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The field was in ruin, several bodies littered across the floor.


White liquid on the floor, craters on the floor.


The sky is dark, thunder crackling the sky, lighting the war zone… the bodies of the Konoha 12 and the allied forces on the ground.


Shikamaru…Choji… Ino… Kiba… Shino… Neji… Tenten… Rock lee… their bodies lie on the floor, the life out of their eyes.


Thunder crashed again as two figures clash in the sky, one of them yellow with a cloak while the other is black with another robe.

The yellow one crashed to the ground, landing next to the body of Sasuke Uchiha… his best friend… forced to watch get killed and betrayed… by Tobi.

Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchuriki of the nine-tailed fox whose real name is Kurama, is fighting against Tobi.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGH!" Naruto and Tobi yelled as they clash again, Naruto once again thrown to the floor.

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he looked back, seeing everyone's sensei's dead. Kakashi from chakra exhaustion, Gai for opening the eight gate, Kurenai for being stab in the back… and Tsunade for getting her chakra sealed. Thus, not letting her stay young.

Naruto glared at Tobi, Killer Bee getting the eight-tails taken out of him, resulting in his death.

Half of Tobi's mask was broken.

Naruto was panting as he used Kurama's chakra and made a giant rasengan while several clones popped to life, holding the same rasengan. Naruto jumped, shoving the rasengan in front of him.


"ALMIGHTY PUSH!" all the Naruto's were stopped dead in their track and soon, they were dead. But one Naruto came through.

"AAAAAAARRRGH!" Naruto threw a punch… which passed right through.

Naruto tripped and fell on the floor, Kurama's chakra disappearing.

"All out of the nine-tails chakra I see." Tobi said with a smile.

'No, no!' Naruto tried to transform but he never succeeded.

Tobi grabbed Naruto and flipped him over; Naruto saw one half of Tobi's face twist into a smirk.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Naruto screamed in pain by having both his hand stabbed by chakra rod.

Tobi smirked. "I can see it…"


"This world…"


"Will soon be under my control."


Tobi stood. "That… is an image fit for the last jinchuriki… to give me the power to control this world."

Naruto was stabbed in the hands and arms, his thighs were stabbed, allowing Naruto little space to move his legs and arm.

"Aaaaaaahhh…"Naruto screamed weakly, consciousness slowly losing him.

"Now…" Tobi reach out to grab Naruto, suddenly…

Someone passed by him, Tobi jumped away.

Naruto was able to keep consciousness through sheer will power to see that once again, Hinata saved him.

Hinata gave a bitter smile. "Isn't this the second time I saved you… Naruto-kun?' she asked.

Naruto gave a mirthful laugh. "Yeah…"

Tobi looked at Hinata impassively. "No matter, she won't stop me from achieving my goal." he said, dashing towards her.

Hinata stood her ground, not moving an inch, only if the situation calls for it.

Suddenly… again… someone fell in front of Hinata, punching the ground, making the earth pop and shield Hinata.

Hinata smiled. "Sakura-san!"

Sakura stood and smiled at the both. "Grateful to see me?" she asked, she turned to see Naruto. "Naruto-kun!" she ran towards him and took the chakra rod from his hands, those were the only one she got out before she and Hinata go lifted off the ground.

"Oh no, no, no. I can't let you touch the jinchuriki, I need him to achieve… my… GOAL!" he thrust his hand down, smashing Hinata and Sakura down. "Learn your place in this world!" he continues to add pressure to Sakura and Hinata. Both spitting blood while several ooze out of their bodies.

"No! Sakura-Chan! Hinata-Chan!" Naruto yelled, reach to grab the other chakra rods but got pushed down by gravity, not as much as the other two.

"N… Naruto…-kun…" Sakura whispered weakly, having her ribs collapse, piercing her lungs, barely letting her breath, her stomach more flatter than usual… Hinata in a similar fate.

"Now you see what happens to those who try to stop me." Tobi said as he walked towards Naruto.

Hinata cough. "Don't lay a (cough) finger on (cough) Naruto… -kun." consciousness left Hinata.

