My first fan fiction of tokyo mew mew. I used the japanese names of zoey and elliot for elliot's parents. Couldn't think of names. The other four mews' parents names are made up. Except for cassandra. Stole that from wikipedia or a website like that. It may not be good, but hope you like it.

Summary: Zoey Hanson is your 'normal' girl, but has a secret: she's a Mew Mew. Her mother was one of the ORIGINAL Mew Mews. She's been trained through out her whole life to learn how to control her powers. Then she meets four other Mews that need her—their leader. They don't know she's their leader until a battle that they can't win without her. They find out that she's their leader. Zoey is forced into working at Café Mew Mew, by her mother. From there on her life—and adventure—begins. What will happen next? Are they able to stop the Cyniclons that their mothers couldn't? Read to find out.

Disclaimer: Do not own it. Wish I did, then Zoey (Ichigo) wouldn't have ended up with Mark (Masaya).

Chapter One

It was just like any other day; doing the same routine over and over again. Even though I have a secret, something that I can't tell anyone—in fear of being called a freak—it's not one of your normal secrets either, my life has the same routine. And that secret you will find out. My life is normal. Well however you define 'normal.' I have a mother and father, an annoying older brother, and a family who worries over you during tough times. In my life a very important thing you must always know is: things are never what they seem. My day started out like normal. Got up, dressed, ate, and left for school. I met up with my two childhood friends, Megan—Meg for short—and Mimi. But one thing that I didn't know was that some people—people who need me—are going to know about my secret.

"Hey, have you heard that we're having four new students?" Meg said.

"Really?" Mimi and I asked.

"Yep. One is a freshman, two are in our grade—juniors, and one is a senior."

"Where'd you get all of this from?" I asked.

"I have my ways."

Mimi and I looked at her and immediately dropped the topic. When we arrived to class we went to the back corner of the room and sat at our seats. Mimi to my right, two desks down, and Megan in front of the empty des next to me and next to an empty desk on her left. When the bell rang the teacher came in. he took attendance and then spoke up once again.

"As most of you know, we have two new transfer students. Ladies come in."

We all looked towards the door and in stepped two girls. One with green hair held in two thin braids and the other had dark blue hair held in two buns. The girl with two buns looks like she came from a rich family. What's a rich girl doing here? I thought to myself.

"Everyone this is Bridget Verdant" the teacher said "and this is Corina Bucksworth. I know that she comes from a rich family she wants you to treat her like any other student. Now for your seats, Corina you're next to Zoey," he said pointing at me "and Bridget you're next to Megan." He finished, pointing to Meg.

The girls thanked him and walked towards us; they sat down next to us quietly. The rest of the classes went by uneventful. That was until lunch. Megan and I went to sit with Mimi so we could share our lunches. We were halfway through lunch when one of school's security came into the room. He spoke with the teacher in hushed tone. When he finished, he came in further and spoke up.

"Zoey Hanson, your brother's here to pick you up. It's an emergency."

I got up, grabbed my things and followed security. Once we were near the office I saw my brother and he had a serious look in his eyes. Once he saw me he grabbed my wrists and led me to his black sports car, with back tinted windows that you can barely look inside. He opened the passenger door and I climbed in. I threw my backpack to the back seat while Darren went to the driver's side. He started up the car and sped away. I jumped a little when Darren spoke up.

"Mother got injured fighting a chimera anima. Dad wants you to transform and finish it off."

"What about dad?"

"He's holding it off until I got you."

"Kay." I said.

When we reached the battle's location I ran out of the car.

I kissed my power pendant and said, "Power Pendant, Mewtamorphosis!"

I transformed and attacked the chimera. Now you know my secret. I'm a Mew Mew. A girl who transforms into a crime fighting—or in this case transforming mutated animals back to their original state—super hero. And it's not just that; along with the transformation, I have black cat ears and tail. I've been like this ever since I was born. Let me explain. My mother was one of the five original Mew Mews. My father and another classmate—they were friends, mind you—had done research on red data animals. Red data animals are animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. He and his classmate had done many researches to see if they could find humans who are compatible with five red data animals.

