This is an abridged tail of how they could have killed Frieza. This is a one shot. I don't own this abridged show, nor do I own the original. Please support the official release.

How to kill Frieza.

By: Jewlbunny

Frieza was walking down the street when he sees a button and the sign above it says, "Push Here For Muffins"

"Oh I love muffins!" Frieza exclaimed with joy. He then proceeded to push the button.

The earth around his shook as he looked behind him to see Clucky the giant chicken. "CAKA-MOTHER-*%&^$ING-DO!" It shouted, just like it did when Naruto told him to beat up Kaubto and Orchimaru.

"Oh Sh…"


Frieza never got to finish that sentence for he died under Clucky's foot. Then two people got out of an ally way they were Goku and Vegeta.

"See I told you it would work." Goku said in his usual cheery manner.

"SHUT UP KAKAROT!" Vegeta screamed. "Let's catch that bird. I need some eggnog."

"GET YOUR OWN &#%$ CHIKEN VEGETA!" Naruto shouted from the other side of the street.

"Thanks for letting us borrow your chicken Naruto." Goku said with gratitude.

"No problem Goku. You did do what I asked right?" Naruto asked

"Yup, and you should be hearing it soon." Then a loud scream that was very much censored rang across the sky.

"Okay, what the hell was that?" Vegeta asked.

"That's Sasuke. His entire estate in now covered in logs and partiality eaten Klondike bars." Naruto replied. They all shared a laugh at Sasuke's expense.

"That's it I'm leaving the Village!" Sasuke shouted.

"I thought you were doing it!" Naruto shouted back to Sasuke.

"I forgot my toothbrush!"


Featuring: Naruto, Sasuke, and Clucky.