"Hinata-Chan…" Naruto whispered. He looked at Sakura who was already unconscious. "Sakura-Chan…" he closed his eyes shut.

He opened them to find himself in front of Kurama.

"This is a real pickle Naruto, we can't let that bastard win!" Kurama said.

"I know but… I ran out of your chakra… I got no energy left and… I just can't go on." Naruto said.

"There's always a way kit, and we'll find it, I'm not going back to becoming the ten-tails and you're not going to live, knowing you failed everyone." Kurama said.

"THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO! ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEATH, MY TEACHERS ARE DEATH, TSUNADE IS DEATH, ALL THE JINCHURIKI'S ARE DEAD, MY BEST FRIENDS IS DEAD AND…" Naruto closed his eyes tight, tears running down his face. "Sakura-Chan and Hinata-Chan are dead." he whispered.

Even Kurama had to admit that he was a little sad seeing Naruto in so much pain.

"Listen kit, I may have a way for you to do this all over again." Kurama said.

Naruto looked at Kurama in wonders. "Really? You can do it?"

Kurama shook his head. "Not me kit… you!"

Naruto nearly jumped. "Me, but… I ran out of your chakra, how am I supposed to…"

"Did you forget about your chakra?" Kurama asked.

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Oh yeah… I forgot." he said.

"Now, what you need to do is…"

Tobi was still reaching for Naruto, either because he took his sweet time or time slowed while Naruto was talking to Kurama, never the less, he was still reaching for Naruto. In a burst of chakra, Naruto opened his eyes, with new determination burning in them.

Tobi frowned. 'What this? The chakra rod supposed to agitate his chakra, so why isn't he…' he froze when he saw Naruto make a weird hand sign. 'What kind of hand sign is that? Never mind that, with this much chakra, he could planning something that could be my end!'

Hinata and Sakura slowly opened their eyes, able to regain consciousness and looked at Naruto. They both smiled.

"Naruto-kun… you can do it!" Sakura said.

"Go… Naruto-kun!"

Tobi quickly reached for Naruto, grabbing his left shoulder and started to suck Naruto in.

"Secret art: Space-time disruption jutsu!" Naruto yelled and his chakra turned white, covering himself, Tobi, Hinata, Sakura, the battle field, hell… it covered the whole earth.

Kurama, from inside Naruto, though one thing. 'This'll end badly.'

Everyone was enjoying life, wandering around the city of Konoha, the face of the previous hokages on the mountain, but one face is missing.

A secretary walked inside the hokage's office. "Hokage-sama, here's more paperwork." she said.

Hiruzen groaned in disappointment. "Put them on my desk." he said which she did. He looked up. 'Today is the day that Naruto-kun will become a genin… good luck…'

Hinata was sleeping in bed, and suddenly jumped to the air and landed out of her bed.

She looked around her room. Confusion in her eyes before her eyes widen, flashes of what Naruto did on his fight with pain. Hinata's face turned to pure joy. 'Naruto-kun… he did it! He really did it!' she thought, she looked at herself. 'But… what am I small again?' she thought to herself. She shrugged her shoulder and continued to walk.

She reached her kitchen where her father was reading the newspaper (Don't know if they have any, just go with it).

"Hello father." she said, trying her best to be polite to him, her father put down the newspaper and he did the most shocking thing ever… he SMILED at her, SMILED! Hinata was so shock, she almost fell.

"Hello Hinata-Chan how did you sleep?" he asked.

Hinata was still surprised by her father sudden good attitude… or maybe it wasn't sudden at all. "H… hello, f-father?" she asked, unsure of him.

"Hinata-Chan, are you ok?" Haishi asked.

Hinata nodded. "I'll… I'll manage." she said, before turning to go.

"Wait, you haven't eaten breakfast." Haishi said worriment in his voice.

Hinata shivered. Not getting used to her father nice attitude, she never thought she wished for her cold distance father.

"I know, I'll… eat it later." she said.

She once again turned to leave but she almost fell from, having a mass tackle her, she looked down to see Hanabi smiling at her.

"Hi Nee-Chan!" Hanabi greeted.

Hinata stared dumbly at her before rushing out of the room.