Flashback (to when my mother became a Mew):

It was an ordinary day like any other. A sixteen year old teenager was getting up from bed. She has red hair and brown eyes. She finishes getting ready and heads downstairs to eat breakfast. There she greets her mother, father and older brother. She eats breakfast as fast as she can and once she's done she heads off to school. While she walks to school she bumps into four other girls. They each apologized and got up; they introduced each other. They are Sakura Monomiya,—the girl with red hair—Cassandra Burnsworth,—the girl with dark blue hair—Belle Violet,—the girl with green hair—Kairi Silverye,—the girl with blonde hair—and Ruby Rose,—the girl with raven hair. The youngest of the five is Kairi, the oldest is Ruby, and Sakura, Cassandra and Belle are of the same age.

They all began chatting amongst themselves when a bright light appeared out of nowhere. When they came to they realized that they had 'fainted' where they met. After they got up they all went their separate ways. Sakura continued walking to her school even though she realized that she was ten minutes late which meant she was going to get scolded. Once she arrived to school she headed to the principal's office. After she finished talking to the principal, and breathing a sigh of relief for not getting in trouble, she headed to her class.

Once school was over she decided to take the long way back home. As she walked she ran across a café. She stood in front of the café for about ten minutes when she felt like something was going to happen. She followed her instinct and it led her to a park. There she saw a family having an afternoon picnic when all of a sudden a mutated rat came out and attacked them. She ran and stood in front of the little boy so the monster wouldn't get him. The little boy had long gone ran away and hid. The monster was about to attack when all of a sudden a black haired man held her and brought her up to a tree. She looked up and saw that he was beyond handsome.

"Sakura Monomiya, you have to fight that chimera anima." He said.

"Wha!" Sakura said before being thrown off the tree and in front of the mutated animal.

The black haired guy threw something at her and shouted "Power Pendant activate."

With that a bright light appeared and surrounded Sakura. Once the light disappeared she looked at herself and saw that she had a cat tail and ears. Before she had time to react the monster attacked her and knocked her into a tree. She got up and began fighting the chimera. She summoned her weapon—a strawberry bell—and defeated the monster. After she transformed back into her old self, she began to ask questions. Then another guys appeared with the four girls from before. The girls looked at each other and began to demand answers from the two guys. The guys took them back to their headquarters and explained everything. When the girls saw that their headquarters was the café that they all saw at separate times, they giggled. There they met another girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The girls once again asked them for an explanation and they got it. They have been told that they've each been infused with a red data animal. Sakura with the Iriomote Wild Cat, Cassandra with the Blue Lorikeet, Belle with the Finless Porpoise, Kairi with the Golden Lion Tamarin, and Ruby with the Gray Wolf. That they had to fight together to defeat the chimeras and the cyniclons. As the days progressed they found out that the blonde haired female is dating , also known as Ryou—whose IQ is higher than the average person—and that he and Shintaro Hanson have already graduated college at an early age. As they continued to fight the chimeras they each have learned to trust in each other more. And that's not all; Shintaro and Sakura have grown very fond of each other. Then two years went by in a blink of an eye and it was their 'last' battle with the cyniclons. They had fought long and hard and they won. Or so they thought.

After the final battle, Shintaro had finally gained enough courage to ask Sakura to marry him after dating for two years. She accepted and they got married as soon as she turned eighteen. Ryou and Ichigo—the blonde haired girl who wasn't a Mew Mew—had gotten married the year before and were now expecting a child. After Ryou and Ichigo had gotten their baby boy—whose name is Elliot—Sakura and Shintaro married because Sakura wanted Elliot to be in the wedding. After they had gotten married Ryou announced that he and his family were moving back to America to continue with the red data animal research. Two years after Elliot was born, Sakura and Shintaro had a baby girl. They had gotten a boy three years before they had gotten married.

