Love Trouble: Cupid's Mistake

Mai: Yo Minna-san Ogenkii des ka?

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Chapter 2: Will the spell never break?

Miki's POV

I wondered where my twin went after she ran to the door to see who was knocking but for some odd reason it felt like the person who knocked on the door was responsible for the mishap.

"I'm back with some friends!"

I turned around and saw my little twin with two guys with the ugliest clothes. One of the boys had short brown hair with blue eyes while the other boy had short pink hair and red eyes. I shivered because what I noticed they both had really girly clothes. I then begin to wonder if these were Mai's friends but I shook my head hoping they weren't.

"wow I guess the situation is way worse then I imagined." said the boy with the short brown hair.

"you see you caused all of this." replied boy with pink hair in a bitter tone.


Everyone turned around which was really amazing considering that they wouldn't move no matter how me and Kazemaru tried. I just stared at my little sister who then began to speak in a dangerous tone.

"as you all may know that our 4 friends are acting weird well I have caught the CRIMINALS!"

Everyone was stunned but the ones that were stunned the most was the odd looking boys. They began whispering to Mai who's face fell from a triumph expression to a scary killer expression. She then whacked them both with a book that she suddenly got out of nowhere and started shouting at them. All of us just stared at them while pitying them for getting Mai mad.

"ummm Mai who are they exactly?" asked our blue haired friend Reina.

Mai just looked at her,took a deep breath and began telling us what happened. After she was finished she then asked us if we would help. Everyone agreed with huge smiles but me I had one doubt.

"but what if we can't break the spell what will happen to them?"

Everyone just looked at me like I just offended them but then they too had that question in their head repeating over and over again in their head like a broken recorder.

"So your not gonna at least try to help them even if they are your FRIENDS?" Mai asked with tears beginning to form in the corner of her eyes. "well whatever I'm gonna do my best so if you guys just want to not help then don't but if you do want to help then meet me tomorrow at the park."

And with that she stomped out of the orphanage as we all just stared at the empty space that was once occupied by Mai.

Normal POV

After Mai left everyone was silent. The first person that broke the silence was Kazemaru.

" you know I think Mai is right we all had doubts so we can't be called friends."

Everyone nodded as they all began to talk about tomorrow.

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