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Well, as you can see, I've taken a lot of time off in my first fic. So, please be patient for chapter 4! But, I have a little story to tell you all about my sixteenth birthday. And since I have nothing to do with the little amount of spare time that I have, I've decided to write this fic.

Seto: Oh great! Something to torment me for the rest of my natural life!

D151: Why are you whining about?! You're the reason that this all started in the first place.

: Well, it was a good plan at the time…

Yami, Joey, Tristan and Yugi: And you both dragged us into your nasty plan!

: You are the one's who agreed to it.

D151: (pulls out mace) IS THAT TRUE?! (Thunder + lightning come out of nowhere)

Joey: (cowering in fear) Uh, t-that's p-partially t-true.

D151: What part about it is partial?!

Tristan: Kaiba bribed us with money! I swear!

D151: Yugi? Please tell me that you were bribed.

Yugi: umm…

Yami: Say 'yes' Aibou or she'll kill us!

Yugi: Uh, yes! They uh, bribed us!

D151: (glares)(in a singing tone) Oh Seto and ? I need to speak with you for a moment.

Both: Oh, shit! (runs away)


All:-_-…(silence for a short while)

Bakura: Wow, her anger meter just went sky high! Can you please calm down Dragonslave151?

D151: DON'T YOU START!(puts away mace) *sigh* Can I just type this story before I go on a serious rampage?!

All: G-Go a-ahead…

D151: Thank you! *sigh* Finally…

Note: This story has serious bad language, lots of threats and me going on a murdous rampage. Please read with caution. And, this is about me getting tortured. Please don't pity me. I just wanted to write this for the hell of it. Enjoy!

Viewers discretion is advised.

Birthday's and Bunnies

Chapter 1:

A Special Day!

Dragonslave151 (that's me! I'm writing this in 3rd person. Just wanted everyone to know), woke up with an early start. She gradually got out of bed (almost falling over her own feet) and checked her calender.

"Oh…my!" she said excitedly. "It's my…BIRTHDAY!" She ran all around the household screaming 'IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!' over and over again, almost waking up everyone in her entire house. She ran back inside her bedroom to get ready for the work day. She checked to make sure she had everything. "Okay! I have my mace, my notes on Kaiba torturing, my magic writing pen and laptop computer, and….hey! Where's telephone book?!"

Meanwhile, a pair of schemers were planning a special surprise for the little birthday girl.

(Believe me it's not pretty!)

(Okay. The next part of this chapter is what I got from and Seto Kaiba. IT BETTER BE TRUE! Otherwise they will be part of my collection of overly tortured men. I have a long list of them.)

Seto: Eeeep!)

"Okay . The plan goes as follows: We'll plan a fake birthday party for D151 with all the guys with no girls involved." Kaiba said with a sneer drinking a large cup of Java. "If we add the girls into our nasty plan they might try to rescue her."

"I know that much Seto, but how are we gonna convince the guys to come with us?"

"All people cannot resist the power of money."

"How do you know the guys' phone numbers?"

Seto pulled out D151's little phone book. "I'm just gonna 'borrow' this from our dear friend D151." Seto chuckled evilly. "She won't suspect a thing!"

Seto thought to himself with an evil grin on his face (in his own little world mostly...). 'I'm gonna teach all author's of 'torturing innocent cast members'... REVENGE! Starting with you Dragonslave151!' He started to laugh. 'I'm gonna make your special day a living Hell! MWHAHAHA!' He started to roar with laughter. Y. Bakura started to back away from the obsessed maniac.

"Jeez Kaiba, you sure can act like D151 sometimes." muttered.

Kaiba turned and faced him with fire in his eyes. "Now, let's get this show on the road. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

D151 arrived at her own, private movie studio, but no one was around to be seen. She was a little concerned about it.

"Hello? Where is everyone?" she asked herself. She then heard footsteps coming towards her. She noticed who it was.


"Yeah, it's me." Yugi said softly.

"Where is everybody? Don't they know there is work to be done?"

"We know. We just a little surprise planned for you."

"Really? WHAT IS IT?! WHAT IS IT?!"

"Just follow me and you'll see." Yugi said nervously.

D151 followed Yugi into the studio and into a storage room. The room seemed to be empty, and the lights were turned off. She lost track of Yugi.

"Yugi? Where are you? And where's the surprise you were talking about?"

Suddenly, her eyes and mouth were covered with cloth, and a net fell from above.

"What the Hell?!" she cried. "Somebody, help me!" She was then hit with a blunt object and fell to the floor with a hard thud.

"We got her!" a male voice said beside her (Seto). "Sorry Dragonslave151, but your birthday is going to be your worst nightmare."

Two other guys picked up the bundle and threw her into the back of a limo and drove off in a pile of dust. Yugi stood in front of the studio, shaking his head. Tears started to well up in his big oval eyes.

"I'm so sorry D151.." he sobbed. "I just hope you can come out of this alive."

What will happen to our author later on? What will become of D151 after she's awaken? Will Kaiba go through with his plan of world domin- - I mean his plan for torture? Find out next time in:

Chapter 2:

Dragonslave151's Arrival!

D151: So! I've started a new fic!


D151: It's ok. I don't blame you, I blame Seto.

Seto: I'm sorry too!

D151: Tough luck! You should of thought of that before you try and do such evil things!

Seto: If I didn't do 'such things', I wouldn't be me.

D151: That is a good point, but you're NOT FORGIVEN!

Seto: aww...