My second fic. Doctor who/Firefly

10/Rose, post Miranda Firefly

Features my O.C. The Wanderer

Rated T for blood and violence, also reference to Hell, but talking of actual hell, not swearing

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It was dark, and it was raining.

Thunder crashed, and a flash of lightning illuminated a muddy, wet, broken-down camp of misshapen wooden shacks, surrounded by a brick wall. Large brick buildings with iron doors. Large pits loomed, and large mounds next to them.

And then there were bodies.

Discarded bodies everywhere, most dead, some close to it. They sat there in the mud, where the monsters had left them, the monsters with the black coats and red armbands and the lies. So many lies.

A figure in a dark coat and tall black hat strode along the space in between the buildings, accompanied by two soldiers. His face seemed wrong. Even though he walked through Hell, he was smiling, an eager smile, That you'd use when you were about to finish a long and painful task. The living crawled out of their way as the dead were kicked aside. They stopped in front of the imposing brick building that sat above it all. The strange man walked in, and left the soldiers and the dead to their business.

Theodrick sat at his desk in his office. It was a quiet place, lit with sharp electric lights, and there were no windows to the outside world. Next to his desk was a small cubicle separated from the rest of the room by a one-way mirror that housed his 'interrogation' room. He liked to keep 'pets' there sometimes, their screams reminding him of the justice he brought by removing all vermin. On his desk sat a plaque reading: OBERST THEODRICK MASNET, HIGH INQUISITOR.

Theodrick was busy shuffling through paperwork when he heard a strange thing.

It was a knock.

The colonel blinked a moment, as no one ever knocked. No one ever visited, for that matter. This wasn't exactly the place for a social call.

"Come in." he said in a high-pitched, nasily voice. A man walked in.

He was wearing a black top hat, with a black mask that covered the upper half of his face attached to it. His eyes were blocked by opaque, golden glass. He also wore a long black trench coat and fingerless gloves, but his most striking feature was his smile. It was the sort of smile that suggested that he was the predator and you were the prey. Theodrick started to feel a little nerous.

"What are you doing in my office?"

"I," the man's silky voice smoothly replied, "Am here on business. You are Colonel Masnet?"

"Yes, I am. What do you mean, business? Are you Gestappo?" The colonel couldn't think of anyone else who would have business in a concentration camp.

"No, I work for a much higher power than that." The man began to pace around the desk, his tone becoming threatening. "This camp, Hollenloch, as they call it, lives up to its name. By the end of the war, it will increase the holocaust mortalities by 10 million souls, almost single-handedly wiping out every war prisoner taken, as well as killing every last Jew and Gypsy in Europe." Then he turned and grinned, but it was not a grin of joy. "At least it would, if it survived the war. But that's the reason I'm here. To ensure that it's destroyed."

"What? What do you mean!" Theodrick began to get angry. "We've only just gotten this camp up and running. It was ordered constructed by the Furer himself! It's our largest, most advanced and efficient camp! Why would we destroy it!"

"Oh, It's quite simple. The reason it must be destroyed is that it's the most 'efficient' camp. It's so efficient as to almost outstrip all of the other death camps combined. I'm here because of an opportunity. This camp was never remembered, and that's because it won't be able to affect the war. Therefore, to fulfill history, this camp cannot survive." The man was smiling even more now, his face lit up with a savage grin. Theodrick was not a brave man, and this man was starting to intimidate him to the point of fear.

"I...Don't think I understand. Who are you! What do you mean this camp won't survive?"

"To put it even more simply, I'm going to kill you all."

The man grabbed him by the throat, lifting him effortlessly from the ground and hurling him into to the barred cell and locking the door. Then he grabbed the colonel and tied him down on the table that he used for his 'pets'.

"I would just kill you, but you've caused more than you're fair share of brutality. After the war, many bodies were found in the floor of this room. The bodies were young girls, mangled and torn beyond belief by torture devices, torture devices that belonged to you. You're a monster. You deserve a special kind of Hell."

The soldiers heard screaming inside, but they thought nothing of it. People usually screamed when they visited the colonel. The man came out later, smiled, and promptly stabbed a bowie knife through the faces of both. He sheathed them and walked on.

A group of soldiers marched up, saw the bodies, and drew their guns. The man drew a golden revolver in an instant, shooting all of them faster than an old-western gunfighter. He searched for another group of soldiers, he found two, one on each side of a building. Quickly scaling the building, he pulled out a grenade and threw it into the middle of one group, dispatching the dazed survivors with his pistol.

Drawing his knives, he jumped down in front of the other group of soldiers, getting right in the middle of them. He stabbed one through the chest, then pulled him around to take the bullets of his companions. He hurled the body at them, then drew his knives and killed them all while they were trying to recover.

Some of them tried to stop him at the gate. He ran forward, leaping over one and shooting him through the top of his skull. Drawing a knife, he kicked a soldier in the stomach and decapitated him while he was bent over, then shot another twice in the face. The man was dancing a dance of death. About a minute later all of them were dead. The man sheathed his weapons and set off towards the nearest brick building. He was really starting to enjoy this.

Captain Kulldorf was getting angry. The camp hadn't responded to any contact for hours. Some dummkopf was going to get into big trouble over this.

His caravan of cars crested the hill, and the camp came into view.

"Holy Mother in Heaven!" what was left of the camp was still burning. Nazi bodies were strewn around the entryway, all cut or shot, some had even been decapitated. The captain jumped out of the car and set off through the carnage towards the center of the camp.

He walked by some of the extermination buildings in time to witness one explode. 'Whatever teufel that did this must have opened up the gas chambers.' He thought. Almost tripping over some bodies, he broke into a run, barely staying ahead of the explosions. Arriving at the central building quickly. He ran inside.

The captain walked into the Inquisitors office. "Hello?" He was answered by an inhuman shriek that he would never get out of his head.

It was a man. Technically. He was cut and stabbed and broken so much that he was barely even recognizable as human. The thing was shrieking and yelling, but the only thing the captain could make out was "go...ldenAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEYES! IYYYYYAAAAAHIEEEEEEEE!"

The man walked away from the rising column of smoke, fiddling with a golden pocket-watch. Finding the right setting, the man found time to smile for a job well done.

Then he disappeared into a dazzling golden light.


Oberst: Colonel

Dummkopf: Fool, blockhead, idiot, jack***, bonehead, half-wit, etc.

Teufel: Devil, Demon, Fiend, Terror

Hollenloch: Hellhole

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