Disclaimer: You're really gonna make me say it for a drabble?

They were everywhere. No matter where he looked, he could see them. He was surrounded. When he tried to run, they followed. He had decided that they were against him. So he tried to kill them. And they just. Wouldn't. DIE! Or maybe they did, but they were multiplying quickly. Like rabbits. He'd never liked rabbits much, they reproduced quickly too. It was almost like they wanted to destroy humanity, to take over and create a rabbit empire. But even that wouldn't be as bad as this. This was bad. Very bad.

The pancakes were in war against Lord Voldemort.

AN: Yeah… this was actually inspired by an MLIA post. Someone typed "pancakes are" into Google and got "Pancakes are in war against Lord Voldemort" and then this was born, so… yeah…

It's just a drabble. Review, don't review. I really don't care.