How Do You Know?

Beginnings Arc

Chapter 4: Revenge is Sweet

Chemistry. Leo hated the word almost as much as he did the class. It seemed that whenever the grey cat had to endure an hour-and-a-half of the subject, he always wound up creating a deadly chemical bomb as opposed to the harmless compounds everyone but him seemed to be perfectly able to produce. Add to that that none of his friends shared the class with him, always forcing him to partner up with either one of the snooty popular girls or the cocky jocks, neither of which he found pleasant. Today there was not much else different with the class, Leo being partnered up with someone he could just endure, then waiting not-so-patiently for the bell to ring. But today Leo had a reason besides longing to be free of the confines of the classroom.

He and Ronny had a spare next block, and were going to execute their plan of revenge against Spencer during the small amount of time they had to do so before the end of the school day. The plan Ronny had come up with just barely fit into the time window they had, but of course with the two of them, and once he had slipped out of history class, Shawn, it would just be possible to pull it off without much of a hitch. The only thing he had to do was make it through this one chem class and everything would be set in motion.

Easier said than done, unfortunately…

The class dragged on for what felt like hours to Leo, each tick of the clock sending him a painful reminder that there was still a great amount of time until he would be free. He tried to keep a positive mood about him, thinking about a new game he was going to try once he got home later, then with a snicker about what Spencer's reaction might be once he saw what Leo and the other two had in store for him. These worked for a little while, but sooner as opposed to later Leo found that even thoughts of sweet revenge couldn't fend off the griping feelings of boredom from the gray cat. For ninety agonizing minutes he waited for the bell to signal his freedom, putting up with his teacher lecturing him and everyone else on the importance of safety in the lab (he had given it countless times before), his partner (a popular girl) saddling him with all the work involving the chemicals and mixing them while she applied her oh-so important make-up, then having to put up with both the teacher and the girl yelling at him when the mixture began to hiss and gave a sharp "pop", shattering the glass beaker it was in and causing a great commotion in the classroom. Needless to say it was a very unpleasant hour-and-a-half for Leo.

It was probably why he rushed out of the classroom so fast when the bell rang.

In a fraction of a second Leo was in the hallway and vaulting over towards his locker, doing little to avoid the small groups of fellow students that had gathered in the halls, preferring instead to plow right through them while they shouted angrily after him. He reached his locker some seconds later, and after tossing his books inside with a thud, and took off towards the meeting place he and Ronny had agreed on earlier that morning; the school's northwest parking lot. He made his way at a much more leisurely pace than before, tucking his hands into his pockets and whistling while he made lazily walked down the slowly emptying hallways.

He reached the end of the northwest hallway and stepped through the door leading outdoors, smiling as his fur met the crisp, warm September air. He searched around for his yellow friend, and when at first he didn't see him Leo leaned against the wall of the school and pulled out his DS, entertaining himself with "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" for a time before he heard the door swing open and saw Ronny step through it.

"Shesh, took you long enough." Leo greeted his friend by shoving his head towards the ground in a playful manner. "What took you so long, thumb got stuck up your ass?"

"Hey Leo! Fuck you! There were these amazing chicks in front of the gym and they were into me!" Ronny pushed Leo back in response to the gray cat's friendly roughhousing as he leaned against the wall beside his friend. Leo snorted while he stuck his DS back into his pocket.

"You think every girl is into you Ron."

Ronny waved his paw dismissively at Leo. "Whatever man. They were into the Turbo Lover, they just might not have known it."

Leo replied with an unconvinced sounding "mmm" as he stood up from the wall, Ronny just behind him. He clapped his hands together anxiously and smiled with anticipation as he turned around to face Ronny.

"So," Leo began, "You're sure he comes out this way?"

Ronny nodded his head. "Ash said that he's got physics in first block and math last, plus I think I might have seen him around Parksway if I'm thinking of the same guy Ash described him as."

"Which is?"

"Tall, dark fur, brown eyes, and muscular."

"He's buff!"

"Oh don't be such a fucking pussy Leo. Who cares if he's buff? We'll be on the roof, and he won't. It's foolproof!"