Eight years later all the mews received news that Ryou and his wife were killed in a fire and that Wesley, Ryou's apprentice, had taken Elliot back to his family. Every mew wanted to go and see if they were alright, but couldn't because they noticed that they no longer had their mew powers. That they had unknowingly passed it down to their daughters. Shintaro threw himself into research to see how that was possible, but soon found out that the original mews had only been carriers of the power; that the mews' daughters were the rightful owners of the powers, but that it will be passed down to their daughters' daughters and so on and so forth. He also discovered that the mews hadn't defeated the cyniclons completely. This is why their daughters' powers activated. After they had cleared that up, every mew dedicated themselves to train their daughters in using their powers. But they made an agreement that their daughters wouldn't meet until fate decided that it was the right time.

The original mews soon found out that Wesley, who's now twenty, and Elliot, who's now eighteen, had moved back to where Elliot was born and Elliot had regained ownership of his father's café.

End of flashback.

And that's how I became a Mew Mew. Even though I've never met the other mews and their parents, I've heard a lot from my parents. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. And that we should be able to work together as a team. But I highly doubt that since we've never met or talked or got to know each other. Also, even though the original mews lost their powers they have trained their bodies to withstand a battle against a chimera, but not against a cyniclon. Once I finished defeating the chimera, Minimew swallowed the Predacyte. I went to where father was tending mother and he said that she'll be fine. She just had minor bruises here and there. I heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Darren. He had a serious look on his face again. I looked to where he was at and saw Corina and Bridget with two other girls at the parks gate. Eyes wide open. I was glad that I was still in mew form and that my parents and brother had disguises on.

They began advancing and Darren told my parents that it was time for us to leave. I told them that I would meet them at home. As soon as they left I jumped on a tree and began to leave. I heard them shouting after me, but I sped up even more. When I reached a secluded area I transformed back to my original self and walked away like nothing happened. I soon found myself in front of a red and pink and white café. The café's name read as: Café Mew Mew. I looked around and saw that it was open. I walked up the path and headed towards the door. Then I heard my name being called. I turned around and saw that Mimi and Megan were walking this way. They asked me how I found this café and I lied to them saying that I found it just now when I was taking the long way back home after I was free to head back after the emergency—though that was partially the truth.

They didn't pry on what kind of emergency it was because they knew that I wasn't going to tell them. Then they told me that they're going to invite me to this café for a treat. I began declining the, but they paid no attention to it. I followed them inside and saw that this café really had business.

"Welcome." We turned around and came face to face with Bridget.

"Hey you're Bridget from our class." Mimi said.

"Yeah and you're Mimi." She said shyly. "Table for three?"

"Yep." Megan said.

We followed Bridget all the way to the center of the room where we saw Corina, bitterly, cleaning the table. She looked up and was surprised to see the three of us. She welcomed us and went back to a table where there was a cup of tea. She sat down and soon began drinking. Then we heard a loud crash. I looked towards the source of the sound and saw that a blonde haired girl—no more than fifteen years of age—on the floor with broken china plates all around her.

"Kikki, how many set of china plates have you broken?" we looked towards the owner of the voice and saw that it was a male—who looked around the age of eighteen—with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Two, but I was trying out this cool trick when I suddenly slipped and fell." She said.

"Doesn't matter, just clean it up." he said.

He was about to walk away when we heard a yelp. I turned around to see Bridget slipping on a piece of broken china with our orders. I excused myself from the table—since I was taught to always excuse myself from the table no matter the circumstance—and went to grab the orders before they onto the floor. I grabbed the order with my left hand and held onto Bridget with my right. She looked at me surprised and I just helped her steady herself. Once she was upright and balanced, I went back to my table with the orders—Bridget following silently. After I placed the orders on the table, Bridget took the tray out of my hands, told me to sit and enjoy my order. Before she left, she thanked me for helping her out earlier. I told her your welcome and she went back to waitressing.