"Nee-Chan?" Hanabi asked. She looked at Haishi who shrugged his shoulder and continue to read the newspaper.

Hinata continue to run before she nearly bump into Neji. She waited for Neji to say something.

"Hinata-sama…" he said coldly.

'Well at least he's still the same… ass.' Hinata mentally cursed as she walked towards one of her servant. "Excuse me, what date is it?" she asked.

The servant looked at her watch… if she had any. Instead she thought for a sec. "Isn't it the day you get selected for a team?" she asked.

Hinata eyes widen. "That's right! Thanks!" she said, she saw the servant raise her hand. "Um… you need something?' she asked.

The servant looked at Hinata with a confused expression. "You usually give me rewards in hugs… you said I was your mother figure." she said.

Hinata looked over the servant. She shrugged her shoulders and hugged the servant. "Thanks again!" she said and ran off.

She was running, hoping to see her friend or maybe even her… there he was.

Naruto Uzumaki walking without a care in the world.

Her eyes started to water, seeing her Naruto-kun in front of her, where she could reach for him.

"NARUTO-KUN!" she yelled and hugged Naruto, tackling to the ground.

"Oof." Naruto grunted, landing on the ground.

Several villages came. "Demon! Hands off!" they said and grabbed Hinata, pulling her away from Naruto.

"Wait, he didn't do anything!" she said.

"Damn right he didn't!" a man yelled.

"Wha…?" before she could finish her thoughts, she was roughly pushed to the ground. She rubbed her sore bottom and looked at everyone and immediately froze.

Everyone was glaring at her, those hateful eyes that used to be focused to Naruto only this time… it was focused at her.

"Demon! Get out of here!" they yelled at her. "We don't want you here!" "Just die!" those are what reached Hinata ears.

"Guys, guys, she wasn't doing anything! Relax!" Naruto told them but they wouldn't listen.

Hinata could go and say that she was used to her family glare of disappointment, but to have several villagers not only glare at her with hatred, but yelling at her to die, the pressure was too much for her and she ran off.

She soon found a building and hide behind it, her thoughts racing. 'What's wrong with them? First my father and little sister acted nice to me, which I don't mind, everyone doesn't have those disappointing glares but instead sympathetic once. And now the villagers wants me dead… what going on!' Hinata thought desperately and shut her eyes tight, when she opened them; she was surprised to see herself in a sewer.

She looked around, trying to figure out where she was.

"Mh… you poor poor thing…" something purred behind the cage.

Hinata cautiously walked closer to the cage, when she was ten feet away, a giant red eye opened.

Hinata shrieked and almost fell.

"Mhh… don't be afraid my pretty little vixen…" the eye shrinks down until two small human eyes were staring at Hinata. The figured walked forward to reveal a naked female with long red hair that goes to her bottom. "Mh mh mh… you look cuter up close, especially when you look so scared." she said in her demonic sweet voice of her.

Hinata continue to look at the female. "Who are you! And… And where am I?"

The female shook her head. "Isn't it clear sweetie, I'm the nine-tail demon fox, but you can call my Kurama, that was my original name and I'm not planning to change it." Kurama said.

Hinata looked at her with a confused expression. "But… you're supposed to inside of Naruto… and you're supposed to be a boy, and you're supposed to be mean and vicious, calling me a bitch instead of cute and sweetie and…" she stopped upon Kurama appearing behind Hinata and rubbing her shoulder.

"Relax my cute little vixen… no need to stress yourself so much… I'll explain everything later, for now, enjoy your second chance in life…" Kurama whispered in Hinata ear while working the stress out of Hinata.

Hinata stood there, letting Kurama rub her shoulder, until she felt a slight tickle on her neck, she gasped when the thing that tickled her started sucking on her knee. Her eyes widen and quickly jumped.

"W-what are you doing! I'm not into girls!" Hinata yelled.

"Mh, but you look so cute!" Kurama dived for Hinata but before she could make it.

Hinata opened her eyes to see herself behind the see building, she is drench in sweat. She looked at her imaginary watch and gasped. "Class almost starts!" she said and dashed towards her school. Her problem towards Kurama forgotten.