Leo raised an unconvinced eyebrow at Ronny. "Christ now you sound like me…"

Ronny waved Leo lack of faith in him with a confident smile. Leo frowned and slacked his body with a feeling of unease and all around dread over Ronny's cockiness. Ronny simply rolled his eyes in response to the gray cat's doubt in him. In Ronny's mind, Leo had nothing to worry about. He and Shawn had spent almost every minute of their time last night devising a plan to get back at Spencer while Leo was away getting Aeris. Of course it hadn't been an easy task, mostly because of;

A) Shawn's deep-rooted distain of following a schedule, even ones that were made for his own benefit.


B) Ronny's prideful, almost crippling confidence in himself, believing that the universe would work in his favor and prevent any problems from arising.

Thankfully both friends had been able to overcome their prejudices and worked out the base of their plan out before Leo picked them up. After the hell that was his and everyone else's ride home, Ronny wasted no time in working towards making everything perfect, spending the better half of his night ironing out all the kinks and possible loose ends to ensure success for him and his friends, finally relaying the finished product to Leo in the vicinity of twelve and one-thirty (texting at 12:30: not fun), and generally didn't get much of a decent sleep last night, but he didn't really mind. Soon, he, Leo and Shawn would get to extract their revenge upon that douche of a cat Spencer and laugh at his expense. Ronny felt the need to laugh manically at these thoughts, but restrained himself for the sake of avoiding a great amount of embarrassment.

Leo stifled out a slight yawn and stretched his arms out towards the sky and blinked his eyes to shoo away some his own tiredness and turned his gaze towards the roof of the school, wondering how Ronny intended for them to get up there.

"So," Leo brought both his paws to the back of his head and leaned back some to get a better look at the roof. "How exactly so we get up there?" He questioned.

Ronny too looked up towards the roof with a look of confidence in his eyes. A small, sly grin came across his face as he shifted his eyes back over to Leo, who looked back at him with curiosity abundant in his green eyes. With a pat on the back, Ronny tilted his head towards the right and told Leo to follow him. He did so without objection and followed close behind Ronny, only about two steps behind him all the way, until they came up to a small bush growing closely by the school's wall. Leo looked down at the bush, confused, until Ronny began to bush the branches away and revealed to Leo's eyes a small, folded up sawhorse that was probably five feet in height. Smiling, Leo looked back over at Ronny and could see a smug expression on his face along with a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes.

Clapping his hands together, Leo leaned forwards and picked up the miniature ladder off the ground.

"Let's get at it then."

==One Minute Later==



"Dammit Leo!"


A rather awkward scene was taking place; Leo was perched up on Ronny's shoulders, attempting to grab ahold of the roof's ledge, all the while pulling at his hair to give himself some sort of leverage, all while Ronny stood atop the small sawhorse attempting to give Leo a strong foothold while the gray cat pulled relentlessly at his hair. Not an easy task by any means.

"Here! I think I might have it!" Leo reached out slowly for the edge of the building, bringing the majority of his weight well past where Ronny could catch him in case he fell. He almost grabbed hold, but at the last possible moment Ronny shifted his weight back to his front leg. Not being able to look up and see what Leo was doing, he believed that he was giving them a better quality of balance, but instead brought both of them falling face-forwards to the ground. They landed harshly, Leo coming to rest on top of Ronny while his face got buried in the dirt of the Earth. Leo moaned in pain, rubbing the spot he had fallen on hardest, while Ronny began to fume over what had happened.

Leo picked himself up from the spot he was sitting on Ronny and began to brush the dirt off himself. He noticed Ronny was still stuck firmly into the ground, his head not moving at all while the rest of his limbs were pushing were pushing against the ground in a futile effort to free the head from the Earth.

With a chuckle, Leo went over to Ronny and wrapped his arms around his torso, giving a mighty heave that brought Ronny right out of the ground and onto his ass along with Leo. He whipped his head from side to side to shake the dirt loose from his hair and spit out a substantial amount of the stuff while Leo stood back up and helped Ronny to his feet. Both turned back towards the wall they had almost climbed, Leo with a look of disappointment in his eyes, Ronny with a look of frustration. Leo soon tore his gaze from the wall and set it on the sawhorse. They had been so close to finally getting up that damn wall! If only he had been a bit faster, he and Ronny might be one the roof right now getting everything ready until Shawn came along. He stole a quick in Ronny's direction and saw that he too was looking intently at the sawhorse with his arms crossed firmly over his chest and a clear huff coming out of his lips. Leo sighed tiredly and leaned up against Ronny, who glanced at him from the corner of his eye as if to say, "well fuck."