"You know that the blonde hair guy is staring at you with intense eyes." Meg commented.

"Oh, I know." They looked at me oddly. "I can sense that he's staring at me."

"You and your six sense." Mimi said.

After we finished, Bridget brought us the check and we headed to the cash register. The cashier for the moment was a girl—who looked seventeen maybe eighteen—with raven, or purple (it's hard to tell), hair. Mimi and Meg squealed so loud that everyone in the room became silent.

"Oh my gosh," Mimi began.

"It's Renée Roberts." Finished Meg.

"Can we have your auto—" they began, but I interrupted them by pushing them aside.

"Sorry about that." I said. She just nodded and said nothing.

I paid for our orders, with the protest from Mimi and Meg, and began to leave. I sensed two pairs of intense eyes staring at me. I turned around and saw Renée and the blonde haired guy staring at me. I shook my head and continued out they door. When I arrived home I saw that mother was talking to someone on the phone. I waited until she finished talking to talk to her.

Once she was done and she turned around and saw me, I told her that I wanted to talk to her. She nodded and we went to my room. Once there I closed the door and sat on my bed while she went and sat on my computer chair.

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Do you remember the name of the café that you used to work in while you were a Mew Mew?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's Café Mew Mew or Mew Mew Café."

"Remember the girls from the park?" she nodded her head. "They're mews, aren't they?"

"Yeah, but you can't tell them you're a mew just yet. You have to wait until when you're in, or they're in a, situation that involves you to reveal who you really are."

"You mean when they can't defeat a chimera all on their own?"

"Yes; when that happens you will have to reveal who you are." She said.

"Okay, but what if they figure out?" I ask, remembering the intense stares from the blonde guy and Renée.

"Then you tell them. Until one of the latter happens, you absolutely can't tell them." She said sternly.

"Okay, but can I visit them at their café? I mean I went today with Meg and Mimi since I began walking back home and stumbled upon it, but can I?"


With that she got up, kissed my forehead and told me that dinner will be ready in an hour. Once she closed the door, I got up, changed and began doing my homework. After I finished eating dinner I went back to my room to finish the rest of my homework that I couldn't finish before dinner and then went to sleep.

When I woke up again I had first thought that there was school, but soon realized that it was the weekend. So I got up and did my morning routine. After I finished changing I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Five minutes after I began eating breakfast, Minimew came rushing—flying—in saying "Predacyte alert! Predacyte alert!" I looked at mother and she nodded her head. She told Darren to drive me to where the Predacyte was at and to wait for and assist me.

Once we got there we saw that Corina and the others were fighting the Predacyte and that the blonde hair guy and a brunette were at the sidelines giving them advice when needed. They saw us and got distracted. The Predacyte attacked all six of them and they rammed into the wall. They tried to get up but couldn't because the rammed hurt them a lot. I remembered what my mother told me last night and was about to transform when I felt Darren grab my wrist.

"Don't; you can't reveal yourself to them yet."

"Yes I can. Mother said that I can show them who I am when they can't defeat a chimera on their own or when they figure out whom I am. Guess one of the latter happened, now if you'll excuse me they need my help." With that I walked away from him and called out. "Power Pendant Mewtamorphosis!"

They stared at me wide eyed. I briefly looked at them and placed my attention back at the chimera. It began to attack me, but I dodged. Until a little boy stumbled upon the battle. The chimera was about to attack him, but I went in front and pushed the boy out of the way and towards Darren. Yet I couldn't dodge the attack. It hit me straight on and sent me flying to a tree. I rammed into the tree but got up again.

"Strawberry Bell!" I called out. "Full Power!"

With that the chimera disappeared and the mutated rat went back to being an ordinary rat. Minimew went up to the Predacyte and swallowed it. I transformed back to my non-mew form and so did the others. Kikki ran up to me and engulfed me in a hug.

