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Prologue: The Chronoquake

WHOOOHWHEEEWWWHOOOHWHEEWW (I think that's the Tardis noise) continued to emanate through the vacuum of space as the damaged TARDIS was desperately trying to outrun the approaching ships. The phone booth had resorted to temporal jumps but weren't getting far. The ship's passengers were all wide eyed and staring at the time lord operating the console "Doctor why we can't escape?" one of the male passengers asked looking very worried. The Doctor stared back with a similar expression "they've damaged the time energy tanks we're stuck with these light jumps I'm afraid". The screen turned on revealing the most hated tin cans in the universe "Doctor" the dalek began "turn your Tardis around or we will disintegrate it!" The dalek didn't appear to be making a joke. The Tardis' built in clock started behaving eracticly, the dalek grew suspicious "explain doctor!". The doctor was also perplexed "hold on tea can lemme look" he said while calmly glancing at the screens that weren't destroyed. The Doctor's face grew grim "oh no" he said "OH NO!" He turned his gaze back toward the passengers "get to the escape booths quickly they're on 9th floor hurry! We're about to cause a chronoquake the Tardis could burst the timestream in two". They all began to sprint toward one the Tardis' many hallways.

"alright!" the doctor said before cracking his knuckles and grabbing the controls. An ancient seriousness plastered his face "hopefully my old girl's got enough fight in her" he said while glancing toward the console "if not you'll need to be" he grabbed the controls and hit precise buttons like a surgical ballerina never breaking his tempo and never missing. The doctor's face contorted again as more shots bounced off hull of his beloved ship "no!" he yelled at no one inparticular "it's my fault not their's, it isn't their time wait TIME!" he glanced to console's center tank and then to his screwdriver before doing some mental calculations. "Sorry honey" he said and looked again to the console "this is gonna-a" small tears formed in his eyes "hurt" he took the screw driver and stabbed it into the center tank. The temporal energy surged like a river and enveloped the ship bathing the vessel in a yellow light. The doctor jumped and slammed a button and then the Tardis disappeared before yellow wave rippled out of the ship tearing it in two and both pieces disappearing into their respective portals. The cronoquake shook the surrounding stars as if they were bobbers in a sea of waves.

This is just the prologue hopefully this end like I plan. Bye~Bye