A trip to the beach with "slight" strangeness. whys Nagi flirting with Amu, and Amu doing the same thing? What's up with Tadase and Rima?

"Arrgggh." I groaned out loud. I didn't want to go to the damn beach, it was all "Amu's idea" I didn't mind going at first, thinking it would be nice considering it was sweltering hot in the middle of summer. Plus Amu was going and it would be nice to spend some time with her. Well that's what I thought before I knew this was going to happen, and a certain purple haired he devil had to be involved. I was happily reading my comic under the lovely shade of my umbrella, when I happened to catch Amu, staring at Purple head. I thought it was a little strange since well, we all knew she had a rather large crush on Prince. Although I was trying to keep my outer fa├žade going, I really wanted to know what she was doing staring at Nagi. And when I walked over to ask her, she just started stuttering and blushing. Then he devil invited everyone to play volleyball, but me who absolutely hated sports declined. So did Tadase which was weird. So there I was just sat reading my comic whilst most of the others played Volleyball.

About five minutes into me happily reading my comic Tadase quietly came over and sat under my umbrella still quietly watching the game.

"I know you're sat there, ya know prince." Oh crap, I shut my mouth thinking he would go off down the beach yelling about how he was king, but to my surprise he didn't. He just sat there, he then slowly turned his head smiled and said.

"You do know we left our charas at home?" I sighed realising my mistake, and scoffed.

"Of course, I knew." He chuckled and carried on watching the game of volleyball, me, who had had enough of reading my comic, did to.

I growled having enough of the flirt fest between Amu and Purple head. I didn't get it; they were acting differently than they usually would. Tadase was too. He would occasionally glance over at me with those ruby eyes of his. Everything was very wrong. I pondered on it until I was interrupted by Amu squealing playfully and running down the beach Purple head close on her tracks. I sighed.

"Is this all they're going to do." I said out loud, Tadase glanced round and I realised I had said it out loud. He started chuckling and my cheeks tinted pink in embarrassment as I grumbled.

"Well its true isn't it, All Amu and Purple head have been doing is flirting. And you don't seem to mind. I thought you fancied her." Tadase shook his head, which made me think.

"Well, who does he fancy then?" I said it out loud accidently and shut my mouth again whilst blushing a little. He was still watching the pair but said.

"Someone closer than you think."