She came to class and saw everything the same, except with some differences.

For one, Naruto seem slightly more popular with girls and had more friends.

'Note to self: Claim Naruto first.' Hinata noted.

She continues to look around and like she expected, she Ino and Sakura wasn't here, she looked to see Sasuke sitting boredly on the other end of the class. But something about him seem different, something that Sasuke couldn't live without.

'Sasuke-san isn't brooding!' Hinata thought in surprised.

And correct she was, Sasuke didn't have the 'fuck off world' look, he had the 'I wish something exciting happens' look. Truth be told, Hinata though Sasuke looked more relaxed than usual.

"Hi Naruto-kun!" someone yelled, Hinata turned to the voice and to her surprise, she saw Ino run towards Naruto and hug him.

"Hehe… hey Ino-Chan…" Naruto said nervously. 'No matter how many times I told her that we'll never be together, she just seems to be trying harder.' Naruto thought annoyingly. "Um… Ino-Chan, can you get off now?" he asked.

Ino shook her head. "I want to stay like this longer." she said, earning a piercing gaze from Hinata and several other girls.

'Why that little, didn't she love Sasuke!' Hinata thought. She once again heard a lot of commotion, she turned to the door and sweat dropped. There stood Sakura, several boys ogling her but she coldly ignored them and walked to her seat, even when she sat, boys looked at her way too closely, waiting for her to do something.

Sakura looked at them. "What?" she asked.

All the boys around her went to an uproar, yelling things like: 'We love you Sakura-Chan' 'She said 'what'!' or 'Please be my girlfriend!' Sakura sighed annoyingly and turned to the boy of her dream. Sasuke Uchiha, her eyes turned to the shape of hearts as she looked at him looking outside the window boredly, Sasuke looked at her and surprisingly, he smiled at her and waved.

Sakura nearly swoon and fell, everyone saw her reaction and turned to glare at Sasuke.

Sasuke turned from them. 'Take Itachi nii-san's advice and don't look at them in the eyes!' Sasuke thought nervously.

Hinata looked at all of them confusingly. 'What happened o team seven?' she thought.

"Alright class, settle down." they turned to Iruka who entered the class. Hinata sat down she didn't bother to listen to Iruka since she already heard his explanation on them now being ninja and how tough it'll be from now on.

"Now, to select the team. "Iruka took out a piece of paper and started to name off people who will be on the same team. "Now, team seven…" Hinata's ear perked, even though she knew the team. "First is Naruto Uzumaki…" he said.

Ino's head propped up, she looked at Naruto. 'Come on God; let me be with Naruto-kun…' Ino thought.

"Sakura Haruno…"

Sakura groaned annoyingly and looked at Naruto who was sitting next to her.

He smiled at her and waved but Sakura quickly glared at him, Naruto turned. 'Don't look at her in the eyes, don't look at her in the eye, don't look at her in the eye!'

"And… Hinata Hyuuga." Iruka finished, Hinata's heart skipped a beat.

'I'm… on the same team… as Naruto-kun?' she asked as a smile grazed her feature.

"WHAT!" two screech came from Sakura and Ino.

"Iruka-sensei, why do I need to be with this dumbass!" Sakura asked.

"Why does that slut get to be with my man!" Ino asked.

"I'm not a slut!"

"Pfft, yeah right, having all those boys practically kissing the ground you walk on."

Sakura smirked. "What the matter? Jealous?" Ino blushed, but before he could retort Iruka interfered.

"Sakura, we have teams based on how people did, You got the best when it comes to academic fields, Naruto is the best when it comes to the physical field, Hinata… is second best in both, I'm pretty sure you three could learn something from each other and improve where you are lacking." Iruka explained.

"But I don't want to be with this shit for brains!" Sakura continued.

"That's enough Sakura!" Iruka yelled. "Sit down otherwise I'll keep you back for another year."

Sakura eyes widen. "Y-you can't do that!"

"Wanna bet?"

Sakura huffed and sat down; Naruto flinched and move to the other side of the classroom, as far away from Sakura.

