Yay for second fanfic (woohoo) ok this is Twelfth Grade Kills After the chapter Flowers for Nelly. Since the book pretty much skips from winter to summer I thought of something to go in between.

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

Ch1. New Snow

It was just after Nelly's funeral. Vlad and Otis were on their way to her house. After everything that had happened, both of them wordlessly agreed that Vlad's parent's house wasn't that great of a place to be at. Solemnly getting out of the car the nephew and uncle shuffled their way to the porch and through the door. They both paused. The kitchen light was on. They looked at each other in question but neither of them had left the light on when they left.

" Vlad? Otis?" a female voice came from the lit room. Vlad hurried knowing the voice with doubt in his eyes. Snow was dead but the girls voice from the kitchen sound too much like her's. it couldn't be. Snow had died in Vlad's arms…unless. Finally reaching the room he found a girl in one of his t-shirts with her tattered jeans and green and black striped socks. How did he not notice her boots at the door? Maybe he was too depressed to notice suck an ovious clue that his girlfriend wasn't dead or alive….she was now part permanently part of the night. As a goth she was only partly part of the night now she was completely and wholely a night creature. She smiled at him. He instently smiled back looking over her in amazement. He was already excited at the sight of Snow, his Snow, in one of his t-shirt that fit her a little big so it seemed baggy. Her hair was wet as if she took a shower which seemed true since she didn't have anymore matted blood on her and smelled like his shampoo. Her skin seemed slightly paler matching with Vlad closely, but in his eyes she was glowing like the one ray of happiness gifted to him out of this past week. He walked up to her enveloping her in a tight squeeze which she returned. A single tear escaped from his eye as he released her looking at her face. Vlad smiled and echoed what he thought were her last words, " I saved you." She smiled but it was faulted when she saw a gloomy Otis at the doorway.

Vlad turned around to see his uncle. It saddened him to see him in this state. "Otis you should sleep." Vlad spoke gently. The miserable vampire merely nodded halfheartedly going up the stair to what used to be Nelly and his room but now only his.

"Vlad? What happened after you turned me?" Snow said the worried look spread from her eyes to the rest of her expression.

"It's a long story…" he started. They headed up stairs to his room. There he explain the whole ordeal with the cleansing, his father and Vikas, and Nelly. When he finished his voice was cracking and tears were slowing rolling down his cheeks. Snow comforted him to sleep then slowly fell asleep next to her all powerful half vampire half human boyfriend. In the back of both their minds they wondered how Snow was taking being a vampire so lightly. She thought it wasn't much of a change just different eating habits. Vlad was just waiting for her to go into shock of break down…