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Broken, Beat & Scarred

Chapter 4

"Robbie Shapiro!"

"Get out of the bathroom, now! I need to shower before school!" I grunt as I beat on the bathroom door with all of my might. It's seven o'clock in the morning and I feel like death. I'm not a morning person nor do I want to be.

It's been two weeks since Robbie moved in with my family, and things have been going anything but smoothly. I love Robbie to death, but he may be the absolute hardest person to live with, ever.

Robbie had some very weird quirks that we all have had to deal with, with his vast male make-up collection, the absolutely disgusting back-zits he had, and his frightening obsession with mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is in every corner of my house now. I'm all for dipping my French fries in my mayonnaise, but seriously, the boy has a mini-fridge next to his bed, and every square inch of it is filled with Miracle Whip.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad my parents have taken Robbie in, and we are learning to love him and treat him like a real member of our family, and I'm even more glad that he's safe and I don't have to worry about him being hit by those horrible parents of his, it's just a little more to get used to than I'd originally intended.

Now, Robbie won't get out of the shower, I'm grumpier than the Grinch on Christmas Eve, and if I'm late for class and get another Saturday Detention with Vice Principal Dickers, I'm going to have Robbie's curly mop of a head.

"ROBERT MATTHEW SHAPIRO! GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!" After a few more minutes of banging on the door, the gank in me takes over and I lose it. If you were on the other side of that door, you'd probably assume that Medusa wanted to get through. As I said before, the mornings aren't my favorite time of day.

I guess my gank mood finally broke through, because Robbie bursts out of the door with a towel around his waste and a towel wrapped around his head. Even in as bad of a mood I am in, I can't help but want to giggle at the sight.

I guess that's one great thing that has come out of Robbie living here. We've gotten pretty close. A lot closer than I ever thought Robbie and I would become. He's a lot more comfortable around me. We spend a lot of time watching movies in my room, doing homework, and coming up with plays and stuff for Hollywood Arts.

In order to keep the facade of me being mad up, I don't waste anytime conversing. I walk straight past him and I slam the door in his face. Everything after is a blur, but I finally come to when I feel the sensation of warm water dousing over my naked body. The feeling is so sensual, warm, and soothing. I feel the gank in me begin to dissipate, and by the end of the shower, the old Tori is completely back.

I don't spend a lot of time doing make-up, because I can't be late for school, so I throw on some simple blush and eyeliner. I also can't spend a lot of time on my hair today either, so I straighten it as fast as I can. I run to my room and put on the first articles of clothing I see, which end up being blue jeans, a red Hollywood Arts shirt, and my black Converse.

By the time I'm completely ready, I see it's 7:28. Somehow I managed to stumble through my morning routine in under 25 minutes and avoided looking like the swamp thing, that's gotta be a talent. I grab my bag and my PearPhone XT and before I know it, Robbie and I are heading to Hollywood Arts High School.

That's also a good thing about Robbie. He has his own car, which means that I don't have to ride with Trina anymore. I swear, if I have to listen to her sing in the car again, I'm going to jump off of the Hollywood Sign.

There's this kind of awkward, tense silence between Robbie and I, and I'll bet anything it has to do with me yelling at him for taking to long in the bathroom. Now that I have a shower under my belt and I have coffee in my system, I'm not under the influence of sleep anymore, and I feel kind of bad for yelling at Robbie earlier this morning. I decide I want to make it right.

"Robbie..." I deicde gradually throw his name out to try and casually break the silence. "I'm sorry I yelled at you this morning. It's just, y'know, I'm nothing without coffee and a shower, and you'd been in there for a lo-"

"Don't worry about it, Tor." Robbie interjects my apology with a less-than-convincing tone.

"No, Robbie. You live here too, and you have as much right to use that bathroom as I do, just, y'know, try to be a little quicker, or let me shower first." My voice trying to assure him that the person who yelled at him this morning is not the same person who is sitting in the car with him right now.

"I don't have a problem with that, Tori, it's just..." Robbie sounds more like himself now. "I mean, you got ready in under 25 minutes, right?" I nod at him which he takes as sign to continue his point. "You look amazing. It took you less than 25 minutes to get ready and you're still beautiful. I'd need 25 hours just to look a fraction as good as you do right now."

He doesn't look away from the road we're currently riding on and he grips the steering wheel with all his might. I can tell because his knuckles are whiter than Ford Fusion we're driving in.

It takes me forever to process the major compliment that was just thrown my way. That may be the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me. I lose my train of thought and for once, I'm rendered speechless. Robbie Shapiro just rendered me speechless.

I open my mouth to say something, but alas, all that happens is my tongue hopelessly flails around in my mouth. After an odd silence that spans a longer time period than what I would've wanted. Robbie looks away from the road and looks at me.

"Uh, Tori? Are you okay? You haven't said anything in a while." The silence that had befallen us is shattered like a glass window getting hit with a baseball bat.