Iruka sighed. "Your sensei will be Kakashi Hatake."

Naruto's ear perked up. "Kakashi nee-san is my sensei?' he asked.

Iruka raised an eyebrow. "Kakashi is your brother?"

"Yeah… well no, he takes care of me like a brother since both my parents are either dead or left." Naruto said sadly on the last part.

"Mh, bet you they left you behind… who would want to take care of a dumbass like you?" Sakura asked coldly.

Naruto's anger spiked, he glared at Sakura with everything he had.

"Sakura Haruno! If you say one more thing out of line, you'll be held back! Now apologize to Naruto." Iruka said.

Sakura sighed annoyingly. "Sorry I insulted your stupid parents." Sakura said. Even in her apology, it was still an insult.

"That's it Sakura!" Iruka yelled. "You are…"

"Wait Iruka-sensei!" Hinata said quickly. "If Sakura-san get held back, then what will happen to me and Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked. "If she get held back then there won't be an extra student to replace here, and me and Naruto-kun will have to be held back along with her."

Iruka took up a thinking pose. He sighed. "You are lucky Sakura that Hinata told me that fact, but remember…" Sakura looked at Iruka with a disinterested look. "The world of the shinobi is no laughing matter, I advise for you to open up to Hinata and Naruto soon."

"Pfft, whatever…" Sakura muttered low enough for Iruka not to hear.

"Ok… next is team eight and that will be Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Shikamaru Nara, your sensei is Asuma." Shikamaru sighed annoyingly, Kiba looked at his teammates and grinned, Shino was… well… Shino. "And team ten will be Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi and Sasuke Uchiha, your sensei is Kurenai." he finished.

Sasuke looked confused for a sec. 'That's odd, I could've sworn that I would've ended up with Shikamaru or Naruto… oh well…' Sasuke looked at Ino and almost flinched due to her gritting her teeth so tight that it almost looked at if they were going to break.

'No, no, no, no, NO! I was supposed to be with Naruto-kun! Not that bitch Sakura, she can have Sasuke for all I care, I just want to be able to hold Naruto-kun whenever I want!' at this point she had tears going down her face.

Sasuke actually felt bad for Ino. 'Poor girls, she probably wanted to be with her best friend…'

Choji was the most confused then the other two; he didn't know if he was supposed to be happy or sad, he didn't care who he had as a team as long as he got along with them… he never talked to Ino or Sasuke in his short 12 year old life, he went towards Ino. "Hi…" he greeted, Ino gave a low growl, he backed away slowly. He instead walked towards Sasuke. "Hi…" he greeted.

Sasuke looked at Choji. He grinned. "Hey fatty, how's it going?" he joked, he even laughed slightly… before Choji exploded.

"I'M NOT FAT I'M JUST BIG-BONED!" Choji yelled at Sasuke.

Sasuke tried to get away, but he was already at the wall. "Ok…" he said meekly.

"Hey! Leave Sasuke-kun alone!" Sakura yelled.

Choji turned to her. "But he called me fat!"

"He's not lying; you are the fattest kid to ever exist."


"EVERYBODY BE QUIET AND SIT DOWN!" Iruka screamed, everyone rushed around the class and sat down. Iruka sighed. "Make sure… you don't give your sensei's headaches." Iruka said before leaving, letting everyone talk among themselves.

Sakura immediately rushed towards Sasuke. "Are you ok Sasuke-kun?" he asked.

Sasuke nodded. "I'll be alright, I just need to remember not to call him fat during our mission otherwise either me or him will end up death." he said.

"Don't listen to him Sasuke-kun, he's just jealous that he can't have a body build like yours." she said.

Hinata looked disgusted. 'Is it just me or does Sakura-Chan flirts with Sasuke more openly?' she asked.

Naruto looked at anyone he could talked but find everyone busy so he went towards Hinata and sat next to her.

"Hey Hinata." Naruto greeted.

Hinata looked at Naruto and smiled. "Hi N-Naruto-kun…" she greeted, she mentally kicked herself for stuttering.

"So, what do you think of this whole team setup?" Naruto asked.

"Well… I don't mind being with you…" Hinata said.

