Hey guys, hope you liked the previous chapter! :D This is my first Beatle fanfic, so I hope it goes well. I apologize that the first chapter was so short, it just felt right to end it there, plus it looked like a lot more in my note book. BTW this is taking place in the year 1964; I forgot to put that in the first chapter. Well here's chapter two, enjoy!

Ringo wasn't very keen on going to his mums' house at that moment; he would have preferred to have just stayed home and rested. His backed ached from the long car rides he had experienced, and his mind was fuzzy from the lack of sleep. Brian had them working hard now that they were gaining a lot of attention.

The drive to his mum's house was unusually long; he blamed it on his grogginess. He found himself hesitant on entering, but once he did he was met with any empty house.

"Mum!" he called out. She had just called him, where could she be, he thought.

"Outside, Ritchie!" she answered.

Ringo visibly relaxed. They usually went outside when family was there, so he figured they had family over; though that thought made him want to walk right out the front door and drive back home. If only he knew it was not family, in fact, it was a person he thought he would never see again. When they Maloy's left, he thought it was for good, but obviously he had been mistaken.

"Mrs. Maloy, what a pleasant surprise! What brings you 'round here?" he asked happily once he was outside, he was hoping that Leana would be with her.

"Richard, it's been so long. I came here to speak to you actually." She answered with half-hearted smile.

"Of course! What do you wish to speak about?" He asked, completely oblivious to what was about to hit him.

Mrs. Maloy had always loved Ringo; he was so polite to her and her daughter, she had always thought he was perfect for her little girl despite her husband's negative opinion.

"Well, there really isn't an easy way to tell you this, so I'll just go out and tell you. Leana….she had been sick for a while."

Right away he didn't like the sound of where this conversation was heading.

"She had been getting treatment, of course." She continued.

He didn't know it, but he was holding his breath, waiting to find out what happened next.

"The treatments started working," when he heard that, he felt hopeful, maybe it would end well, he thought to himself. But for some reason he had a feeling it wouldn't, "but then, they weren't doing anything for her, and she slowly started getting sicker, until she just couldn't any longer." By then end of this story Mrs. Maloy was crying, but controllably, her wound was still fresh, it had only been a couple months since her only child's death.

Ringo squeezed his eyes shut when she finished talking; he felt his mother's hand on his knee, comforting him. He hadn't heard of his Leana since she left, until now, only to find out she was dead.

With his eyes still shut, he forced himself to speak, "Why didn't any of you contact me when she got sick," he asked lowly, "I would have wanted to been there, to have helped her in any way that I could have." He finished desperately.

"She didn't want you knowing, she didn't want to stop you from what you were doing. She just didn't want to ruin anything for you."

Ringo sighed frustrated. He was angry, very angry; he couldn't believe how she could've been so selfless. It was a dumb thought, and he knew it, but he couldn't help it.

"Richard, I'm sorry, but we wished to follow her every command, and that's what we did." She answered sorrowfully.

"I understand." He lied quietly, he didn't understand; at all actually.

"But there's more." She started hesitantly, "The reason we left Liverpool, wasn't because of Johnny's job." She said referring to her husband.

"Then why did you go?" Ringo asked confused.

"Leana was pregnant," she confessed and looked up meeting his gaze, "with your child."

At that moment Ringo felt like the world came crashing down on him, everything seemed to stop for a second. He, a father? He couldn't believe it, well actually he could, but he was shocked to say the least. Everything was just happening so fast; Ringo didn't know how to feel never the less how to think.

"After she passed, Johnny and I contemplated the idea of you meeting the child. We figured it was time that you finally met her."

Ringo's head shot up. Her, he noted; he had a little girl. The thought made him want to smile, but with everything going down, he couldn't bring himself.

"Of course. I just wish it could've been sooner." He answered.

"I know and I'm sorry we waited this long." She apologized sincerely.

"Where is she?" he asked warily, he wasn't exactly sure whether he was ready to meet her, but something inside him wanted to; his fatherly instincts were kicking in.

"She's here." His mother answered, speaking for the first time.

"She's here?" he looked over at his mum.

"She's playing in the garden. We didn't think it'd be good idea to have her here while I told you." Mrs. Maloy answered.

Ringo found himself standing. For some reason, he felt the need to ask for permission to see his own daughter; so he did.

"May I?" he asked timidly.

Mrs. Maloy smiled sadly, "Of course."

He subconsciously led himself to the garden, while he fussed over his appearance, though what did it really matter?

The sight he fell upon was something he never thought to come across. There she was, siting in middle of the garden playing with a stuffed animal. Ringo felt a tug at his heartstrings; he stood there watching her for a bit. Occasionally she would look up to the sky, as if waiting for something to happen; nothing ever did though. Finally he mustered up the courage to walk up to her, while doing so he managed to step on a twig. Upon hearing the noise behind her, the toddler spun quickly in her spot and the two pair of eyes met each other at once.

That face, he knew that face; it looked just like Leana's. The thought brought tears to his eyes, but he pushed them back, he couldn't cry, not now, not in front of his child. This was his daughter, their daughter; all he wanted was to hug her. But he didn't, he didn't want to scare her. There was no use in denying that she was his, Leana would have never lied.

"Well as long as it looks like you, I don't care what it is; I couldn't possibly live with myself if he or she looked like me." He said causing her to laugh.

He smiled knowing he caused that.

"I think you're quite handsome" she answered cheekily, looking at him.

He smiled and looked in her eyes, "You're just blinded by love."

He smiled at the memory. He was glad he got his wish; she looked just like her mother. With the exception of her eyes; she had his eyes. He slowly walked over to her and bent down to her level. She was looking down, obviously nervous about the man in front of her. She knew who he was though; her mother had told her about him and shown her a couple of pictures too. But this was completely different, she was now in front of him, meeting him for the first time. What if he didn't like her, she wondered.

"You have very pretty eyes, Rosie." He tried getting her too look up.

Rosie was hopeful, surely if he liked her eyes, he would like her, right?

"Can we have a look at them?" he tried again, smiling in the process.

Unsurely she looked up into her father's eyes for the second time. Once again tears were brought to his eyes, but this time they fell; he couldn't stop them, nor did he want to.

"What's wrong?" she asked worriedly, as she subconsciously grabbed his hand, which was always something her mother did when she cried.

Ringo chuckled at her naivety and closed his hand around hers, completely oblivious to the audience behind him, "Nothing."; he smiled, and looked up at her, "Absolutely nothing."