*Meanwhile in the Great Hall*

"Merlin's beard, what do you suppose we should do?" A stunned Horace asked Albus, never taking his eyes off the chaos that erupted in the Great Hall.

"Well Horace... this is quite a peculiar situation. I suggest you go down to Severus' office and the two of you should immediately start brewing antidotes. By the looks of this chaos there are at least fifteen or so affected students. Meanwhile, I shall warn the other heads of houses not to leave their rooms." Albus said loudly, trying to out-yell the uproar.

For the second time that day he felt his normally cheerful look on life slip from him. When I find out who is responsible for this... But he did not have time to linger on such thoughts for long, nor was he able to anyway from the noise.

He turned his attention back to the situation at hand. Most of the students were a safe distance away at the Quidditch pitch, but a fair few students were still lingering at the tables. Most of them were staring at their house mates or at the other tables with their mouth hanging open.

Some of the students however, were otherwise engaged. The Gryffindor table was by far the loudest. As far as Albus could tell, five or six students were sitting on the benches, slapping their hands on the table and stomping their feet to a strange rhythm, singing a song Albus suspected was either written by them in the heat of the moment or was hastily rewritten to suite their current passionate state.

Honey you're so hot makin' us swoon

Teaching in the school transfiguration all day

We've got love on our face

And it's not a disgrace

Flauntin' your grace all over the place

She's our, she's our goddess.

She's our, she's our goddess.*

Meanwhile, a smallish group of about five students at the Hufflepuff table were only slightly quieter, they were in the middle of a heated argument about which plant might be Pomona Sprout's favourite.

Albus also noted that the Ravenclaw table was suspiciously empty. Almost too suspiciously. None of the present Ravenclaws seemed to be affected. But out of all the present students, the Slytherin table was the most disconcerting. A larger group of about seven or either students were huddled together whispering. Albus, with a simple wand movement, transfigured two cups into a pair of Extendable Ears, knowing its secret through a fortunate coincidence where the Weasley twins ended up owing him a favour.

"No you idiot! He's too smart to fall for chocolate... you're not talking about Ron Weasel after all..." one of the girls hissed.

"Well...what do you suggest then if you're so smart?"

"Well... I heard of a charm... you cast it on someone and anyone they're not attracted to will be invisible to them..." Surprisingly this came from a male student.

Albus made a mental note to put extra wards on the restricted section of the library where the book that contained the aforementioned charm was held.

Back in Minerva McGonagall's office...

"Uuuuhhhh..." Minerva groaned as Hermione's talented lips found yet another of her soft spots. Hermione was now on her knees, between Minerva's legs. With one of her hands she tried to keep the woman's hips in place while the other was stroking her lover's inner thigh. She dipped the tip of her tongue into the older witch's navel, kissing it as if she was kissing the woman's mouth.

Just as Hermione was about to sink lower between Minerva's legs an envelope flew into the room through the fireplace. Without waiting to be opened the letter floated near the two women who were quite oblivious to its presence until it started speaking. When they heard Albus's deep voice in the room, the two witches sprang apart as if they were scorched by fire.


I hope I am not interrupting anything but just in case Miss Granger is not as persuasive as I thought her to be, I have to warn you not to leave your office until further notice. Apparently Miss Granger wasn't the only one who consumed some of the love potion, there are about fifteen more students under it's influence.

Strangely, the prankster thought it appropriate to make students of different houses fall in love with their respective heads, so only about a third of these students feel amorous about you.

I shall send another note when all the students have been restored to their senses. In the meanwhile... enjoy my dear! You deserve it.


Both witches stared at each other in stunned silence when suddenly Hermione burst out laughing. Minerva merely arched an eyebrow, wondering what the younger witch found so amusing.

"I do not see how this is funny, my dear. Would you mind sharing?"

Hermione continued laughing for some moments, trying to compose herself but failing miserably. Finally when she managed to stop laughing she had to look away from Minerva, fearing that one glance at her beloved professor might send her into a new fit of giggles. She picked herself up from the floor and flopped down next to Minerva on the sofa.

"I just imagined what half a dozen enamoured Gryffindors would do if they found you. It reminded me of the boys when they were trying to impress Fleur."

The explanation only served to confuse Minerva even more and now both of her eyebrows were nearing her hairline. "Fleur? Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons?"

Seeing the confusion on her lover's face Hermione hurried to elaborate. "She's part Veela." An expression of understanding spread across Minerva's face, mingling with something else.

"I wonder, my dear, if I should not be offended by being compared to such beasts." She said but the shadow of a smile playing on her lips hinted to Hermione that Minerva was only joking.

"Oh no my love, I didn't mean to compare your temper to theirs." She replied, kissing Minerva's shoulder. "Unlike your good looks."

Hearing this, Minerva did something she rarely ever did. She burst out laughing as well. "Oh Hermione, you're a riot. You can't have meant that... I'm old for Merlin's sake and I have wrinkles. A Veela would outstrip me in beauty any day of the week."

"Not in my eyes." Hermione replied instantly, leaning forward and kissing her professor soundly on the lips. But before she could break off to continue her declaration, Minerva caught her chin softly and deepened the kiss. Without breaking the kiss Minerva shifted on the sofa and moved to push Hermione on her back.

