From Whence? To Whence?

Excerpt from the DATS Preliminary After Action Report

In retrospect, given the technologies observed that the subjects expressed ease and familiarity with, it is quite obvious why Daneel and his associates from Infinity and otherwise chose to keep us in the dark, particularly regarding their sentient tanks or "Bolo's" given our recent history with the Digital World over such matters. Combining what we observed and witnessed with the notes on the one object left behind, the "CompuBall", results in an otherwise hazy picture becoming clearer. To prevent a rise of chaotic conflict and the destabilization of their dimensional boundaries, which Daneel seems to attribute with the entropy that accompanies with the use of certain technologies, particularly as they intersect with that of "relics of ancient powers" the aptly named agency, Infinity, sought to embrace a mere moment of madness to prevent it from grabbing hold for good; evidently, much strife remains from wherever and whence they come from. Analysis is ongoing, but suggest, as originally suggested and alluded to, a location out of the most frequently traversed areas of the plains that bind the Digital Worlds. The spherical navigational model we discovered, combined with our own data, indicates this to be somewhere Up-Plane in the Northern Quadrant. We expect new information as soon as the strengthened away team returns from a scouting trip in the Digital World to contact the Royal Knights and other such high authorities for relevant data as well as to survey the extent of the damage there.