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Chapter 9: What a predicament!

Sasuke, Ino and Choji quickly jumped away from the lunging snake, they all landed in a branch as the snake looked at them with hungry eyes.

Ino shivered slightly, almost being paralyzed by fear again.

"I'm not gonna fight that thing!" Ino said.

"Yes you are. We're in this together!" Choji said.

"He's right." Sasuke said. "We can beat this thing if we work together!"

Ino sighed in defeat. "Fine, but if I get eaten I'll hunt your dreams until you die!"

"Whatever, I really don't care!"

"Yes you do, it just that-" before Ino could finish, Choji tackled both her and Sasuke to the ground before the snake flattened them with its tail.

"There's no time to be arguing, we need to defeat that giant snake." Choji said, pointing at said thing. "Now let's concentrate and figure out a plan to defeat it!"

Both Ino and Sasuke stare at Choji silently.

"Who are you and what have you done to Choji?" they both ask.

"T-that hurt." Choji stammered.

Both Ino and Sasuke stood up and faced the giant snake.

"I don't think this thing will give us time to think of a plan so we need to communicate through the battle and quickly." Sasuke said. Ino and Choji nodded. "Go!"

All three jumped in different direction, surrounding the snake.

"Take this!" Ino threw several kunais with explosive tags on them. They all hit the snake, the kunai hit the snake but it wasn't affected, when the explosive went off it staggered back slightly.

Sasuke appeared behind. "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" he blew a big flame at the snake but it wasn't affected. "Damn it, how are supposed to defeat something that is barely taking damage from our attacks.

"We don't know." Choji said, making his signature hand sign. "EXPANSION JUTSU!" he turned really fat and started rolling in one place. "HUMAN BOULDER!" and rolled towards the giant snake. The snake easily slithered out of the way making Choji fall from the tree. "WAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" and fell.

Sasuke and Ino looked down at the falling Choji.

"Should we get him?" Ino asked.

"Nah, he'll just slow us down." Sasuke said.

Sasuke almost gasped before jumping away.

"Sasuke, what's wrong?" Ino asked.

Sasuke's eyes widen. "INO, LOOK OUT!" Sasuke yelled.

Ino blinked before looking behind her and saw the giant snake.

"Aaahhhhhhh!" Ino screamed before the snake ate her in one gulp. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, help me!"

"Don't worry! Me and Choji will get you out!" Sasuke said, noticing Choji climbing up the tree, panting heavily.

"We're gonna do what now?" Choji asked again, looking at the snake. "Are you sure you can't handle this yourself? I'm pretty ti-" the snake suddenly grabbed Choji by the stomach. "Hey, I'm resting here!" he yelled.

The snake also ate Choji in one gulp.

"Hey, it's cozy in here, and oddly warm." Choji said.

"The hell is wrong with you!?" Ino yelled. Sasuke could hear Ino constantly slap Choji.

"Ow, ok! I'm sorry!" Choji said.

Sasuke sighed. "So useless." he said. He glared at the snake. "Let my friends go."

The snake stared at Sasuke for a while before quickly turning and slithering the hell out of there.

"Hey! Where are you going with my teammates!?" Sasuke asked, he started jumping towards them until Orochimaru came and kicked his face, making Sasuke crash into a tree.

"Nuh-uh-uh Sasuke-kun, your opponent is me, if you can defeat me, then I'll let you save your worthless teammates." Orochimaru said.

Sasuke smirked. "Sounds like a fair deal." he got into a fighting stance.

"Yes… fair…" Orochimaru chuckled then lunged at Sasuke.

Hinata kept jumping through the trees, constantly picking up speed when she feels Sakura gets too close to her.


"Geez, that girl sure has a big mouth." Kurama said.

"Yeah, but it can't be helped. I'll just have to deal with Sakura's empty threats." Hinata said.

"Naruto, how many threats did I throw at Hinata?" Sakura asked.

Naruto, with a pencil in his ear and a notepad in his hand started to count. "You yelled at least 60 threats." Naruto summarize.

