fall. I just can't see very well in the dark, I guess." Her voice soft and almost afraid.

I knew she couldn't, and that I had perfect vision in the dark. I waited for her to continue and I could hear Paul still walking closer; he was in wolf form. I glanced over Bella's shoulder and saw the dark shadowy form and the gleam of Paul's white teeth in the dim light of the moon, his footfalls silent as he slowly padded his way closer. I set the blankets down and watched as the two of them moved closer, one not even remotely aware that the other was a mere few feet away.

"Jake, listen about what happened back there with Paul, I…"

She was looking down, no doubt embarrassed and I could tell she was nervous. Nervous about making out with Paul, I thought with an unseen smirk. Though the actual making out wasn't planned, it did fit perfectly with what I wanted to do. I took her chin in my hand and tilted her face to I could see into her eyes. I could see the fear in them, the hurt, and the love. I smiled to myself. I didn't like that she felt scared or thought she had hurt me. It was time to put her mind to rest.

"I know why he did that Bells."

Bella gasped and I took her in my arms and hugged her close as Paul stopped a few feet from us still hidden in the dark shadows, and phased back to his human form; now standing naked behind her.

"W-why would he do that? Jake, he knows we're to…"

I put my finger to her mouth and quickly followed them with my lips, effectively silencing her. She stiffened up in surprise then slowly relaxed and wrapped her arms around my neck, leaned in and started kissing me almost frantically. I could tell she was trying to make up for what she thought was a mistake, to tell me she loved me and only me. My hands found the small of her back and her neck as I deepened the kiss, my tongue dominating hers as I sucked her bottom lip between my teeth and gently bit down. I could hear her heart beat pick up and moved my hand from her back to her ass and squeezed her hips to mine. My mind was in overdrive but I knew I'd have to play it slow if I wanted to do this right. I didn't want to scare her.

Bella gave a muffled moan and rubbed her leg up and down my thigh, grinding her hips into mine. The scent of her arousal surrounded us and invaded my lungs and mind, making me dizzy with lust, need and want. I palmed her ass and she started rubbing her leg up and down my hip causing the perfume of her arousal to waft around us; I could hear Paul inhale softly and let out a low growl deep in his chest that Bella didn't seem to hear.

When Paul stepped up behind her, I heard the hitch in Bella's breathing and felt her body push closer to mine as Paul rubbed his body into hers from behind. I grinned and pressed mine harder into her from the front, sandwiching her between our bodies.

I kept her focused on me by grabbing a handful of her hair and gently tugging her head back and kissing down her neck. Bella let out a gasp and began to struggle a little as Paul slid the blindfold around and covered her eyes; I chuckled softly, holding her close to my chest.

"You said this was a fantasy of yours Bells, to be blindfolded and taken advantage of," I whispered in her ear as I nibbled at the base of her neck. I pressed my hips into hers; letting her feel what seeing her like this was doing to me.

She moaned in response and relaxed between me and Paul, her arms still around my neck. Leaning back slightly, I reached down and tugged at her shirt, lifting it up and caressing her soft pale skin. Now and then my hands and fingers would brush against Paul's as we caressed her body in the same places. It was a knee-jerk reaction to pull away every time he and I made contact with each other, but I forced myself to relax and not make sudden movements. I wanted Bella to enjoy this as much as I knew we were going to.

She raised her arms and I pulled her shirt completely off and tossed it on the ground. Her skin softly glowed in the muted moonlight. Paul had lifted his hands to reach around and cup her breasts causing Bella to suck in a breath and her breathing to come in short gasps. He tucked his thumbs into the top of the fabric and pulled down, exposing her beautiful breasts topped with rosy colored nipples now hardening under Paul's touch. I watched as Paul nipped the delicate skin of her neck while he rolled and pinched her nipples making Bella pant.

I reached down and caressed the soft skin of Bella's flat stomach, feeling her muscles twitch, contracting and relaxing under my touch. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply as my nimble fingers worked at the button on her jeans. Bella started to moan and push her hips backward into Paul. I could hear his heartbeat pick up and a low rumble in his chest that matched mine as I slowly slid my thumbs and fingers around her waist under her pants and shimmied them down her hips. Breaking the kiss, I took half a step back and lifted first one leg then the other so she could step out of them.

