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Bathory high school was bustling and busy more than ever. Students were chatting excessively after a hard seven hours of studying. Everyone was hyped up about the principal's recent announcement concerning the following day of school. It was just ten words:

'Tomorrow, students will be permitted to celebrate St. Valentine's Day.'

This was big. For as long as students could remember, at Bathory there were only one or two celebrations the students could celebrate, depending on your grade level: the Snow Ball, and Graduation. Other than that, there was to be no parties, no junk food, and no fun.

The student's just had to love their new principal, Otis Otis.

February 14th, St. Valentine's Day- Bathory High School- Morning

The entire school was littered with pink, red, and white hearts and streamers- courtesy of the student council. Many girl's, were wearing the festive colors, even some boys. Heart shaped balloons were seen floating everywhere, and the halls smelled of chocolate.

"Mr. Otis, don't you think you let the kids go over board? This is going to take a year to clean up by the end of the day," the assistant principal said, eyeing all the decorations and Valentine's presents people were passing around.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Khan. I wouldn't have let it get this out of control without any insurance," Otis said giving the passing students a smile.

"What insurance?"

"I gave the students that have ISS this week a proposal: Stay in solitude today, or clean after school as alternative punishment. They agreed."

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow…joo're horting meh!" Henry whines just resulting in October pinching his cheek harder. She had a good reason. In Henry's arms was a cat plushy with a heart shaped box of chocolates and a small bouquet of black dyed roses. He did it. As much as she said it was just a stupid market profiting day and how much she didn't want anything, he bought her things. But deep down Henry knew that his girlfriend wasn't mad at him, no! This was her way of showing public affection. And he knew he'd get her back when they were alone later on.

"October, can joo let meh go?" Henry asked as October dragged him outside and around the school building by his now scarlet cheek. It wasn't till they were at the belfry that she let him go. The blonde boys sighed in relief rubbing his cheek. October noticed and kissed his producing sore. They ended up walking around the bell tower till they found a small window leading to the inside of the tower. First Henry gave October a small boost then he climbed in after her.

"Where're the stairs?" the boy asked feeling around in the dark. The only light was the day light coming from the one uncovered window. Some time before Vlad made a path from the ground up to Vlad's sanctuary since Henry and Joss still refused to let the half vampire carry them up.

At the front steps of Bathory High, Joss tried with all his might not to blush or let his hormonal mind take over as he saw a certain brunet walking towards him. Meredith was wearing a hot pink cropped top that showed off her smooth shoulders with a layered white skirt and the pink vans he got her for Christmas. Her chocolate hair was in loose curls that descended down her back. She was breathe-taking. When she made it up to Joss she smiled at that he was holding: a bouquet of her favorite pink daisies, a stuffing white bear holding a heart and a cookie cake.

He handed her a plushy animal, "C'mon, don't wanna get caught."

Away from the lovey dovey chaos, Vlad could truly say he was in heaven. He was right to pick up Snow from her house today, so they could skip going into the school ton look for each other and head straight for the belfry. Vlad had gotten Snow a single white rose and a hand full of chocolate cupcakes which he bought then injected with blood. Though at the moment they were being ignored, sitting on the table.

Vlad, who was sitting in the arm chair, was experiencing pure bliss at the second as Snow currently nibbling on his neck as she sat on his lap. He had to admit he was enjoying every bit of it. He yearned to feel the warmth of her tongue which would sometimes touch the sensitive skin on occasion, but mostly, all he would feel was the soft nibble from her teeth or the scrape of her slightly protruding fangs. After a while the gothic girl pulled away to look at him in the eye. She smirked when he saw his eyes were a bit glazed over and the producing red mark on his flesh that she covered with his sweater.

Both vampire teens jumped with they heard someone clear their throat. Looking over to the once closed door was October and Henry.

"U-uh hey, didn't expect you so early," Vlad said awkwardly.

Henry snorted, "No kidding."

"Hey! You guys up there?" a male's voice was heard from further down the stairs.

"Yeah!" Henry called back as he and October settled into a couple of bean bags they hauled up the belfry a few weeks ago.

After a while Joss and Meredith emerged from the hall way.

"Awesome everyone's here!" Henry exclaimed, "Now we can have breakfast!" Earlier in the morning the three boys brought up food from the nearby gas station: Tacos, soda, chips, and candy. The works.

"Wasn't Sprat, Ands and Kristoff supposed to come?" Snow asked shifting on Vlad's lap so she didn't look like she was straddling her boyfriend.

"Skipped," October said before diving into her egg and bacon taco. (I really want a taco =.=)

"Hey, so your uncle is okay with us skipping today?"

"Heh heh," Vlad said unconfidently messing with his hair.

"He doesn't know does he?" Joss dead panned.

"If anything, I'll be the only one punished at home," Vlad said down cast.

"How does he punish you?" Meredith said taking a sip of some orange juice.

A dark aura covered Vlad as he spoke in a grieving tone, "Like any other vampire uncle."

The way he said it made October, Joss and Meredith shiver at what they would image…

"He'll jush geps groundep," Henry said moving on to his second taco.

February 14th, St. Valentine's Day- Crypt- Evening

Music was blaring all throughout the Crypt as Vlad and Snow danced together. They both smiled at each other, love struck, remembering how they met at this very place exactly two years ago. Occasionally they would sneak a kiss or two on each other, but for the most part, it was just a lot of flailing arms and jumping around having a good time. After the song stopped they made their way to the exact fluffy outdated couch from those years ago at the back corner of the teen club settling close to each other.

