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Oh Well...

On with the ficky!

Chapter 6

The Celebration!

Later that night, music and food were dished out while fireworks danced in the sky. Everyone was enjoying themselves until a helicopter zoomed over-head and landed in the vast backyard. A small boy with long black hair emerged from the helicopter and ran up to D151 and said, "Hey! I finally got here!"

"Mokuba!" D151 cheered as she hugged the small boy. "How did you know that I was here?"

Mokuba reached inside his pocket and brought out a small piece of paper and gave it to D151. She read out loud:

Dear Mokuba:

Off to the Playboy Mansion to start 'Operation: D151 Destruction. I'll be back this evening.


Big Brother

"I waited for him all day, but he never showed up." Mokuba explained. "So I went out to search for him. Where is Big Brother any way?"

"Well, Mokuba," Bakura said. "Let's just say he's just getting a little pampering."

"Oh, I also found a cassette tape on my way here," Mokuba said, lifting up a blank tape.

ES's eyes started to glow red. "Where...did you find that?!" she asked angerly.

"I found it on the side of the road somewhere. It looks a little broken, but I think it will still play. Let's hear what's on it!"

"NNOOO!" ES, Yugi, Mai, Tea and Serenity all yelled together. ES, grabbed the tape from him and began to stomp on the tape screaming: "Die in the firey depths of Hell with you, Demon!" Everyone else there stood in surprise.

"What was that all about" Mokuba asked D151.

"I have no idea." D151 said in shock.

The party continued. Everyone was still having a good time. Suddenly, a few PBB's were pushing a cart with a large birthday cake on it as Hugh followed in toe. Everyone gasped insurprise at the size of the cake.

"Wow Mr. Hefner." Yami said. "How did you get a birthday cake at a night like this?"

"Let's just say it was presented to me my dear boy." Hugh chuckled.

Everyone looked confused until they heard something groaning within the cake. The gang began to laugh as the top part of the cake flew open revealing two medium muscled teenagers wearing the same bunny costumes that D151 wore before.

"Happy birthday D151." Hugh said. "Your very own PBB's!"

"Well, Seto..." Joey laughed. "It's a new look for you, but it suits you verrrry well!"

"Y. Bakura," Bakura said surprised. "I didn't know that a person's dark side could look good in a bunny Costume. Fishnet stockings and all."

"SHUT UP!" the male PBB's yelled at the laughing crowd below them.

"Heh...heh...Albino Bunny Boy..." D151 muttered in her laughter. glared at her.

Mokuba brought out a camera and began taking a few pictures of the two boy bunnies.

"I'm sending these to E-Bay!" Mokuba cheered.

"Oh no you won't!" Kaiba said, trying to climb out of the cake. He then tripped on his high heels and fell flat on his face. Everyone laughed even harder as he got back up and began to run after Mokuba. "Get back here you little brat!"

"Hey Mokuba! Don't forget to give some of those photos will ya?" Joey called. " I'll put them in the school newspaper!"

"Joey, I'll kill you before any of that happens" yelled. He also came out of the cake and began to race after Joey.

Everyone went back to enjoying the party for the third time that night. While Seto was chasing Mokuba, fell into the swimming pool while still chasing after Joey. ES found the rest of D151's things and gave them to her.

"I suspect that you'll want these back?"

"Hey! Thanks!"

"So, D151. Do you think next year will be as fun as the one's"

"I don't know Earth Star. Maybe we'll have some exciting adventures before hand."

"We'll have to wait then, huh?"


"No way, big Brother! These photos are just too good to give up!"


D151: Wow! I've finally finished the story!

Seto: Tch! It's about time!

ES: It was pretty funny!

Joey: Funny when you both came out of that huge cake!

: Please, don't remind me about that.


Seto: I thought I destroyed them all!

Mokuba: Not all!


D151: Well...with all the chaos right now, we'll catch you later!