Once her pants were off she stood there still in her tiny panties and bra, panting and squirming under Paul's touch. I watched them for a minute, my pants getting incredibly tighter. Bella's head was leaning back onto Paul's shoulder as he continued to suck and nip her neck, her breath coming out in low, soft moans an occasional gasp. Paul's hand drug slowly to her stomach and inched lower, grazing the top of her panties and disappearing between her folds; with an almost imperceptible wet sound, his fingers started working in and out of her moist cleft.

Bella's moans and groans became louder as her hips began rocking on his hand. I couldn't stand it anymore and stripped off my pants and shirt, kneeled down in front of Bella and pushed Paul's hand out of the way, ripped her panties off and replaced his fingers with my tongue. The smell of her arousal was driving me insane; I hedged a thought about how it made Paul feel, but the thought left just as quickly as it formed.

Pulling Bella's leg over my shoulder, I lapped, licked and sucked at her folds and swollen nub; my fingers joined my tongue, working in and out of her moist cleft. Her moans, grunts and gasps and clutching hands only fueled my increasing need to be inside of her. Wrapping one arm around her hip, I felt Paul's hand at her waist and ignored it, tipped my head and latched onto her now hypersensitive clit with my teeth and growled enough to send a vibration through me to her.

Bella's hips bucked and her leg tightened over my shoulder, her heel digging into my back, pulling me closer. I sucked harder and rocked my fingers in and out faster as I felt her body tense, her breathing fast and shallow, telling me she was close to coming apart. Paul growled low and deep against Bella's back and he shifted her slightly up his body, one hand gripping just under her breast, the other across her stomach. It was enough to send her over the edge as I could feel her walls clamp down over my fingers and her sweet taste flooded my mouth as I licked and sucked her dry.

I could feel her legs buckling under her and Paul's grip on her tightened slightly to keep her from falling. I pulled back and looked up at Bella; her face flushed, heart beat racing, mouth open panting heavily. Slowly standing up, dragging my tongue up her body, kissing her stomach, each breast, her neck and finally her parted lips, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste herself, her arms wrapping around my neck tightly.

Paul shifted his grip on Bella when she could stand on her own and I felt his arms circle around both of us, pulling us back a few steps until he stopped and sat down. I pulled back and lifted Bella onto Paul's lap as he leaned back, braced on his arms. Bella shifted her hips as she settled, making Paul groan as he leaned forward wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her down as he ground up into her. Bella's moans filled my ears and made my still hard cock jump.

Her hands gripped his thighs tightly as she rocked her hips against him, her mouth open, silently gasping as the moisture from her earlier climax coated Paul's dick the more she slid back and forth. I watched them work against each other for a couple minutes as I started stroking my cock lightly. Paul's hands moved to Bella's hips and their movements slowed down as they kept moving with each other; his hips thrusting up in small jerking motions, causing Bella to gasp and make a sort of strangled cry. I heard Paul growl deep and low, knowing this time Bella could hear it too as her heart rate picked up along with her breathing.

Each time they moved their hips with each other Bella would nearly whimper and hold her breath, her fingers tightening and digging into Paul's thighs. Hearing one more sharp cry and then a long low moan from Bella and I couldn't take it anymore; seeing her flushed face, lips swollen from being bitten between her teeth nearly drove me mad with lust and desire to be buried so deep in her inviting warmth. I moved forward stepping between both their legs, I cupped Bella's face and kissed her again softly, sucking her tongue into my mouth and nipping at it with my teeth.

Hearing Bella groan loudly into my mouth made my cock throb. My need was so great I needed to be inside her, now. I bent my knees slightly and stepped even closer, rubbing my aching cock up and down Bella's dripping slit. Just that much contact made me bite back a deep growl. Working carefully at slipping just the tip of my cock into her wet entrance, I whimpered as I felt how much tighter she was with Paul already buried deep inside her ass. As Bella wrapped her legs around my waist, I stepped in even closer and slid myself in deep, grunting with the overwhelming pleasure I'd immediately felt having her hot, wet well surrounding me. I paused, panting roughly as I let the two of them get used to the feeling. Bella had never felt so fucking tight before, not even our first time together did she feel this deliciously tight; and I'd taken her in almost every way possible, almost. This was a first for both of us.

I leaned in and kissed Bella softly, her open mouth panting into mine as I started to slowly rock into her. Her moans filled my ears making my heart pound with greater need. I reached to grip Bella's hips when I felt Paul's hands already there, I flinched and nearly pulled all out causing Bella to gasp heavily and moan louder. I groaned feeling her walls squeezing around me; with Paul's cock just on the other side of her thin membrane I imagined he was feeling much the same thing. Paul thrust his hips up as I slide part-way out; we worked at finding a rhythm together. Bella's hands latched onto my shoulders and she dug her fingernails into my skin, her head tipped back with her mouth open as she gasped deeply, her back arched, making her breasts bounce with each thrust, her eyes still covered with the silken blindfold.

