Love troubles: Cupid's Mistake

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Chapter 3: BenchxFudou now ain't that wrong

*Next day at the Park * Mai's POV

"Ah where is everyone" I thought aloud as my gaze was fixed at the entrance of the park. A few minutes passed and I saw a figure running towards the gate my heart beat faster. I was filled with joy that someone came but as the figure came closer I saw that it wasn't the person I hoped it would be instead it was Fudou Akio,my Mohawk haired punk styled friend well not really my friend we're still in the enemy zone. I was about to call him over when the voices in my head started yelling at me that Fudou was a victim of Cupid's arrows but unlike the others he fell in love with an other words a bench.

"BENCHINA!" he yelled out with a smile that I never have seen in my life which creep me out cause I mean seriously Akio-chan out of everyone can smile so sweetly and lovingly now that's wrong. I stopped my ranting opinion to see him blushing and giving flowers to a bench which I thought was the one named Benchina. I almost laughed when I saw that the bench was pink,had engravings of hearts and a sign that said "Do Not Dare To Touch Or Sit On" next minute I felt like I was going to become mentally insane for I heard him say poems. Really he was fricken READING POEMS! I just couldn't bear it so I had no choice but to call Kidou Yuuto. I guess you could say he's the smart one but obviously I'm better then him. Though I'm better then him he knows Akio-chan more then me so I had no chance but to call him.

"Ring,Ring,Ring... Ah this is the Kidou residence Kidou Yuuto speaking." said a calm voice.

" YUU-CHAN! AKIO-CHAN IS GONNA CONFESS HIS FEELINGS FOR HARUNA-CHAN COME TO THE PARK QUICK!" I yelled which was followed by silence or so I thought.

"... FUDOU AKIO YOUR SO GONNA DIE!" Yuu-chan replied in a scary voice even I have to admit his voice might haunt me forever. After that I hung up and waited for him well. Five minutes hadn't even past till I heard that same scary voice over the phone.

"FUDOU AKIO YOU IDIOT HOW DARE YOU CONFESS YOUR FEELING TO HARUNA!" He looked around and saw only me, Akio-chan and Benchina the bench. "Mai don't tell me this was a joke." He said in his scary tone but it was less of a scream more of a threatening low voice.

"Well you see Yuu-chan I actually have a favour to ask and since this involves Akio-chan you'll never come unless Haruna-chan was in it too." I began to explain. I also added ," If you do help me I'll do anything for you for a whole week." I pleaded.

"Alright then you must be nice to me and Haruna and you have to do what me and Haruna say you got that."

"did I say a week I meant a day you know how I am with talking I always make mistakes..."

"Sorry no going back on your word Ushiromiya Mycella." he said while smirking.

"Tch fine whatever just do what I say you got it."


I began to whisper my plan on how to break the spell and every ten seconds I could tell that Yuu-chans eyes were getting wider and wider in surprise. After I finished he was speechless and very embarrassed.

"Your crazy right."

"Nope so go you sister fanatic freak." I said with a devious smirk

He sighed and went up to the weird couple. He sat on the bench and began to talk smoothly to the bench.

"Hello Benchina it's been long since we sat together and talked"


"Your girlfriend pfft please we both have been dating for two months and plus she's my best place." He said with a smirk.

"Excuse ME!" Akio-chan yelled as many angry marks appeared out of nowhere.

"Your excused." said a calm Yuu-chan.

Even though I was far away I can still hear them and see them fighting. Then I remembered my camera so I began to videotape the whole scene.

"Kehehehehe I have more blackmail and dirt on them. Ahhhhhh I feel so powerful!"

I began to laugh very evilly and once again I became more scared the ever except now I'm scared of myself then of Yuu-chan. So I quickly turned my gaze towards them so I wouldn't think about the thing that just happened. I heard screaming and wow, you turn away for a few seconds then when you look again there is more chaos then ever.






By then I could tell that Yuu-chan was getting really angry at Akio-chan. So I decided to step in that was when something unexpected happened. The Kidou Yuuto that I know was kissing Benchina and Akio-chan was just laughing and mocking him. I was so confused at the recently changed scene and that's when I realized the spell had been broken. I sighed with relief knowing that finally at least one of my friends is back to normal and I caught the whole thing on tape. I was about to go talk to them when I heard someone call my name.


I turned around and saw Ichi-chan with everyone else. As soon as they reached me I noticed nee-san,Cupid and Hermes was staring at Yuu-chan and Akio-chan in weird faces. Soon after everyone else was pretty much doing the same.

" Mai something happened,didn't it?" Nee-san questioned.

"Well it's a pretty long story so I'll tell you later but first now that everyone is here let's commence Operation: Destroy their fake Relationship" I replied with a creepy smile.

Everyone just laughed really nerviously at my operation name as we all soon started our plan to help our friends

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