Chapter 3

Dean walked away from the bed, wiping bloodstained hands on the already pink rag clenched in his fingers. "How is 'e?" Bobby asked, backing the chair, Cas had materialized, up and turning away from the window, salt canister sitting in his lap. He nodded his head once when he saw that Dean looked a lot better than he had when they'd come to the cabin. Vague and already fading bruises marked Dean's face where, before, his eye had been useless and his lips split deeply.

"Beat to hell. Cas healed the worst, but he can't do anything for the freakin demon blood." Dean sighed and tossed the bloody rag onto the rickety table top. It slid several inches before stopping, leaving streaks of moisture across the dark wood grain. "I think he's gonna be okay. He just needs rest."

"An' the demon blood?"

"I don't know. He's…he's exhausted, hasn't woken up since the car. Tremors…" Dean practically fell into a chair at the table, propping his elbows on the table and burying his face in his hands with a stifled groan. "His freakin' muscles are starting to twitch…cramp up. It's almost like…"

Dean trailed off when a cry sounded out from the small bed. He jumped up from the chair, sending it clattering to the floor as he ran to Sam. Sam was sitting up on the bed, chest heaving and body shaking as if he'd just woken from a nightmare. Dean slid to a stop against the bed and sat down, taking Sam by the shaking shoulders.

"Shh. It's alright Sam. You're out. You're safe." Sam slumped forward, head coming to rest on Dean's collarbone. Bobby looked across the one room cabin just in time to see Dean's arms tighten reflexively around his brother. He bit off the question on the tip of his tongue and watched his boys.


"Yeah dude." Dean eased Sam back to the bed, watching the younger man's head sink into a pillow smelling of dust and stale sweat. Sam swallowed hard and his eyes closed, lines of pain tightening the skin at the corners.

Dean stood from the bed, squinting when a breeze entered the cabin and Castiel appeared. "The cabin is secure against demons and humans alike. How is Sam?" The angel asked.

Dean looked at his brother and Cas followed Dean's gaze, seeing the sweaty skin, the minute tremors starting to ripple beneath the skin on Sam's arms, the previously deep tears and bruising now just faint greens, yellows and healing pinks.

"I am sorry Dean." His blue eyes seemed to bore into Dean's, searching.

"What for?"

"When I applied the Enochian symbols to yours and your brother's ribs, I didn't realize humans would pose a threat."

"Ordinary humans wouldn'ta." Bobby broke in. "These were hunters. Scared, misled hunters that thought they could stop it all."

"You sound like you're sympathetic to those sonsabitches!" Dean broke in, his voice loud. Sam started in his troubled sleep.

"Dean." Castiel said, raising his hands but keeping his voice soft, his position near the hunter intentionally non threatening.

"NO!" Dean whirled on his hunter friend, his eyes lowered to meet the man in the chair, but glowing with green fire. "You're gonna sit there and tell me that you freakin' agree with what they did?"

"Damn it, Dean, I'm not sayin' that!" Bobby roared. "I wanted to take every one'a those bastards out back and put 'em all down for what they did t'you boys! All I'm sayin' is there's a lotta hunters out there and there's more than them that feel the same."

"Dean." Sam broke in, his voice not heard over the hunter's agitation. "Stop."

"I might be down, but I'm far from out, boy. An' I love ya like yer m' own but I WILL kick yer ass if y' don't change yer tone with me."

"Bobby." Sam pushed himself up on his elbows, unseen by the hunters. Castiel turned silently and Sam met his eyes, begging the angel for help. A trench coated arm slid behind Sam's back and helped him push himself up. Sam pulled in a breath. "STOP!"

Both Dean and Bobby jumped where they were, all eyes turning to Sam. The youngest Winchester slumped against Castiel, pain making him close his eyes tightly. He finally breathed slowly and his eyes opened, moisture making the blue greens shimmer.

"Please, guys…stop…fighting, please. I can't…"

"Sammy…" Dean stepped forward and took his brother from the angel, who stood off to the side, looking slightly uncomfortable. "Okay. Okay." Dean laid Sam back on the bed. "It's alright Sammy."

"No it's not, don' fight with Bobby. It's…he's right."

"Sam." Bobby said, rolling forward just a couple feet. "I didn't mean t'…"

"No Bobby, it's alright. You're right. I know that." Sam's eyes closed and opened, the whites around the color were reddened. "I know what I did and I know there's people out there…good people…who died because of it, because of me. All I can do is try to make it right. Try to stop it."

"Sam, you didn't do this alone." Dean said.

"No, but I finished it. Now I have to stop it. I have to." Sam's face paled, lines becoming pronounced around his mouth and his eyes.

"Just rest, Sammy. We'll deal with this when you're stronger."

Sam's eyes closed, the small tremors in his limbs continuing even as he slipped off into a fitful sleep.

"I'm sorry Bobby." Dean said, glancing at the older hunter, then at the floor, feeling shame that he hadn't felt since he was ten.

"Don't be sorry, boy. I know you'd do anything for that kid. I'd go to hell myself for him. And we will do anything to keep him safe. We just gotta do it together, when we're all ready."

"Well, I guess old Ironsides just put me in my place." Dean smiled down at Bobby.

"Idjit." Bobby gruffly said, a rare smile tipping up the edges of his mustache.

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Prompt: Sam and Dean get separated. Word spreads among local hunters that Sam started the apocalypse and that he's alone. They go after Sam. He becomes hunted. Dean, on a hunt that he quickly realizes is a ruse, rushes to help his brother when he finds out hunters have him. He gets caught and incapacitated. It's up to Bobby to save the boys from a new perspective, his wheelchair.

No hospitals. Motel room fix up only. Concussed Dean, Sam gets the worst. Bobby has to realize he's not useless just because he can't use his legs.

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