"Yay! We finally found our leader!" she said jumping up and down.

"How can we make sure that she's one of us?" Corina asked.

That's a stupid question. I thought to myself.

"She is." Someone said. I turned around and saw my mother standing there with four other women.

"Mother!" the girls and I said. We looked at each other and laughed.

"So she's one of us?" Corina asked.

"Yes, she is. She always has. It's just that Sakura here had made sure that you girls didn't find out until a situation rised up in which Zoey was forced to transform in front of you." Her mother said.

"Oh." They all said.

But then my mother surprised me by heading up to the blonde hair and hugging him. He stiffened, but then relaxed.

"Nice to see you again Elliot." So that's Elliot. I thought to myself.

"Nice to meet you." He said. "But how do you know me?"

"I knew your parents. The girls' mothers and I used to be mews, but then when we had our daughters our powers were passed onto them, but then when they were eight their powers went to 'sleep', so to say, but just recently when you moved back and started up with the research again, their powers awakened. Plus you were in my and Shintaro's wedding, but you were only a new born baby, recently released from the hospital. Then I heard about your parents deaths. We wanted to go and check up on you, but we couldn't because when Zoey heard about the fire over the news—since your father was a famous scientist—she sensed that it was chimera and a strong one. So we knew that going back there with no powers—and with the girls not fully trained to use their powers—was risky. But I was agonized in knowing that we couldn't be there to save your parents."

"Mom." I said.

"It's alright. They would understand and so do I." he said. Then he turned around and faced me. "Now since you're the leader of the mews, I expect you to work at the café."

"What?" I said in disbelief. "I'm not working at the café. I have school and an after school club to think about." I said.

"No you don't." he said. "You can still be in your after school club, but I expect you to come and work at the café. The mews need you and you need them. This is not a solo thing. It's a group effort."


"Zoe-honey," mother began, "you're working at Café Mew Mew. And that's a mother's orders, got it?"

"Yes ma'am." I said.


With that the girls' mothers left along with my mother. Darren told mom that he was going to stay with me. She nodded her head and went into her blue car. Once they all drove off we all just stood there in awkward silence. That was until Elliot spoke up.

"Alright girls, we have work to do."

"What work?" Darren asked.

"Well we have to open the café. And your sister has to help out."

I sighed and began walking towards the café. I followed the girls to the back room and began changing to the uniform that was giving to me by Wesley, the brunette guy, after he introduced himself. When I put it on it fit me perfectly. I had a suspicious feeling that Wesley already knew who I was and that he was keeping in contact with my mother. I placed that thought in the back of my mind and headed out to work. The first people to come into the café were Meg and Mimi.

They looked at me and bombarded me with a lot of questions.

"Guys can you be quiet?" I asked. "You're giving me a headache. Plus I was forced into this job. It's not like I wanted to work here."

"Than how were you forced?" Meg asked. I swear she's going to be a good detective or police officer one day.

"My mother knows the boss, Elliot—you know blonde haired guy." I said to them. They nodded their heads and I continued. "Yeah well she forced me into this."

"Oh. That's nice." They said.

"Que nice, que nada!" I said. "I was forced against me own will." I said through gritted teeth.

"Still, you get to work with cute guys and the famous Renée Roberts." Mimi said. I sweat dropped. "And don't go all Spanish on us. We maybe in the same honors Spanish, but we still barely understand half of what the teacher is saying."

"Speak for yourself." Meg said. Mimi looked at her confused. "You're the only one that doesn't understand half of what the teacher is saying. Zoey and I on the other hand do."

With that said I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with Elliot.

"Get back to work Zoey."

"Yeah, yeah." I said drearily. "I'll get right on it."