Leo smiled wearily. "I guess it's time to try again."

Five minutes, seven tries, and a scraped elbow later, Leo was finally on the roof. It hadn't been easy; Ronny had nearly had it and would have thrown Leo off his shoulders if the gray cat hadn't been quick enough to grab ahold of the ledge and hoist himself up. He breathed deeply, exhausted over all the other attempts he and Ronny had made, and took a bit of time to catch his breath before leaning over the edge to extend a paw down to Ronny and help him up. Once the other cat was safely on the roof with him, Leo sat down with a dull "thump" and pulled out his DS once again, content that they had finally achieved their goal. Ronny sat down as well, his back pressed up against Leo's, and he pulled out his iPod to keep himself from getting bored until Shawn arrived with everything else they needed. The two friends just sat there a good ten minutes, playing "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" and listening to Godsmack's "Speak", glad that they were both allowed this small time to relax and rejuvenate themselves.

About ten minutes passed by when Leo heard the door swing open. He stuck his DS back in his pocket and tapped Ronny on the shoulder to get his attention. They both stood up and crept cautiously towards the edge of the roof, making sure to keep their head low and out of sight, in case it was a teacher that had stepped outside.

Slowly, Leo pocked his head above the small wall in front of him and peered down at the ground. He could make out something that looked like Shawn; black fur and a slight build, but he couldn't really be sure. Figuring that he wouldn't be spotted if it was a teacher, Leo stood up and leaned forward a bit so he might have a better chance at getting a clear look at whoever was on the ground.

He still couldn't see who it was!

Frustrated, Leo leaned completely out over the ground below. He pressed his paw up against his brows, and was finally getting a good glimpse at the person below, when…

He slipped.

It seemed that without intending to, Leo had kept moving his body farther out to the edge, doing so until the upper half of his body was well past the point where he could keep his balance. Realizing his mistake to late, Leo stumbled forward and began to fall face forward at the ground.

"Oh shit!"

Leo felt his legs go over the edge, and the air rush past his face. He could see the ground coming up to him quickly, so he clenched his eyes tight to avoid having to see himself slam into it. He braced for impact, so to speak, but right before he plowed headlong into the dirt, Leo felt a paw wrap itself around his tail and thus stopped him from slamming into the Earth beneath him. Leo's eyes shot open at the instant he felt himself stop, and he turned his eyes upwards to see Ronny leaning over the edge of the roof with one paw holding his tail in a death grip while the other was pressed firmly against the wall he was leaning upon so that he wouldn't topple down to the ground along with Leo.

The initial instinct he had was to thank Ronny for saving his tail (literally), but the yellow cat seemed to have read Leo's mind, and before his gray furred friend could say a single word, Ronny hissed an urgent "shhh", hoping to dissuade Leo from making the slightest of sounds with his intentionally harsh tone of voice. Though at first confused as to why Ronny would want him to keep his mouth clamped shut, Leo quickly remembered that there was an unidentified person walking around on the ground who had the strong possibility of being a teacher. The thought of being caught sent ice up Leo's back, especially considering that he was already neck deep in hot water with his parents as it was. Getting a weeklong suspension for misbehavior when the school year had just started definitely wouldn't earn him many points with his parents. Ronny was just as terrified of being discovered by a teacher as Leo, due to his countless trips to the principal's office as well as the many "strikes" he had accumulated in the years of his high school career, both of which he was sure had reached a grand enough number to earn him his own suspension from school, and was equally as afraid as his friend was of the punishment he could receive from his parents.

Both of the two teenagers dreaded the thought of being caught, and would do anything to keep the thought of it from becoming a reality.

So with that in mind, you could imagine the shock that shoot up both their spines with what happened next.