"Yeah, Robbie. It's just..." I'm still trying to figure out how say thank you. That really caught me off guard. "You look great Robbie. You're very handsome. I mean, my dad's clothes look a little big on you, but other than that, you don't look any worse than I do."

It's true, Robbie didn't look bad, he never has. Sure, he was kind of scrawny and weak, but it fit him. The only real problem about his appearance was that he was wearing my father's wardrobe.

"And about my dad's clothes, we're actually going shopping after school, so get excited!" Faux enthusiasm fills my throat and the car, and I was greeted by a giggle escaping my roommate and friend's throat.

My dad went with Robbie to get his things from his old house and after seeing what Robbie went through, my dad would only allow him to get what he really needed to have and they got out of there as fast as possible. He got his car, his expensive electronic equipment, and some personal belongings, and that was it.

My parents are actually in the process of becoming Robbie's legal guardians, they're trying to make it official from a legal standpoint. It's surprisingly easy to do when you've been one of the most reliable cops in Los Angeles for the last twenty years, they tend to trust your word a little bit more than your average bystander.

I'm glad they're taking this as seriously as they are. I was initially afraid they weren't going to be able to deal with his odd living quirks, but they have been nothing but the best to him, which is great. They're actually paying for the shopping trip today and the trip to the Pear Store because Robbie's phone was destroyed, when, y'know, his dad beat him to a pulp a few weeks ago. I love my parents.

I felt all of the tension in the car disappear after we had our talk and the rest of our ride was spent in silence, the music coming from the radio being the only sound filling our ears, which was a welcome thing. I decided to spend the rest of time humming along to 'Freak The Freak Out', one of my favorite songs ever.

Before I knew it, we were in the parking lot of my home away from home, Hollywood Arts. Robbie and I got out of car and walked past the Asphalt Cafe into the main hallway. We separated for short time and went to our respective lockers, where I was greeted by my friend and secret crush, Beck Oliver.

"Hey Beck!" I try to keep the excitement out of my voice but fail miserably, sounding more like a crazed teenage girl than a friend.

"Hey Tor. Where's Robbie?" The sound coming from Beck is the one you'd expect, calm, collected, soothing, with a slight smile appearing on his face. I kept my feelings for him well under control when he was with Jade, but now that he's free, I find it hard to keep anything under control. I won't make the first move though, it'd be too weird, and Jade might kill me.

"Just getting his books for Sikowitz..." The excitement in my voice fades away at the sight of Beck's ex-girlfriend and my arch-nemesis, Jade West. She comes out of nowhere and begins to impede on the nice casual conversation that Beck and I were having.

"So, how's puppet boy adjusting to life with you, Vega?" Jade blurts out. It catches me off guard, and I have to take a few seconds to process just how blunt the question was. A few days after the decision was made, Robbie and I sat Andre, Cat, Beck, and Jade down and told them what happened and what was going on. We owed them that much, they're our friends.

Everybody understood and stood behind Robbie and I with full support, well, everybody except for Jade. She was just Jade. I guess she figured since she was having parental troubles too, she didn't have to give anybody her sympathy. It was so maddening sometimes.

"'Robbie' is doing just fine living with me. We're actually going shopping for clothes and we have to stop by the Pear Store after school." I state, the annoyance in my voice building by the second at the sight of Jade.

"Wait, so Robbie is going to let you, a girl, pick out a wardrobe for him?" Beck asks, the grin on his face growing larger and larger. I can tell he's suppressing a laugh as well.

"What? I have great style, Robbie's going to look great after I'm done with him." I state very as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Oh, yes, Robbie's gonna look so adorable after I get done picking out his clothes!" The sound coming from Jade's throat was very southern-belle like. I can tell she's making fun of the way I talk. Or, the way she thinks I talk. I don't sound like that!

"I don't talk like that!" I shout, my voice reaching maximum annoyatude.

The rest is history, turning into another meaningless argument between Jade and I. I wish I could see into that girl's head sometimes, so I can really see why she dislikes me as much as she actually does.

"Ladies, that's enough!" Beck breaks our argument up and we both obey his command. We stop screaming at each other, and he opens his mouth and gives a solution.

"Tori, I'm gonna help you out. How about I come with you two, and Robbie can get a male's opinion on what he's wearing." Beck suggests. I'm not gonna lie, my heart swelled a little. Me and Beck? Hanging out after school? This is just what I need to see if he really likes me.

"That's great Beck!" The excitement in voice returns at the thought of how the afternoon can go. "I'll see you after school, then?" I ask, hoping we just made our plans official.

"Yeah. After school. Meet me in Asphalt Cafe, we can take my car." Beck walks away from me and to the direction of Sikowitz's classroom. Everything seems to be moving into place quite fast, when suddenly, everything comes crashing down on top of me.

"Y'know, I think I need a new pair of industrial scissors, I think I'll tag along as well." Jade states confidently, before heading in the direction that Beck was heading in.

This is going to be the worst shopping trip ever.

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