"Huh? Why?' Naruto asked.

"Because, I lo…"

"Yo shithead! Get over here now!" Sakura yelled at Naruto.

Naruto glared at her. "Why don't you make me!" he said, he turned to Hinata. "So what were you say ARGH!" Naruto got interrupted when Sakura grabbed his ear.

"Don't you ever talk back to me." Sakura said.

"Oh, so it's ok for you to call me a shithead, but not for you to ARGH!" Naruto was again interrupted when Sakura pulled him harder.

"Come here, now!" she pulled Naruto away.

Hinata glared at Sakura. 'What's wrong with her? She likes Sasuke so why is she so possessive of Naruto-kun?' Hinata asked herself, she then sighed. 'This isn't the same timeline, how did all of this change, Sasuke-san is nicer, he mentioned Itachi as if Itachi didn't kill his clan, my family is nicer to me… except Neji, I have the kyuubi inside of me…'

"I'd rather be called Kurama thank you." Kurama said inside Hinata's head.

'Right, Kurama is inside of me instead of Naruto-kun, Sakura is more… bitchy, and Ino likes Naruto-kun…' Hinata had swirly eyes at this point. 'So much has changed, even the teams.' she thought, soon Asuma came.

"Team eight, came with me." Shino, Kiba and Shikamaru left.

The next second, Kurenai came. "Team ten, come with me."

Hinata looked at Kurenai and almost wished that she was still her sensei.

Kurenai looked at Hinata and waved at her, Hinata waved back weakly as Kurenai left, Hinata sighed.

Naruto noticed this. "Hinata, what's wrong?" he asked.

Hinata shook her head. "It's nothing Naruto-kun…" before her eyes widen in remembrance. 'Wait, Naruto-kun doesn't remember what happened, I should remind him!' "Naruto-kun, don't you remember what happened?" she asked.

"Well… no, you were just sad so I came and…"

"No, no, don't you remember! You were fighting this guy named Tobi and you almost died." she said.

Naruto took a thinking pose. "A guy named Tobi… doesn't ring a bell, you sure you aren't making this up?" he asked.

Hinata shook her head. "I'm serious, you…"

"Can you two, keep it down!" Sakura yelled at both of them. "We're the only one in here, so I don't want to hear a word from either of you." she said and slumped down on her chair, already missing Sasuke.

Naruto hmphed and stayed quiet, not wanted to raise the tension between him and Sakura already.

(With team eight)
Sasuke sat next to Choji who was sitting next to Ino, who seem to be ignoring everything in the world to focus on one thing… or one person.

'Naruto-kun…' she thought with a blush and a smile on her face.

"Alright…" Kurenai started. "Why don't we start with introduction? Who will go first?" she saw that no hands came up. "Ok, then I'll go first. My name is Kurenai Yuhi; I like a… certain someone…" Kurenai trailed off, thinking of a certain purple haired konoichi. "I hate it when pervert keeps trying to get a feel of me; my hobby is having evening drinks, my dream… I guess get married, haven't put a lot of thoughts in it." she finished. She looked at Sasuke. "You go first."

Sasuke seemed slightly surprised by this. "Ok, my name is Sasuke Uchiha, I like to train, I hate it when people make fun on how my hair looked, I mean seriously! This is how hair stand, I cannot change it!" Sasuke yelled at no one. "Ahem, anyway my hobby is training and my dream…" he took a dramatic pause. "Is to surpass my older brother, Itachi nii-san." he said with a smile.

Kurenai nodded. "Good, not bad… you!" she said, pointing at Choji.

"Oh, uh… my name is Choji Akimichi, I like to eat food, especially Korean barbecue, I hate it when people say that I'm fat!" he yelled with fire in his eyes. "My hobby is buying and eating foods, my dream… I guess to build an empire run by food."

'You got to be kidding me!' Sasuke thought.

Ino sighed annoyingly.

Kurenai eyebrow twitched. "Ok… you're up." she said, looking at Ino.

"Ok!" she said. "My name is Ino Yamanaka, I like a certain blond haired someone…" she said with a giggle and a blush.