"And yet she's still not slowing down." Sakura asked.

Naruto clear his throat. "Are you really going to do these things to Hinata-Chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, why?" Sakura asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No reason." Naruto said with a scared expression.

Hinata continue to jump until she notice a giant snake, she immediately stopped and looked at it closely.

"That snake has a particular smell." Hinata said with narrowed eyes.

"Just like…" Kurama started.

"Orochimaru/ Orochimaru" Kurama and Hinata said it at the same time.

"Jinx! Now you owe me a soda!" Kurama said.

"But we're not even twins." Hinata said.

"Who said we have to be twin for me to jinx you?" Kurama asked.

Hinata nodded, she turned to follow the snake but almost bumped into Sakura.

"Sakura-san, how's it go-"

"Don't start with me!" Sakura yelled at her. "How could you go an abandon your team!? What is wrong with you!?"

Hinata looked away in shame. "I just needed to-"

"I don't want to hear it." Sakura interrupted.

"Hey, Sakura, take it easy on her." Naruto said.

"You stay out of this!" Sakura yelled, turning to Naruto. "And as for you…" Sakura blinked when she found Hinata gone… again. "Naruto take a note…" Naruto took out the notepad. "I am going to kick her ass into the next millennium." and with that, Sakura went to follow Hinata.

(With Hinata)
Hinata looked down on the snake.

"Sakura is gonna kill you." Kurama said.

Hinata activated her byakugan at the snake. "I'll worry about her later, for now I need to save Ino from that snake." Hinata said, she used Kurama's chakra to increase her speed and appeared in front of the snake.

"You have something that belongs to me." Hinata said.

"Since did Ino belong to you? That's kind of sexy." Kurama said.

"That's not what I meant." Hinata said frantically, blushing madly.

"Hinata? Is that you?" Ino asked.

"Yes, don't worry Ino-san, I will-"

"Where's Naruto-kun, I want him to save me not you, you fat bimbo! Go away and let me parish in peace while waiting for my Naruto-kun!" Ino yelled from inside the snake.

"Really/ Really?" Hinata, Choji and Kurama asked.

"Yes really!" Ino yelled.

"At least save me Hinata." Choji said.

Hinata nodded as she search for a weak spot on the snake. "I… I can seem to find one." Hinata said.

"Find one what?" Choji asked from inside.

"A weak spot, it's going to be harder to defeat a giant snake with no weak spot." Hinata explained.

"Harder? Why don't you use your sixty-four palm of protection?" Kurama asked.

"Because it's only for protecting me." Hinata answered.

"Who are you talking about?" Choji asked.

Hinata didn't answer and instead jumped towards the snake and started to strike any part of the snake with gentle fist.

Snake seems to hiss in pain at the various parts it got hit.

"Ok, now for the-"

"HINATA!" Hinata turned to Sakura and Naruto who finally reach. "YOU ARE IN… whoa." Sakura noticed the giant snake in front of Hinata. "How I failed to notice that is beyond me." Sakura said with a thoughtful expression.

"Why are you fighting that thing?" Naruto asked.

They heard a gasp from the snake.

"Is that Naruto-kun? Naruto-kun, help me!" Ino screamed from inside.

"Ino-Chan?" Naruto asked before glaring at the snake. "Let her go!" he ran towards it.

"Wait, Naruto-kun, a simple punch won't-" Hinata was saying.

Hinata watched as Naruto went and punched the snake in the face. The snake staggered back before falling to the ground.

"Ow! Can you save me more gently?" Ino asked from inside.

Hinata looked in an amazement at the snake on the floor and then at Naruto who didn't seem to notice anything wrong before making a hand sign.

"SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" Naruto yelled before a hundred clones when to life. They all gave a battle cry before jumping at the snake and pummeling it.

Hinata was still amazed at Naruto's strength, even Sakura looked amazed.

'Did Naruto-kun always have this strength when he was younger in my timeline?' Hinata asked.