With that he sighed and went to the stairs and headed upstairs. When he was out of sight I took their order and went to the kitchen to give it to Wesley. As soon as it was done I began heading to their table when a loud crash was heard. I turned around and saw Bridget on the floor with Kikki on top of her and china plates broken and scattered all around them. I sighed and continued walking to the table. I gave Meg and Mimi their order and went to help pick up the china plates. By now Elliot had come back downstairs to see what had occurred. He began scolding Bridget and Kikki a little, but I got the sense that he was doing in it half-heartedly.

After I finished picking up the pieces, or so I thought, I began walking back to the kitchen to ask Wesley with what do I do with them. But as soon as I take the first step—since I hadn't noticed that I missed a piece—I slip on the piece of china and fall down. The pieces scattered again. I heard laughing and turned around to glare and Mimi and Meg, but then I soon began laughing. They knew that I could never glare at the full-heartedly. I got up and began picking up the pieces once again with the help of Kikki and Bridget. I began walking to the kitchen when I heard Elliot make a comment.

"Looks like we have another klutz."

"Hey, I'm not a klutz. I just didn't see that piece of broken china there is all." I said getting mad at him. I wondered how he managed to get me mad at him so easily.

"Yeah well as long as you don't break any more china other than the ones that are going to get broken because of Bridget and Kikki, then we're good."

"Yeah, well you know what?" I said. "I don't care. If I fall and break them, well I break them. You con suck it up and be a man or go to your room and cry like a baby."

With that I huffed and headed to the kitchen, by now the café was loaded with customers and they witnessed the whole scene. When I entered the kitchen, Wesley told me to leave them on the counter that we'll throw them out later. I sighed and placed them on the counter. I was bout to head out when Wesley called my name and briefly stopped me.

"You know, Elliot didn't mean what he said." He explained. "He sometimes acts like a kid and half the time doesn't know what he's saying. He cares for you girls. Before we awakened your powers, he tested out the mew project on himself. He isn't compatible with the DNA, but he wanted to make sure that it was safe for you girls. The draw back for him was that he was only able to transform into a cat for ten minutes. More than that and he'll be a cat forever. So, forgive him."

"I will. And I hope he'll forgive me too. I shouldn't have exploded on him like that. I mean with after everything he's been through, but he just gets under my skin. And I just met him. But I will."

With that I walked to the stairs and head up to his room. The door was slightly ajar and I peaked in. His room is fairly empty other than a bed with white sheet and a computer. Then I saw him walk in front of his window with no shirt on and his button of his jeans unbuttoned. The door opened more and he turned around. I blushed immediately and he quickly put a shirt on.

"Don't you ever knock?"

"I don, but the door was slightly open and—ah! I don't need to explain myself to you." I said.

"So what do you want?"

"I just came to apologize for exploding on you like that. Wesley told me everything that you did."

"Yeah well, apology accepted. And I guess I should apologize to, so sorry."

"Yeah, I forgive you." I said. "But I won't feel sorry for you got it."

"Got it, bit how'd you know that I don't want pity?"

"Gut feeling." I said. "Now if you'll excuse me I have work to do."

With that I walked out of his room and continued working. When we finally closed up the café, I followed Darren to the car. The Corina and Renée already had a means of transportation, but since Kikki and Bridget didn't Darren offered to drive them home. At first they declined, but I persisted and they finally accepted. I bid Wesley goodbye and began heading out the door until I was stopped by Elliot. I told Darren to go ahead and that I'll catch up to him. Elliot told me that from Mondays to Fridays I would enter work as soon as my after school club ended—which was at four. I told him fine and bid him goodnight.

When Darren and I arrived home, mother asked me how work went. I told her fine, but she asked for details. I knew that the gears in her head were spinning. I told her that I wasn't hungry and that I was going to bed early. Once my head hit my pillow, I fell asleep instantly. Who would have guessed that I would have been really tired from only a few hours of work? But I guess fighting the chimera and getting rammed into a tree had something to do with that. Can't believe that now I find myself anxious for what will come with being with the other mews, Wesley and Elliot. Guess I'll find out.

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