Why does love always seem one-sided? And the one you love always seem to be unreachable?

For one Special Agent Tony Dinozzo, he has had enough of being loveless in his life and wishes to just give up.

The team at NCIS is ignoring him, the only family he has ever known and now he just wants to peace and death just seems to be the way.

When his cousin, Danielle Gregorio appears and finds him with his slit wrists, she makes a decision to take him away from it all.

But now that Gibbs knows, things are becoming a war over Tony – bringing him back or keeping him where he belongs.

Watch as love unfolds and blood is shed.

A life without love is no life at all.

Lemons, attempted suicide, violence, and finally MPREG (same place just set in a reality where some males are carriers and can become pregnant, while being rare).

THIS CHAPTER HAS BEEN UPDATED ON 14/8/2012. I DO NOT OWN NCIS in any way or form, only my OC Danielle Gregorio and any other new characters that may appear.


~*~*~ A Life Without Love ~*~*~

Sad emerald eyes looked at the pictures that were present on the bland, dreary walls of his sad little apartment. It was the people in these pictures that caught his eyes.

In most of them, Abby Sciuto was there in her Goth get up, sporting the most brilliant smile as she hugged Timothy McGee and Ziva David from behind. Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard and Jimmy Palmer were also present in some of the shots. Other pictures of the times with Kate still present among their team were still upon his wall

A small smile flashed across his face before vanishing as he remembered the good times with his family before they had all become but a memory.

He turned to the last picture that always brought him heartache.

His boss, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was smiling at the others in the group. It was one of the few rare times when they had caught him in a smile. The greying ex-Marine's sapphire eyes were sparkling with laughter and happiness. Ducky had described it as the few times that he had been that happy from the time he had met Gibbs.

But the smile was never directed at Tony.

Tony Dinozzo had slowly been falling for his boss over the ten years of meeting the man.

But Gibbs' Rule Number Twelve – never date a co-worker, always stood in place and the man had three ex-wives, but still loved Shannon and Kelly greatly, not wanting to move on from their deaths.

He would never want the likes of the skirt chasing, frat boy Anthony Dinozzo.

Now, all Tony could think about was being away from the man as much as possible to prevent from any further heartache or memories from resurfacing of an event that should have ever happened.

He just wanted be somewhere his unrequited love could die in peace - along with the rest of him.

Tony looked down to the ornate blade that was in his hand, an heirloom that his mother had given him a long-time ago.

He grabbed the vodka bottle present on the coffee table and sculled the burning liquid down his throat before slamming it back on the coffee table where it proceeded to fall to the ground and spill the last of its contents.

Emerald green eyes looked down the line of scars that had grown in number over the past few months. The cuts had only been to relieve himself of the increasing pain, sadness and agony he had been feeling.

He sighed in bliss as he pressed the sharp edge of the blade dug painfully into the soft flesh of his arm. The cut was deep and blood was expelling from the wound at an increasing rate.

Another cut appeared on the same arm before he cut another two on his other arm. The warm blood trickled down his arms as he lay down on the couch, a slow smile appearing on his face as darkness began to plague his vision.

A soft insistent sound could be heard fading in the background as he finally fell into darkness, before one final sound could be heard, piercing his darkness.



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