"Mmmmmm, oh no you don't. It's my turn." Hermione whispered against soft lips and easily flipped Minerva on her back. Sneaking a leg between her lover's thighs she grinned into the kiss when Minerva's hips bucked at the much welcomed contact.

"Uuuugh, stop teasing me girl, I'm about to explode as I am." The older witch half begged, half demanded.

"Oh? And what happened to nice and proper?" Hermione asked, a wicked grin spreading across her lips as one of her hands slowly descended between her lover's legs but she didn't quite touch her yet.

Minerva shuddered at the light contact, desperately bucking her hips for more. "Well one... you're not being nice. Two... proper doesn't necessarily mean slow." She barely finished the sentence as a guttural moan burst from deep inside her as questing fingers finally entered her.

It didn't take Hermione more than a few minutes to bring Minerva close to the edge. She was comfortably nestled between the woman's legs but suddenly she raised her head much to the displeasure of Minerva. "I hope this won't be a one-time occurrence?" She asked mock-innocently.

Minerva at first only replied with a growl, not at all amused with Hermione who slowed the fast, steady pace that would have brought her release in a matter of seconds. "Only... if you don't... finish me soon..." She panted, her Scottish temper rising in her. Her breath was coming in short, irregular gasps. "Because... either I'm going to die... or you are if I survive the next minute..."

Giving up on her evil torture Herminone redoubled her efforts. Just as she felt Minerva grabbing a fistful of her hair she curled her fingers deep inside the woman, trying to hold on as the older witch's hips rose off the sofa in one jerky motion.

Minerva was hit by a powerful orgasm, forcing all the air out of her lungs. Moaning Hermione's name, her body remained suspended in the air, trembling as the girl softly continued lapping at her. She hadn't even recovered from her first orgasm when she felt another wave of pleasure building inside her.

Totally spent, the lovers were slumbering on the sofa in a tight embrace when another letter from Albus arrived. Minerva was the first to wake up and she summoned the message that was silently hovering above their heads.

Dear Tabby,

I suspect the reason why Miss Granger did not turn up at lunch is your doing. If my suspicions are correct then I believe I should be congratulating you for listening to your heart for once.

However, I think it would be wise to let Harry and Ronald see her even if only for a couple of hours, they have been asking about her all day.

I expect you to turn up at the evening meal as well, I am absolutely dying to know how Miss Granger managed break down your defences.



Minerva smirked at the letter, folded it in two and sent it floating onto her table. She then looked at the girl peacefully sleeping with her back closely snuggled into her embrace. Pressing her lips to Hermione's cheek in a soft kiss she nudged the young witch awake.

"Hermione... love, wake up..." She whispered into the girls ear, who merely groaned sleepily and turning around tried to snuggle her face into Minerva's chest.

"Dearest, we should get up... Albus expects to see the both of us in the Great Hall for dinner." She whispered into bushy brown hair.

Hearing the Headmaster's name Hermione cracked an eye open. "Whut?"

"Albus just sent another note. We have to go dinner, love. Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley have been mighty worried about you for the past few hours." She answered, her Scottish accent rather thicker than usual.

"Ugh... but this is much more nicer... can't we stay like this?"

"I'm afraid not, my love. It would be suspicious and we'll have quite a hard time disguising our relationship anyway. Lets not add more to it." She answered with a chuckle.

"GOD, Hermione where have you been all day?" Harry and Ron immediately bombarded Hermione with questions when she sat down next to Harry at dinner.

"In Professor McGonagall's office. The potion wore off quickly though... but we had a lot of...things to discuss."

"Well it's a right good job she locked you in her office with herself I reckon." Ron said with his mouth full as usual.

"And why is that?" Hermione asked, willing her voice not to sound defensive.

"Well I'm sure you've heard that you weren't the only one drugged with that potion... but the Gryffindors got the worst of it. They went wild before Slughorn and Snape finished brewing the antidotes and started fighting." Harry answered instead of Ron who had difficulties talking because of the amount of food he stuffed into his face. "Two of them ended up in the hospital wing for the night..."

"I reckon Snape did it on purpose. Wanted to hurt Gryffindor as much as he could. Especially after he heard Dumbledore's decision about the punishment." Ron said before taking another large bite of his pie.

"What? What punishment? What did Dumbledore do with Malfoy?" Hermione asked, hoping that Malfoy got at least a month's detention.

"That's just it. All of the houses were affected, except for Ravenclaw. But they're too brainy to make a mistake like that... Dumbledore couldn't figure out who did it so he decided to take away all the points from every house. We're starting from zero again." Harry said grudgingly.

"But it HAD to be Malfoy!" Hermione snapped, angered by the unjust decision.

Harry and Ron grinned at her in unison. "We don't think so Hermione. Unless he's stupid enough to drink his own potion..."


"Malfoy was drugged as well. You should have seen Snape's face when he confessed to him. I thought... I thought he was going to hex him into next we...week instead of giving him the antidote!" Harry said laughing harder with each word. Everyone within hearing distance burst into laughter as well.

After they all regained their composure Harry turned to Hermione once again. "So what did you do in McGonagall's office all day?"

"Oh... well... we talked a lot...about... everything really. I guess I could say I got to know her on a more personal level..." Hermione said, a mysterious smile playing on her lips.

The End

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