Kurenai raised an eyebrow. 'She's in love… with herself?' she asked, no knowing about Naruto.

"… I hate it when people hurt him…"

'Ahh, so it isn't herself…'

"My hobby is shopping and I dream to marry my future husband!" she said.

Kurenai sweat dropped. 'I got a lot of work to do in the team.' she thought.

Naruto felt a shiver down his spine.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong?" Hinata asked.

"I feel… like I'm being forced to marriage." he said.

Hinata raised an eyebrow.

"Can you two shut up!" Sakura yelled. "I'm trying to think!"

Naruto and Hinata stuck out their tongue at the same time at her.

Asuma sighed, seeing his team. "Ok, let's get introduction out of the way shall we?" he said. "Who wants to start?" Kiba raised his hand. "Ok, you."

"What should we say in our introductions?" he asked.

Asuma sighed. "You name, likes, dislikes, hobby and dream, now go."

Kiba grinned. "My name is Kiba Inuzuka. I like my dog Akamaru; I hate it when my sister bothers me. My hobby is taking care of Akamaru and training, my dream… I guess to become a good heir for my clan." Kiba finished.

Asuma nodded. "A solid presentation, you." he said, pointing at Shino.

"My name is Shino Aburame, I like to collect bugs for my hive, I dislike people judging me because I have bugs living inside of me…"

'That is creepy…' everyone thought except Shikamaru.

"… My hobby is, as I said before, to collect bugs for my hive. My dream, don't have any."

'Wow, creepy and mysterious, I got myself a handful…' Asuma thought. "Now, looks like your last."

Shikamaru sighed. "My name is Shikamaru Nara, I like playing shogi, I dislike when people bother me and make a satiation troublesome, my hobby is cloud watching, my dream… don't have any."

'Ok, so I got a dog boy, a creepy bug guys and the laziest guy to ever walk planet earth…' Asuma sweat dropped. 'I bet they'll die in their first c-rank mission.' "Ok, tomorrow, I'm going to put you through a survival test."

"Huh?" Ino asked. "What do you mean?"

"It means that you guys aren't genins yet…" Kurenai started.

"… You'll be giving one more exam and we'll see how you guys do…" Asuma continued.

"… but be warned…"

"66 percent students fail this test!" Asuma and Kurenai said, like they anticipated, everyone went into an uproar.

"What! 66 percent chances of failing!" Ino asked.

"That's ridiculous!" Sasuke yelled.

"Come on, we worked hard to become genins! Now you're telling me we have another chance of failing!" Kiba asked, along with Choji.

"In short… yeah." Asuma and Kurenai said.

Both teams slumped down.

'I have to pass, if I don't, Naruto-kun will…' Ino thought and shook her head.

'I have to surpass Itachi nii-san; I promised that I'll be a better ninja than him… I have to pass this test.'

Naruto was now sleeping on the chair as Sakura stayed awake, looking more pissed as the time passed. Hinata… she didn't seem to care, mostly because Naruto was sleeping on her shoulder.

The door opened. "Um… hello… is anyone here?" someone asked nervously.

The man turned out to be Kakashi, who received a face full of board eraser.

"Bastard! You had us waiting for three hours! What the hell do you got to say for yourself?" Sakura yelled, waking up Naruto.

Kakashi thought for a moment. "I don't like you guys." he said, Hinata sweat dropped and Sakura deepen her glare; Naruto was too tired to care. "Met me at the rooftop." and with that, he poof away.

"I better not be doing anymore waiting than I already did…" Sakura said before turning to Naruto who was once again sleeping on Hinata's shoulder, Sakura walked towards him and punched his head. "Wake up dumbass, we're supposed to go to the rooftop." she said coldly.

Naruto glared at her and growled. "Would it kill you to try and be nice to me!" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I would die, reincarnate, die, reincarnate, die, reincarnate, all over until I die a total of one hundred times." she said.

Naruto gave a feral growl and was so close to pounding Sakura.

"Ok, let's go to the rooftop." Hinata said nervously, pulling Naruto with her while Sakura walked behind them.

