I leaned in to kiss my fiancee on the lips as everyone cheered.

"You are now pronounced as hudsband and wife..." Knuckles said as everyone started cheering.

"The bouquet Amy!" Breanna yelled as Shadow laughed.

"What?" Breanna asked as both Shadow and Tricia rolled there eyes.

"K.." I said as i threw it up in the air and Rouge caught it. Rouge smirked at Knuckles who blushed.

"Let's get married Knuckles.." Rouge said in a flirty way which made him flinch.

"Gr..." Knuckles mumbled stomping out of the room with Rouge right behind.

"This was a great wedding Sonic..." I mumbled to my loved one as he smiled back.

"It was..." Sonic said kissing me one last time.

"Sonic this is for you!" Tails said running up to his big brother!

"Huh?" Sonic said grabbing the letter and smiling.

Dear Sonic,

I'm so proud of you. I'm right outside and I think you would like to see me...

By, Your special guest.

Then Sonic grabbed my hand and pulled me outside to see a beautiful purple lady wearing a pretty pink dress.

"Sonic, It's me," The women started as she smiled a bit, "Your my handsome son with a beautiful lady..."

"M-Mom?" Sonic said smiling and embracing his mother in a big hug.

"Yes honey now go in there and dance!" Aleena said as Sonic laughed and grabbed my hand and leading me inside.

"Would you care to dance?" Sonic asked smiling at me.

"It would be a pleasure..."