"Ahem." Came a stern, authorative voice from behind Leo that made the made the fur on his and Ronny's bodies stand firmly in the air while their eyes became as wide as the moon itself, the blacks that were their pupils shrinking into nothing more than mere dots. An air of dread descended upon the scene taking place as the two teenagers realized with heavy hearts that they had been caught, has their opportunity at revenge taken away from them, and that they probably weren't going to see the light of day again for some time. Leo clamped his eyes tightly shut, his childlike intellect telling him that if he did so, there might be a chance at whoever it was behind, whom he was now certain was a teacher by the tone of the voice, would lose interest in him hanging in the air and leave him and Ronny alone. Despite his "best" effort, Leo could make out no indication that the person behind him had left, so deciding that he might as well face the fire that was going to be rained down on him with what small amount of dignity he had left.

Managing a crooked turn to the left, Leo kept his eyes pointed straight downwards, hoping to avoid the glare whoever-this-was would undoubtedly be wearing. Coming to a slow stop, Leo prepared for the scolding he was about to receive, when he noticed something very peculiar.

The sure-to-be-a-teacher was wearing brown flip-flops. Flip-flops. Leo ran through the list he had in his head of every teacher he knew in the school, which was, for better or for worse, all of them, and not once had he ever seen any one of them wear flip-flops, not even in the summer months.

As he raised his eyes to meet with the ones belonging to this mysterious now-suspicious-might-be-a-teacher, Leo noticed more and more things that stood out and screamed to him that this was in fact, not a teacher.

There was the faded denim shorts, the white muscle shirt, the piece of string with a sharks tooth hanging on it, the tribal-symbol-ridden wrist band, and, probably most outstanding, the black and white fur that covered the body of this person.

Leo knew only one person that dressed like this, had this kind of fur, and had the audacity, the nerve, to pull off such a low, dirty trick such as this without so much as a second though about the consequences.

Shawn. Fucking. Roy. The black furred, green eyed cat that could be considered Leo's only rival for the title of the school's biggest idiot.

As Leo's green eyes came to meet the similarly colored orbs of his Californian friend, all he could do was stare with a dumbstruck face at Shawn, who sported his own face of smug triumph, a wide grin stretched across his face while his eyes had a twinkle of joyous mischievousness in them. Both knew that Shawn had pulled a mastermind prank on the two cats before him, and the thought made Shawn Roy bask in the light of it while the realization that they had been duped had yet to take effect on Leo and Ronny's psyche. Capturing the moment for himself, Shawn took a step back, having a good idea of what was to come next, and let his grin stretch off to the farthest corners of his mouth.

"I don't think you're supposed to be up there, Mr. Leonardo."

Leo flew into a rage at those words. He slashed at Shawn over and over again with his claws, the Californian being just out of his reach, while Ronny tried desperately to keep both himself and Leo from plummeting down to the ground. As Leo was having his little tantrum, Shawn was bent completely over, laughing so hard that it made his stomach hurt, while tears brought upon by the laughter rolled down his face. This continued on for about a minute, concluding when Leo calmed down enough for Ronny to reel him back onto the roof, while Shawn got the last bits of his little joke out of his system via snickering, earning him slightly pissed off expressions of annoyance from his two friends up on the school's roof.

"You're a prick, you know that?" Ronny called down to Shawn, who smiled wickedly at the man-friendly insult.

"I love you too, Ronald." He replied before breaking out in another fit of snickering, this time joined be Leo, while Ronny's face became red with anger and steam shot out his ears.


Shawn and Leo couldn't help themselves. Everyone in their small group of friends knew how much Ronny (Ronald) hated being referred to by his legal name, believing it to be unflattering and just plain-old geeky, as he put it, and made a point of getting everyone to call him Ronny instead. Of course everyone bugged the living shit out of him for it, and as hard as he tried to keep a level head, Ronny was unsuccessful more times than not.

Letting Ronny sit there and simmer, Leo sat on the edge of the roof and looked down at Shawn wiping away a tear in the wake of his most recent victory over Ronny, and he looked up too see Leo looking down at him. He smiled up at the gray cat, both of them forgetting that Shawn had just pulled a fast one on Leo, and Leo couldn't help but return the friendly gesture.

"You remembered to grab everything?" Leo inquired of Shawn.

