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When I'm Gone

Sakura Haruno made her way to the training grounds where she knew Sasuke would be, she had everything she needed; snacks, drinks and entertainment. She was all set for another day of this thing she got so used to doing every day. Everyday she'd watch him train and everyday she'd leave him food and everyday he sometimes would eat it and sometimes he'd completely ignore it. She couldn't tell with him.

One thing this girl knew was that she loved him and she'd do anything he wanted except leave.

She watched him train for hours and finally it was time for her to return home. She packed her things and left some lunch for him and left.

Sakura walked on and didn't give much thought to what she did; she did it every day and didn't throw the curve. She was used to this; it was some needed stability in her life. It was a routine that many ninja didn't have the luck to have. In the ninja world routine didn't exist, there was no such thing as regular, no such thing as ordinary, no such thing as an everyday thing.

The girl stopped and looked at the setting sun in the distance and smiled, it was the most beautiful sun she'd seen yet. Sasuke might even enjoy it.

"Sakura!" yelled Ino.

She turned to her rival and just looked at her, "What Ino-pig!"

"Why do you always do that?"


"Watch him every day. He doesn't even talk to you; he probably doesn't even notice you're there."

"He doesn't have to besides…I know when I'm gone he'll notice."

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