After a few moments of resting, Snow shifting leaning towards Vlad to whisper in his ear, "You have such lovely eyes." A small pang hit Vlad's heart as, before his eye, the scene of Snow and him meeting playing in the forefront of his mind. He looked down of the Snow's hand that was resting on his chest. The same silver bracelets were on her wrist coupling the charm bracelet he had given her for their first month anniversary. It was simply, but she still treasured it. Only three charms hung to the silver chain: a silver cursive 'S', a black and red checkered heart, and –her favorite- the one he had custom made, a purple vampire smiley face.

He smiled leaning to her ear, "You have a cool name." She smiled at him her eyes gleaming happily.

"Hey, guys!" both vampire and half vampire looked to the couch across from them at Sprat, Andrew and Kristoff getting comfortable in the worn furniture. Vlad vaguely noticed all three were sporting matching hickeys. He sweat dropped on how they managed that.

"Hey, Sprat," Vlad and Snow said in unison.

"How goes it?" the hyper active teen asked sucking down his own energy cocktail. Vlad's stomach churned at the memory of it last month.

"Great!" Snow said brightly.

Snow kissed Vlad fiercely as he pushed her up against the back door of the Crypt. They had just gotten out the door into the cold alley way when she pulled him by the collar of his shirt bring them to where they were now. Vlad cupped her cheek in one of his hand while his other had a firm grasp of her waist. He could feel Snow's slender fingers pulling at his hair in excitement, but then, something caught his attention making him less focused on what his mouth was doing with hers. He had picked up a sound coming not that far from them down the alley. Snow must have noticed too because after a few second they went from a passionate make out session to a sloppy kiss to snapping their heads to where the sound was being produced.


Henry jumped away from October and their quite loud face sucking. October looked from her best friends to her boyfriend and back, "It was his idea." Vlad groaned trying to erase the mental image of the two practically eating each other. As did Snow. Together they both thought, 'Sacred alley way will never be the same again…'

"Hey, you're the one that wanted to be alone," he whined.

"We could have gone to your car," October said like it was common sense. "You know this has been Snow and Vlad's make out spot."

"Huh?!" Snow and Vlad yelped.

"What!" October asked flustered. "You guys have been coming back here since the first day Vlad came here!"

"They've been at it out here for that long?" Henry asked dumbfounded, "Wait, but that when you were still with Meredith."

Vlad groaned hitting his head against the wall close to Snow to use her hair to hide his growing blush. The few offended bricks slightly cracked to the impact.

"Yes," October said evilly returning her hold on Henry's still sore cheek, "and back then you thought we were a Halloween parade."

"And I canp counp how maneh timez I've saig sowry," October huffed letting go.

"So, why would you guys come back here back then?" Henry asked. The two teens in question sweat dropped.

"We just talked," Vlad said removing his head from the wall.

"Riiiiight," October laughed.

"It's true we talked," Snow said.

"You guys would be out here way too long to 'just talk.'"


"Uh huh?"


"Go on."

"I was feeding from her," Vlad said flustered. He didn't feel ashamed of it any more. It was just something private. Looking back, feeding did come on a level of intimacy especially during junior year when Vlad starting developing serious feelings for Snow.

"Wait…"Henry started drinking it in, "So, that night when you told me to pick you up sophomore year…you had just fed from Snow?"


"But you were with Meredith!"

"You don't think I knew that! After that I didn't feed from Snow until I broke up with her."


"Well," October started, "Well be on our way." She grabbed Henry's hand dragging towards the direction of the parking lot.

Vlad sighed when they finally alone. "That wasn't awkward…"

"Of course not," Snow said circling her arms again around Vlad neck. "So, tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"What were you thinking that night when you made me your drudge?"

Vlad mulled over it trying to figure out what to say. In the process he flipped them around so he was the one leaning against the wall with Snow nuzzled to his chest. "Well, before I bit you, I was living off bagged blood, but it was starting to get harder and harder to control my hunger."

"Being with Meredith must have been a challenge."

"That's an understatement. Especially since that was when I was first getting used to the hunger. So when I came here, I knew there was a risk so I sort of tried to keep my distance from everybody." Vlad voice changed from sounding thoughtful to being impish, "And here come along some guy coming at his daughter before my eyes and I snapped."

Snow chuckled, "He really didn't like you after that." She paused, "Then that's when I hugged you like a crying little baby."

"You were adorable," Vlad winced feeling a certain boot heal 'stubbing' his toe. "And it just sort of happened."

"You didn't fight it?"

Now it was Vlad turn to chuckle, "You tasted way too good to let go. You were AB negative. That blood type is considered like a delicacy to vampires."

"So being your first time feeding from the source it must have been like Sprat's first Vampire Energy Drink," Snow's smiled faltered, "Why did you leave though?"

Vlad sighed, "I was scared. It was my first time feeding. And I wanted more, but I knew I would kill you if I allowed myself the pleasure. It was like this monster was inside just begging to be sati-" Snow's fingers stopped Vlad's rambling lips.

She looked caringly at him, "I know." She kissed the corner of his mouth then moved to his neck, "It's always there. And it never leaves." Snow whispered until finally she opened her mouth letting her fangs prick the skin slightly of Vlad's neck. Vlad in turn nuzzled her neck skimming his fangs over the surface.

It was quiet for a while. Both of them waiting for the other to break the silence. Finally both pairs of fangs poised, Snow asked mentally, 'Together?'

'Together.' Simultaneity, each teen broke skin, biting each other's necks at the same time. Both emitted a satisfied sound at the back of their throats that neither of which were heard as they continued necking taking and giving blood from one another.

In the bliss of it all they still managed to mentally communicate.

'I love your eyes'

'I love your name'


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