POST- Worst Couple

And so it was official. There was no more Beck and Jade- just Beck and Jade. To the naked eye Jade seemed much better off than Beck.

Beck showed that his emotions and energy was drained, that he hurt. But she couldn't show emotion besides anger, and right now she really wasn't that angry.

Sure, she was upset and cried herself to sleep that night but she never really did show off her feelings. Hell, she didn't even show that she sweated. Yes, you read that correctly- sweated.

He didn't cry though. He tried to mask the pain, but failed miserably. Although he was an incredible actor, he knew that he wasn't a random character from a script. It was real. Like his life was a never ending improv* act.

Although it had been a mere few days, the awkward tensions had been rising. Nobody really sided with Jade on this break-up since they were mainly Beck's friends. Jade always knew they never really liked her.

But she was okay with that- or so she made it seemed. The most awkward time for her was lunch; since she had no one to sit with anymore she would sit in the library working on scripts and music.

She didn't eat at lunch since you weren't a loud to inside the library. She knew the repercussions of not eating but she didn't care. Maybe she wanted to finally feel that empty feeling in her stomach. Something she hadn't felt in awhile.

He was quiet for once. He didn't comment on Andre's new song, Tori's new minor issue she blew out of proportion, Robbie's new comebacks for Rex or Cat's new…randomness. They were concerned, but none of them had a clue to fix it- fix him.

They hadn't spoken to one another until that night she counted to ten and he never opened the door. Sure, he hurt- but she hurt harder. She would have opened the door if it wasn't that she always had to do the coming back. But not this time, if he wanted her back, then she'd make him crawl dammit*.

She wants him to hurt so badly. She never wants to see him again, let alone speak to him- that all changes when she sees the digital word pregnant etched on that little white stick. She throws the stick at the bathroom wall and cries herself to sleep for a second night.

The next day, she avoids all contact to Beck- even eye contact.

She knows she needs to tell someone but doesn't know who. Her mom would probably pressure her to put the baby up for adoption and her father would, by the least, disown her.

She decides to tell Lane, the guidance counselor.

"Um, alright Jade well who have you told so far?" he says after she tells him the whole story- from breaking up to the pregnancy test.

"Nobody" she says blankly

Lane never really has dealt with this type of situation; it's usually pep talks or getting kids to admit to a wrong doing.

"Why not?" It's the only thing he can think of asking

"Cause I have nobody to tell…" she says staring intently at the coffee table.

"What about your mom? Dad? Maybe the baby's father?" Lane asks. He assumes it's Beck's baby but he doesn't want to say anything that might be pushing her limits. Because when you assume you can make an ass out of u and me.

"No. Double no. Triple no." she says looking up at the counselor.

"And why is that?" He asks

"Because my mom will make me get rid of the baby in anyway, I have no clue how my dad would react but I know it won't be good, and I can't tell Beck…well because I don't feel like he deserves to know" she says nonchalantly

"Why don't you feel like he deserves to know?" He asks, finally getting the hang of the situation.

"Because I don't want him to hurt the baby the way he hurt me" she says like it should be obvious.

"I see, well how 'bout-" he doesn't get to finish his sentence before she is out the door.

Typical Jade.

A few days pass and she finally makes contact with him. But not on purpose.

She's walking to her locker and he's walking to class when they bump into each other.

They star at each other directly in the eyes for a good thirty seconds when he breaks the silence by saying "Jade…"

But she's walking away when the first syllable comes out of his mouth. But he grabs her upper arm before she can walk away. He pulls her so she can face him and he says "Jade, can we talk?" in a desperate, almost whisky, voice. He's basically crawling she thinks.

But she still shakes her head 'no', because she doesn't want to slip anything about their future baby just yet.

"Please?" he begs and by the look of uncertainty in her eyes and silence from her voice- he takes her into the janitor's closet. Just like before they broke up.

He lets go of her when he makes sure he can block her if she tries to run out by placing her on the other side from the door.

"Please, talk to me. I-" he says before she cuts him off by saying "Shut up." She's holding her head in one hand when asks "Excuse me?"

"Did I stutter? I said shut up!" she said getting aggravated. He knew she was obviously trying to compose herself so he gave her sometime. It had been awhile of pure silence when he spoke up again "Ja-"

But he couldn't finish-once again- when Jade interrupted him saying "I'm pregnant."

And then his heart sank.

"W-what- I mean, um, when d-did you, you know…find out about this?" he asked awkwardly.

"A month ago…" Jade said quietly, leaning her back against the wall and looking down.

He realizes they broke up a month ago, and she's been dealing with this alone.

"Before or after we broke up?" he asks not knowing which answer would make him feel worse.

She's quiet for a bit but eventually says "before…"

She was lying, but with all the shit he made her go through, she should be able to make him feel bad. He was not being able to realize there was something up, she had an excuse for not coming back to him first and he basically would have literally left her with child. And hey, how would he ever figure out when she found out? It's not like she told anybody when anyways.