"You bet man. S'all in my bag." Shawn shrugged the backpack he was wearing off himself and set it down on the ground with care, unzipping it to reveal the contents it held. There were a good number of water balloons in the bag along with a few scattered flour bombs (little plastic baggies with flour in them), and by the looks of things, Leo could clearly see that none of the precious items had busted throughout the day.

Nodding his head in approval to his friend, Leo stood up and gave a mischievous grin to Shawn as he rubbed his paws together with anticipation once more.

"Well, lets get you up here and get ready."

It didn't take very long to get Shawn up on the roof. There was a bit of struggle to do it, mostly because neither Ronny nor Leo could qualify for what you could call "strong", and were attempting to haul Shawn straight up onto the roof by the arms, but with a few good tugs from Leo and Ronny and a bit of kicking at the wall from Shawn, it wasn't long before the black cat was on the roof with his two friends.

They took a quick moment to catch their breath before Shawn removed his backpack and set it gently down on the floor between himself, Leo, and Ronny. He unzipped it slowly and once more revealed to all of their eyes the sight of water balloons and the obscure amount of flour filled baggies. Leo smiled with happiness at the sight, giving Shawn a firm pat on the back as he sat down to relax a bit, once again pulling out his DS and resuming where he had left off in his game as Shawn and Ronny followed his lead by pulling out their own DS' and getting occupied with their own games.

All in all it was fairly uneventful for the three friends on the roof. There was a tranquil silence that was only broken when one of them cursed over something that had happened to them in their games, usually because of an in-game death, but overall it was peacefully quiet, "calm before the storm" you could say if you were trying to be overly poetic about it.

As the afternoon wore on for Leo, Ronny, and Shawn, it soon came to their attention that the bell would be ringing in a few minutes, signaling the end of the day, and that they had to get ready.

Sitting up from where they sat, Ronny and Shawn went over to the edge of the roof while Leo grabbed the bag containing the devices of their vengeance and brought it over to the other two, crouching down with them low to the ground to avoid being seen until the moment they would execute the ambush.

Feeling the excitement rising in his chest, turned to say a few words to Ronny.

"So we just stand up and pelt him?"

"Pretty much." He replied without taking his eyes of the ground. "Not too complicated for you, right?" He added in a teasing tone, making Shawn chuckle.

Leo responded with the finger before returning his gaze to the ground to await Spencer's arrival. He checked his watch, reading the time to be 2:59, meaning that the bell should ringing juuuust aaaabouuuuuut…


There we are.

Hearing the bell go off sent an excited jolt up Leo's spine. In only a few seconds now Spencer would be coming though the doors beneath himself, Ronny, and Shawn, meaning that in a few minutes they would be hurling water balloons at him, soaking him as well as avenging Aeris for last night, and that in an hour he, Ronny, and Shawn would be over at Aeris' house telling her and Ashley about how bad they had gotten back at this ass and having a good laugh at his expense. That though alone got Leo rallied up and excited for the coming event, nearly jumping out of his fur when he heard the door creak open a few seconds later, Shawn just barely able to hold in what would have been a very loud laugh at his friend's reaction.

They didn't dare peek over the edge to see who it was that had come out the door, none of them wanting to risk being spotted by a teacher, especially now that they were so close. They remained uncomfortably still, bodies pressed firmly against the small wall in front of them with their balloons close to bursting in their paws from how hard they were gripping them. They weren't nervous, though they had good reasons to be, just anxious. They wanted to get the waiting over with and just nail this Spencer dick with all the balloons they had and laugh in his face for it. Thinking about it made the waiting all the more worse for the three, for there bones were beginning to creak from trying to stay still for so long, but thankfully for our boys on the roof relief came in the form of a hearty chuckle from below, followed by a deep voice.

"I don't know what you're talking about Jimmy, but fucking Iginla can't shoot worth shit. Crosby all the way man."

The reply was delivered with an equally deep, but more immature sounding voice that Leo guessed must have belonged to "Jimmy". "Fuck your pretty boy Crosby Tony. All he does is bitch and complain. Iginla would mow him down in a second."

