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Broken, Beat & Scarred

Chapter 5

The school day drug on, but at the same time time, couldn't end fast enough. That was because of the differing views from both Robbie and Tori. Tori on one hand, dreaded the sound of the final bell, because she knew that the shopping trip she was going on would include an unwelcome visitor in Jade West. In Robbie's defense, he was just ready to go out with his friends.

Robbie had perspective on today. At first glance all this was just a shopping trip with a few friends, yes, that even included Jade. In reality, however, it was like he was getting a fresh start in his life. A start he deserved to have. and it was because of Tori Vega that he even had the opportunity to show people the real Robbie Shapiro.

The only thing standing in the way of him fulfilling his quest was the bell that had yet to fill the school halls with it's ear-piercing ring, signaling the end of the current school day.

"2:57" Robbie thought to himself. "Only three more minutes."

The lapse in time had taken a standstill. Robbie had never wanted to get out of class faster than he did now. His attention span was virtually non existent. The lecture coming from his Trigonometry teacher was more or less like the Charlie Brown cartoons.

As Robbie tried his hardest not to lose his mind from boredom he was saved by the bell - literally. It was Friday, the weekend had just begun, and it was going to start off with a bang. He uprooted himself from the desk that had for so long kept him prisoner and exited the room faster than he ever imagined he would.

He was so immersed in his own mind he didn't even hear his roommate call his name.

"Hey Roberto! I bet you're ready for today!" Tori exclaimed with feign-excitement hidden in her voice. She was happy for Robbie, she really was, but she just couldn't stand the fact that Jade had to interfere with her plans and ruin everything. She had a thing for Beck, she's always had a thing for Beck, but she would never act upon it, because Beck and Jade were and, to pretty much everybody's knowledge, in it for the long run. She wasn't raised that way, it wasn't in her blood.

Now Beck was single though, Tori wondered if it was an opportunity. She and Beck had always had some chemistry together and now seemed like it might be the right time to explore it. When Beck invited himself along on the shopping trip this morning, she saw it a perfect way to get closer to Beck, but Jade saw right through her. If Jade couldn't have Beck anymore, there was no way in hell Tori would ever have that chance either.

Tori was puzzled when Robbie didn't respond to her playful remark, he continued walking to what seemed like his locker.

"Hey, Robbie?" Tori ran to catch up to her friend and tapped him on the shoulder. He responded by jumping about three feet up into the air. He obviously wasn't paying attention and in return, Tori scared him half to death.

"Oh, hey Tor." Robbie replied in a mixture of relief and panting. "I didn't see you there."

Tori smiled in amusement. "Obviously not!" The playful smile then turned into a look of concern. "What's up with you? You've been in your own little world all day. You haven't even answered my question."

Robbie shook his head and smiled. "Oh, I'm fine. I'm just really excited. I could barely get myself through the day"

Tori looked a bit puzzled, and raised her eyebrows. Robbie smiled and continued.

"I see this as more than just a shopping trip, Tori. I see it as a sign. A sign that my old life is coming to an end. Everything that would remind of them, gone. Clothing, personal belongings, anything that reminded me of that place in my life is gone. Because of you and your family, I can finally go to sleep at night knowing, when I wake up, I won't have to fear for my well-being. I know that there's a family that cares about me, and wants me around. It may sound stupid, but that's why I'm so excited. Because today marks a new chapter of my life."

"Well, Robbie, let's go meet Beck and start this new chapter - the right way." Tori grabbed Robbie by his wrist and dragged him out of Hollywood Arts, and past the Asphalt Cafe.

The duo was greeted by none other than Beck Oliver, who was standing by his car. Beck waved to the duo, they responded by happily waving back.

"Hey Tori, Rob!" Beck exclaimed. He turned to Robbie, "I bet your ready for some normalcy after these past few weeks, eh bud?" Back asked to his damaged friend. It's true, Robbie was damaged, more than damaged, and Beck and the rest of the guys had never really noticed. That's what Beck regretted the most.

If he could go back, he'd pick up the little signs, the cries of help, the he and his other friends casually looked past. Thinking now, he, Tori, and the rest of the gang didn't really treat him the way he deserved to be treated, they didn't act like real friends.

Robbie smiled at Beck. "That's a bit of an understatement."

"Well, all we have to do is wait for Jade and we'll be ready to go." The nod from Robbie is expected, what Beck doesn't expect is the death stare from Tori. She really doesn't want Jade to come along.

"Can't we just leave her here? We haven't said exactly where were going, we can hide from her if we have to!" The look on Tori's face changes from the death stare to that of puppy dog eyes. The tone in her voice more pleading than anything else.

"Tori, you know, if anything, that will make Jade even more angry than she normally is." Beck then looks around and edges closer to Tori. "Frankly, now that we're not dating, she kind of scares me." He whispers to her in fear that Jade will actually hear his revelation.

Speaking of the devil herself, Jade West appears from the confines of Hollywood Arts.

"Hey Vega, Oliver." Jade said with a mischievous smile plastered upon her face. She then turned to Robbie and the look in her eye changed to a demeaning one. "Hey Puppet Boy. Oh, I guess I can't call you that anymore, can I?"

Tori could tell by the look on Robbie's face that that one stung. She'd had enough of Jade and her games. It was one thing to insult Tori, Beck, Cat, or even Andre. But Robbie? Here? Now? Out of all the times she could insult him she had to pick the time when Robbie was most vulnerable. Not on her watch. It wasn't going to happen.

"Listen, you sad little grunch! His name isn't Puppet Boy, it's not Afro, it's not any of those ridiculous nicknames! His name is Robbie Shapiro. Robert. Shapiro. Can you remember that? Do you need me to write it down?"

Tori had never stood up to Jade in this manner. Of course, she's never taken any of Jade's crap, but this was on a whole other level. Even Jade had a hint of shock in eye. She also had a hint of something else. Pure anger. Tori could see it. Beck could see it too. Robbie was still trying to process what had just happened through his brain.

Beck could foresee something bad happening. It almost became a reality.

Jade slowly walked up to Tori, and everybody could see the tension in their eyes. Beck could see the electricity coming from the girls' stand off. He had to do something quick, he had to stop those two.

"Woah, woah, woah!" Beck intervened and interjected himself between the two girls. The tension was broken and the two girls walked to their respective corners.

"Stop acting like this! This is supposed to Robbie's day. Jade, if you have a problem with that, then I suggest you don't come. Robbie needs us, and fighting like this isn't going to help any matters of any sort." Beck lectured to the two teenage girls. Tori knew he was right, but it wasn't herself that she was worried about. Why did Jade feel the need to say all of these things? It did nothing but make everyone around her feel bad.

Maybe that's what she was gunning for, maybe she was miserable so everyone else being miserable was exactly what she wanted. After all, the old expression is Misery Loves Company.

"Get in the car, both of you. Jade, you sit in the front seat with me. Tori, you and Robbie can sit in the back." Beck ordered, trying anything to get some normalcy restored to the air. Both girls obeyed the request and within a minute, everyone was in the car ready to go.

Beck cranked his car and put the car in drive.

"This is going to be a fun day." Beck thought to himself as he pressed down on the accelerator and began driving towards town.

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