"Like that baby? You like being filled so full of hard cock pounding into your sweet hot holes?"

The sound of my voice drenched with hunger for her brought another gasping moan from Bella's chest. Paul's appreciative groan snapped my eyes to his face. His eyes were hooded and dark, his nostrils flared as he breathed heavily; his chest rising and falling lightly against Bella's soft back as he leaned up, plunging his hips into her.

I felt shards of pleasure ripple through me as Paul and I shunted in and out of Bella, our cocks rubbing against each other with just her thin sheath of membrane separating us. I kissed her shoulder and trailed my hot breath over her neck and down to her breasts, catching a nipple between my teeth and gently biting down. The moan from Bella was long and low, her chest slightly heaving with each panting breath she took. I had to slow my hips at this angle; it was a bit awkward as it was. I felt Paul's hand come up Bella's side and grab her other breast and squeeze it, rolling the nipple between his long fingers. The sight of his fingers on her breasts brought on the familiar tightening so suddenly it nearly took my own breath away.

Paul's other hand snaked between me and Bella to rub at her nub as he started murmuring softly in her ear, his lips and teeth nipping sharply at her neck. I could feel his cock swelling inside her as I slowly kept rocking but his pace increased.

"Cum for me Princess, mmm baby girl I want you to come all over my Alpha's cock, that's it baby cum for me."

I glanced down as the back of his hand grazed my groin with his ministrations to her swollen button; his touch sending a strange jolt through me. Gasping, Bella cried out as she clamped around my cock cumming hard, her body jerking into mine, her fingernails digging into my shoulders drawing blood. Her body slumping into mine, still jerking as she panted heavily, soft mewling moans dripping from her lips.

The sound of Bella's voice prodded me on making the feel of the pressure almost too much as I felt my cock swelling incredibly fast, rocking my hips into Bella hard. My hands moving to her hips as my fingers dug harshly into her delicate skin as I grunted; each plunge going deeper, harder and faster, almost wildly erratic; the sensation almost becoming overly stimulating. Paul's hands suddenly clamped over mine on her hips as he grunted heavily, his hard fingers pulling Bella down onto him as he shoved his hips up hard into her, spilling his release deeply.

"Oh God baby…fuck your so damn…tight, you're going to make me cum Bella, going to make me cum so fucking hard..ungh…."

The flushed look on Bella's face, her cheeks pink, just noticeable in the waning light of the moon, her lips swollen from being bitten between her teeth, the sound of her panting and the digging of her nails into my back and shoulders too much for me as I cried out roughly, leaning in and latching onto her neck, sinking my teeth into her tender flesh as I shot hard and fast into her, my hips slapping hard into hers the last few shudders of my release making my body quiver uncontrollably.

Pressing my chest into Bella's, my fingers loosening their hold on her hips as I panted heavily into the crook of her neck opposite Paul; slowly rocking in and out with a couple more agonizingly slow thrusts, I released her from my teeth, softly kissing her bruised skin. Wrapping my arms around her, Bella leaned into me, her legs a bit shaky as she tried to catch her breath. Paul's hands moved back to support himself as he leaned back, his breathing not as heavy, but I could hear his heart still pounding. He shifted his sips as I effortlessly lifted Bella off his lap, placing my arm around her back and the other under her knees, turning to carry her to the blankets set on the ground. I gently set Bella to her feet and picked up a blanket and spread it out on the ground, making sure there were no rocks or branches under it, then turned and pulled Bella to me, kissing her softly, passionately.

Hooking my arm around her back and shoulders I tipped Bella back until she was laying on the blanket, her hands entwined in my hair, murmuring against my lips her love for me. I whispered back she was the only one for me, that nothing would come between us and I knew that after the adrenaline rush wore off, she'd most likely be nervous or upset about the happenings tonight. I'd do my damnedest to make sure she understood that she did nothing wrong. I wasn't surprised when I heard rather than saw Paul get up and slowly disappear into the darkening shadows. I'd catch up with him later.

Bella's hands slowly began to wander over my body again, fanning the flames of a slow growing need. My mouth covered hers in a smoldering sinfully slow kiss that brooked no doubt of my love and commitment to her. This time it was just going to be about us.

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