Kakashi was actually waiting there when he saw them coming up stairs. "Finally, you guys came here; you took forever to come here! The hell is wrong with you guys! Are you trying to give me the wrong impression!" he asked.

"BASTARD!" Sakura screamed at Kakashi.

"Meh meh, relax, I was just joking." Kakashi said.

All three sat down, they all stayed quiet for a long time.

"So… what should we do now?" Sakura asked.

"Well, I guess we should do introductions." Kakashi said. "Naruto, why don't you start? Say your likes, dislikes, hobby, and dream for the future." he said.

Naruto grinned. "Ok!" he said. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I like ramen, especially miso ramen; I hate the fact that I need to wait three minutes for the ramen to cook, my hobby… cooking ramen, especially…"

"Would you say something that doesn't involve fucking ramen!" Sakura asked.

Naruto growled. "Ok, what is wrong with you! You always seem to be picking on me! Do you got a bone to pick with me!"

"I just don't like your personality, it sickens me, just hearing your name is enough to make me barf!"

"You are that close to having me kick your ass!"

"Ha! I'd like to see you try!"

Hinata watched as Naruto and Sakura continue to argue, she looked at Kakashi who seemed annoyed.

Kakashi turned to Hinata. "Do they usually fight like this?" Kakashi asked.

Hinata nodded. "Ever since we became a team." Hinata explained.

Kakashi shook his head. 'And I had to be the one to fail my little bro… so sad…' Kakashi thought as he started at them. "Alright!" he said, interrupting them. "Sakura sit down, let Naruto continue with his introduction, you'll get your turn." he said.

Sakura frowned; she sat as far away from Naruto as possible. Naruto didn't mind.

"As I was saying, my dream for the future is to become hokage, I want to protect everyone, no matter what!" he said, Hinata smiled, blushed, and had a dreaming look in her eyes.

Sakura scoffed.

"Pinky, your turn." Kakashi said.

Sakura rolled her eyes at the nickname. "My name is Sakura Haruno; my likes are walking and reading books…" Naruto stiffed a laugh. "My dislikes are idiot people and easy materials…" Naruto stiffed a laugh. "My hobby is trivia games…" Naruto stiffed a laugh, Sakura popped a vein. "My dream is to marry Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto burst out laughing while rolling on the floor.


"Naruto!" Naruto stopped and looked at Kakashi. "Go sit in a corner."


"Now!" Kakashi yelled. Naruto walked away with Sakura laughing her ass off. "You too Haruno."


"Now!" Sakura did the same.

Kakashi sighed and turned his piecing gaze towards Hinata who flinched. "I'm on my last nerve, don't make any mistake." he threatened.

Hinata nodded. "My name is Hinata Hyuuga, I like to garden, I dislike it when people see others as weak, my hobby is pressing flowers, my dream…" she stayed quiet, letting everyone know that she didn't wanted to share.

"Alright…" Kakashi said, trying to calm himself. "Well meet in training ground seven for our survival test." Kakashi said.

"Survival test?" Naruto asked from the corner.

"What are you talking about sensei, and you didn't even introduce yourself." Sakura pointed out.

"I'll introduce myself when you guys learn to get along." Kakashi said firmly, leaving no room for arguments. "This test will determine if you guys are ready to be full-fledged genins or not…"

"What!" Naruto asked, almost moving from his spot.

"But be warned, 66 percent students who take this test fails." Kakashi said.

Sakura nearly screamed in rage at the moment.

"So you mean to tell me, that we got a chance to fail the test and go back to the academy… for another year!" Naruto asked.

"Yep! Isn't that grand?" Kakashi asked with an eye smile. No one answered. "We'll meet tomorrow at seven, oh and don't eat anything, you'll throw up." and with that Kakashi vanished in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto and Sakura glared at each other one last time before saying one thing. "Don't hold me back." and they both left.

Hinata stayed there, before letting out a breath she didn't know she was having.

"Geez, my old container isn't how he used to be, he used to be madly in love with that bitch Sakura…" Kurama said.

Hinata nodded in agreement. 'This timeline… isn't the same as the last one.' Hinata thought before heading home.

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