"Why didn't you tell me..?" he questions her. He's not mad at her, but he's mad at himself for not realizing something was unusual with her before the break up, that he had literally left her with child and that he was mad at one point because she didn't come back to him.

Ironic, huh?

"Well I was going to and then we started fighting and I thought it was going to blow over, but then you never came outside and I was mad and I really didn't want to tell you and if I had a choice I probably wouldn't have" she says taking a deep breath at the end and she has tears that barely touch the brim of her eyes, like when you look at a computer screen to long.

"But you did tell me…" he said confused. Honestly he didn't know what was happening. All he knows is that he an ass-hole and a soon-to-be-father at seventeen.

"Just cause we bumped into each other and I really didn't just want to have a whole conversation with you about hating me so I-"she said but he cut her off

"You think I hate you?" he says hurt.

"It's kinda* obvious, Beck. I'm not stupid and you don't need to pretend just cause I'm pregnant" she says looking into his dark brown eyes.

"Why would you think I hate you?" He says loudly, almost scaring the now fragile girl (formerly the much tougher girl)

"I-It just comes across that way, Beck" she basically squeaks in fear that he'll hurt her again. But this time she's scared it won't just be emotionally- and he notices that too.

He doesn't know what they've become. Without her he becomes this silent person who blows up when speaks. Without him she becomes this weak loner who has no one to turn to.

"I'm so sorry, Jade" he says pulling her in for a hug she doesn't return. In fact, in less than five seconds she rejects it and pushing him off of her.

"No, no Beck you can't do this! You can't just leave me and act like everything is all okay just cause there is a baby now! It doesn't work like that!" she says angry, something she hasn't shown in awhile. She's so fed up with his bull shit so she walks out of the closet, away from him.

As she is walking away in the hallway, he calls after her "we're not done talking about this, Jade!"

"Whatever!" she says back to him. Her voice having a short echo in the remotely empty hallway.

That night he calls her multiple times but she doesn't pick up- even when he uses a blocked number.

He decides to go over to his house because he knows he wouldn't get any sleep until they talked this out a little bit more.

He knocks at her door and, luckily, she opened the door.

"What do you want?" she greeted him.

"We need to talk about…this thing" He says the word thing because he's not ready to acknowledge that they're having a baby- and she notices it.

She shuts the front door, so her mother can't hear their conversation. "It is not a thing, Beck! It's a baby"

"I know, just cut me some slack okay! I just found out today!" He says, because really who would be able to act calm or collected in this situation.

"Well you didn't seem to give me any slack the day I found out!" she retorts back, because seriously she's not going to let him send her on a guilt trip. Her eyes begin

He fell silent, he was upset with himself. He just doesn't realize that the whole situation is much worse on her end than his.

"Look, I'm so sorry for everything that happened- but are you always going to using it against me?" Beck asks getting frustrated. He has obviously shown he cared, he initiated the first conversation and he came to her house. What more was there?

"I can't just get over this in a day you ass-hole!" Jade said

Hearing her voice crack makes his heart break. He puts his hands on his should and is unintentionally is shaking her because his whole body was shaking from worry that he may just lose her again- but this time it wasn't just her, it was his kid too.

"Look, I am so sorry for everything! I just needed time, and I don't know about you, but I'm ready now and I'm willing to do anything to fix this- fix us, okay? Just tell me what you feel! Please, Jade" He said, still passing the shaking from his body to hers.

"I feel like I'm gonna puke" she said turning an extremely light shade of green.

"What?" he said confused but before he finished she was on her knees puking in the nearest bush. He slowly kneeled down next to her and held her hair back for her.
When she had finished puking she pulled her head out of the plants and tried to catch her breath.

They were still kneeling when Beck asked her "are you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks" Jade said "it was just that being shaken and pregnant aren't a good match."

Beck suddenly felt guilty- well more than he already was- and said to her "I'm sorry, it's just that I'm kinda freaking out here"

"And you don't think I am?" she said looking at Beck.

"I know, I'm sorry. Just, I'm really confused right now..." He said avoiding eye contact.

"Well then we need to figure this whole thing out" she said, finally receiving his eye contact, but then adding "but no now, its nine o'clock..."

"Yeah, yeah. Okay" He stood up and then helped her up "tomorrow at lunch, just me and you. We'll talk about this, okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine" she said turning to walking back inside.

As she opened the door and had one foot inside he added "goodnight, Jade"

She let out a jagged breath and said "night, Beck"

She wasn't going to wish him goodnight, they weren't on good yet.


*improv: a theatrical technique where there is no set script or set; Improvision.

*dammit: slang version/conjunction of the two words 'damn it'.

*kinda: slang version/conjunction of the two words 'kind of'

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