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Chapter 3: The Calm Before The Storm

The next morning, Harry slid from his bed at the sound of a knock on his bedroom door. He stretched, and walked over to open the door. There, he saw Sirius standing with a tray of food... with Elder Montaine behind him. Harry raised an eyebrow.

Sirius grinned at the eyebrow raise, and replied verbally, "I brought you breakfast, and Elder Montaine is following to make sure I don't take advantage."

Harry blushed. "Right," he said. He stepped back to let the two men into the room. "Well, how did you sleep?"

"I slept about as well as I could," Sirius replied, gently. He laid the tray on Harry's bedside table. "How did you sleep, Prongslet?"

"I slept okay. I did toss and turn a bit." Harry glanced at Elder Montaine, who was smiling at the two. Harry sat cross-legged on his bed, and motioned for the other two to sit. "Please sit. So, what's the plan for today?"

Sirius sat at the foot of Harry's bed, trying not to touch the young man. He saw Elder Montaine pull up a chair, and then glanced back at Harry. "Well," Sirius said. "After you eat, we are going to go set up the house at the edge of the forbidden forest. The other dominants should start arriving around noon."

Elder Montaine smiled at the worried look on Harry's face as he ate. "Don't worry, young one. I'll be there to keep them from overwhelming you too much."

Harry nodded. He was still freaking out inside, but he continued to eat so that he had enough energy for the work coming up. When he was finished, he put the tray back on the bedside table. Kreature popped in and grabbed the tray. "Thank you, Kreature." Kreature looked at Harry with a curious look on his face, and then popped back to the kitchen without a word. The two dominants left him so that he could change, and then the three left to portkey to the meeting house. When the portkey finally let go, Harry stumbled slightly, feeling a bit sick.

Sirius reached out to grab him, to keep him from falling. "You alright there, Harry?"

Harry blushed as he looked up. "Yeah, thanks." He smiled sheepishly, and stepped towards the house. "Wow!" It was huge! There were three stories, and a small sitting garden (with flowers and a bench) was next to the house. "I'm going to explore!" He yelled as he ran to the house. Two rumbling laughs echoed behind the teen. Opening the door, and walking inside, Harry saw a huge dining area almost like the Great Hall in the school. He didn't pay anymore attention to it after that as he ran up to the second story. There were a ton of bedrooms, which suggested a lot of wizard space. There were also a few bathrooms on that floor. Harry ran to the third floor, and ran into a very familiar man. "Remus!" He hugged the werewolf, before pulling away. "Oh, Remus, I'm so sorry!"

Remus chuckled. "Don't be sorry. It's not your fault. We always knew that we weren't mates. Harry, we love each other, but we're not in love." He pulled the younger man back into his arms. "Your dracken needs strong mates, Harry. I want you to think hard about the type of dominants you want. They will start arriving in a couple of hours."

Harry sniffed a little, and nodded. "Ok. If you're sure I didn't ruin your life."

"Harry, you couldn't ruin my life. Never, ever." Remus stroked Harry's hair, causing the sixteen year old to purr slightly. He chuckled. "Come on, cub. How about we decorate your room?"

"Okay!" Harry exclaimed, happily. "Where is it?"

Remus raised an eyebrow. "This entire floor is your suite."

Harry's eyes widened, and he ran around the suite, checking out the three rooms. He had a nice sitting room with a large settee and two plush arm chairs. It's walls were a warm brown, and the room had a soft plush cream carpet. A low coffee table sat in the middle of the room. His bedroom was huge with a King-sized bed, two end tables, a closet, and a desk and chair. It had soft blue walls, and a wood floor, with small rugs near the bed and the desk. His bathroom had a jetted tub, a separate shower stall, a porcelain toilet, and a double sink counter. It's walls were two-toned. The bottom was an emerald green, and the top was a soft cream. The floor was a deep green (almost black) tile. Harry loved his suite. "It's perfect!"

"Nothing you want to change?" Remus asked, just in case. He smiled when Harry shook his head enthusiastically. "Ok, then."

They sat there in the sitting room for a couple of hours, talking about how Harry felt about his inheritance. Harry confided in the older man, telling of his misgivings about finding the right mate(s). He also admitted that this all seemed unreal, almost like a weird dream. They sat talking until they heard someone call Harry down for lunch. Harry and Remus walked down to the first floor.

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