There was a resounding laugh from what sounded like a small group of muscled young men, an estimate that proved to be correct when Leo decided that it was safe to check and see who these guys were without the threat of a teacher. Peeking his eyes ever so slightly over the edge of the wall, Leo saw four tall and muscular boys, all wearing hockey-style jerseys and blue jeans. There was one that had white fur, sporting a Vancouver Canucks jersey with the number 14 on the back, one with dark brown fur and a Calgary Flames jersey with 86 on the back, another with fur that was just as dark as the last cat, a Pittsburg Penguins jersey on his back with 18 printed across it, and finally a black furred cat with an Edmonton Oilers with the magic number 99 on it. He stood slightly taller than the others, and when Leo got a good look at him, he couldn't help but feel small in contrast with this guy.

He instantly knew that this was Spencer.

He didn't need any confirmation; his gut told him that this was the person that had stood Aeris up last night, the person that made her cry, and the person that had nearly made him miss his 10:30 curfew last night. That last point made Leo feel a little selfish, but you get the point! Spencer was someone Leo didn't like very much right now!

Sitting back down in between Shawn and Ronny, Leo quietly told them that Spencer as well as a small group of what he presumed to be three of his friends were down below.

"You're sure there's four of them?" Ronny whispered.

Leo nodded his head yes. "You think we got enough balloons for all of them?"

"Oh yeah." Shawn replied with a grin, giving his backpack a light kick. "I made tons of em. We won't have to worry about running out."

"Awesome." Leo smiled in response and gave Shawn a bro-fist in thanks.

"Alright then, let's get down to business boys." Ronny said in an excited-sounding voice as he shifted positioning and crept up closer to the edge of the roof. Leo and Shawn followed with devilish smiles on their faces and balloons/flour bombs at the ready. Normally they would try to hide their excitement for the sake of looking cool, but they didn't really care right now, so each of them, Leo, Shawn, and Ronny, smiled so wide that it almost made their faces hurt.

Slinking up to the top of the wall, the three friends peered down at Spencer and his group. The were still going on about hockey, something which our boys found flat out boring, so they generally didn't pay much attention to what was being said below, winding up to chuck their balloons instead.

"I got the brown ones." Ronny said, taking aim at the two brown furred cats.

"White." Shawn replied. "Leo? You got Spencer?"

"Yep." Leo replied. "I'm gonna go for his face."

"Nice." Ronny said with an amused smile. "Here, you go first."

Leo nodded his head and slowly stood up. He didn't move slowly but it looked as though he did. He didn't stand up, just sat up a bit more so that his upper body was now clearly visible overtop of the wall in front of it. He cast a large shadow on the ground below, catching the attention of Spencer and his crew, making them turn to see what had cast the shadow, and they caught sight of Leo.

A few seconds of silence past before Leo spoke.

"Spencer?" He asked in an assertive voice.

The dark cat, for it was Spencer, got a questioning look on him when Leo spoke to him.

"Uh, yeah?"

"You had a date last night?"

"What does it matter to you, huh?"

"She's my best friend, you dick, that's what it matters to me."

With that, Leo twisted his arm behind his head and hurled the water balloon he was holding as hard as he could at Spencer, hitting him, you guessed it, right in the face. He staggered back a bit from the impact, not expecting it for one second, and then a wild, pissed-off look came into his eyes. He looked at Leo with his fangs bared.

"You little fuc-"

It was at that moment that Shawn and Ronny pounced up beside Leo, their own balloons and bombs in hand, and started throwing them at Spencer and his friends like there was no tomorrow.

"Ahh! What the hell!"

"That's what you get!"


"It's sticking to my fur!"

"That's right you assholes! Suck it!"

Leo, Ronny and Shawn exhausted their balloons/bombs on the group below, quickly grabbing more to throw and soak them with, throwing more and more of the ice-cold and flour-filled bags, soaking those below and making their fur white and pasty, before they threw the last of their goodies, ironically it being the largest of the balloons getting thrown by Leo at Spencer's face once again.

While their enemies scrambled around aimlessly on the ground, trying to wipe the now sticky flour from their eyes, Leo Shawn and Ronny jumped up and away from the edge of the roof, grabbed Shawn's backpack, and ran off towards the other end of the roof, laughing like idiots at the misery of those on the ground.

So far, the plan was rolling along smoothly.

If only it would continue that way…

To Be Continued…

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