Hello hello hello! It's been absolute ages since I've posted on this account. Honestly, I lost access to the email I originally created this account for years ago and I've only recently regained access. With that being said, I have re-stumbled into my interests on this site. Especially with Victorious being added on Netflix, my interests have re-peaked. I've been going through all my old stories, reviews, and messages and I am cringing at the way I used to write. So, I've decided I wanted to do some clean up.

I'm going to start and remove some projects I started on here, but never finished. They will be removed if I have no interest in them or if I am just so embarrassed by the style, content, or writing.

However, I am posting this message on a few of my old stories that I am interested in coming back to after all these years. I wanted to gage some interest and see if anyone would actually want to read new work on these projects. Some of these stories I would completely rework and start over, some I would just pick up where I left off.

Some of the stories I would rework are:

War Hero (with a new title)

Recollections, Baby

Secrets (with a new title)

Figure Eight

Please let me know if you'd be at all interested and/or if you have suggestions or tips! Speaking of which, I am looking at some of the terrible cover art I made years ago for some of these stories and it made me think. I typically use this site on my phone, and so I never see story covers or user icons. I didn't think they were all that important, but I realize not everyone using this site on a mobile web browser. I want to see how many people use this site on a computer and if I should put some effort into revamping those as well.

Thank you all for your support and patience!