Soccer's Hidden Lies

Chapter one: New teammates pt.1

Mai: yo minna-san genki des (but then turns around)

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Mai: Kehehehe (sounds like Ushiromiya,Maria's creepy laugh)

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Endou's POV

"MAMORU, Didn't you have to meet Coach Hibiki and you know he will be mad if you're late!" my mom yelled

"Gahh, I forgot!" I yelled.

"Get ready fast I already made breakfast" Said my mom in her Motherly tone

I got out of bed and made a dash to the bathroom, after I got ready I ate breakfast and began to run while cursing myself for being late. Halfway I noticed someone was following me so I decided to trap him. I ran around the corner and waited when he came to a stop I looked him in the eye and realized I have no idea who he was so I confronted him.

"Who are and why are you following me" I said.

"huh" (?) replied back

"just answer my question" I said in a sharp tone

" Ok ummm I sort of got lost looking for Raimon Jr. High but when I saw you Endou-san I started to follow you...I'm sorry"He replied while bowing his head.

"I see but how do you know me" I asked

" Because your Endou-san from Raimon's soccer club everyone that plays soccer knows that!" he exclaimed

" Really, wow that's so..."

"I'm Utsunomiya,Toramaru Coach Hibiki called me to come to Raimon" Toramaru said.

"you too!" I replied.

Then we both realized we were both going to be late so we started to run. When we finally reached Raimon I noticed someone was near the door as we came closer I realized it was a girl with long black hair. I guessed maybe she wanted to see someone so I called out to her.

"Hey,you there why don't you just go in?" I yelled

She quickly turn her head and when her eyes met mine the first thing I noticed was her mesmerizing red eyes,she noticed I was staring at her she began to blush. I stopped staring at her and came up to her and introduced myself.

"Hi I'm Endou Mamoru,you can call me Endou"

She smiled and replied in a soft tone, "I'm Ushiromiya,Mycella you can call me Mai if you want nice to meet Endou-kun."

"okay Mai-chan", I replied with a smile

She started to blush and looked down at the ground.

So I grabbed her hand and dragged her in the auditorium.

"Endou-kun...what..where are we going?" Mycella whispered.

"Since you won't go inside I'll help you,come on Toramaru." I laughed.

We went inside and there sure was a lot of people.

"ah Endou-san" was the first voice I heard, I looked over and saw Tachimukai waving at me.

Everyone turned around and started greeting me I looked over my shoulder and saw Mai blushing I realized I was still holding her hand. I let go of her hand and yelled out to Kidou.

"oi Kidou" I yelled out he came running over smiling but when he came closer he had a frown and was pointing at Mai.

"What are you doing here you LIAR!" Kidou yelled in a sharp and scary tone his eyes full of hatred.

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