"No… no he did not." Kurama answered, also in a state of shock.

Soon the snake had enough before spinning rapidly and knocking all the Narutos off of him.

Naruto grunt when he landed on the floor.

"That's one tough summon." Naruto said while rubbing his head.

'This might take longer than I thought.' Hinata said.

"If you're worried about saving Sasuke then go, leave Naruto and Sakura to the giant snake." Kurama said.

Hinata looked at Sakura and Naruto before shaking her head.

'I can't do that; I can't abandon my team… even though I did it the last two times.'

Kurama shrugged her should. "Do what you want."

Hinata jumped to where Naruto and Sakura were. "How should we defeat him?" Hinata asked.

"Well, my punches were strong enough to knock them down but he won't stay out, I think we need a secondary attack." Naruto said.

"You're so smart Naruto-kun!" Ino squeal from inside.

Naruto took the cool guy pose (Which is having your arm cross with a smug smile and your head slightly down) "I know." before he knew it he was punch on the back of the head by both Hinata and Sakura.

"No time to be acting cool." Sakura said.

"Concentrate Naruto-kun." Hinata said sternly.

"Hai…" Naruto said weakly before getting serious and facing the snake. "All right, I'll attack and you guys think of a secondary attack." he said before creating several clones and running towards the snake.

(With Sasuke)
Sasuke grunt as he receive several kicks and punches to various part of his body by Orochimaru before kicking him again, throwing him to the floor.

"Ugh… you sure seem to like kicking." Sasuke said weakly as he looked at Orochimaru, his sharingan eyes blazing. 'I don't get it, I finally activate my sharingan but I still can't seem to get close to his level.' Sasuke thought. 'Is this guy even a genin.' he thought.

"Come on Sasuke-kun…" Orochimaru chuckled. "You have you sharingan, but you don't seem to have gotten better." he said.

Sasuke took a deep breath. 'I need to think rationally, obviously jumping on him won't work, maybe I can use my environment to my advantage, just like that game… what's it called? K-Kingdom Hearts… 3D? the 3D stand for something I know that much.'

Sasuke stood and took his fighting stance.

"Mh… your stamina is on spar with Naruto, I'm impressed." Orochimaru said.

Sasuke ran towards Orochimaru and went to deliver a punch. Orochimaru went to block but Sasuke quickly feints it and switched to a kick and landed on Orochimaru's face, Orochimaru staggered slightly before retaliating with a strong punch which sent Sasuke flying to a tree but Sasuke quickly recovers and spun around the tree before landing on his feet.

"Don't rip-off of Kingdom Hearts!" Orochimaru yelled, truly angered. They both started to exchange fist rapidly, Sasuke finally getting used to his eyes as he now dodge Orochimaru's attack with ease.

"Take this!" Sasuke yelled as he gave his strongest punch to Orochimaru, making him fly a short distance from Sasuke but he quickly recovers and land on the branch.

"No bad and it seems that you got your second wind." Orochimaru said while licking his lips.

"Ugh, can you say that without licking your lips." Sasuke said in disgust.

Orochimaru chuckled again.

"Stop chuckling!" Sasuke yelled and charged at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru never stopped chuckling the whole time as Sasuke got nearer and nearer. Just before Sasuke reach him Orochimaru vanished.

Sasuke almost tripped on air and looked around, trying to find Orochimaru.

"Where are you?" he asked looking around in random circles.

(Hinata's group)
Naruto grunted as he got thrown to the ground again.

"Ugh, bastard…" Naruto muttered as he got up. "How are you guys doing?" Naruto asked.

"Do you have any four?" Sakura asked boredly as she held some cards.

"Go fish." Hinata answered with the same bored tone.

"What is wrong with you!?" Naruto yelled.

"What?" Sakura asked. "We couldn't think of anything so we were hoping if we played some boring card games then our mind would think of a plan itself." Sakura explained.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Naruto yelled.

Hinata suddenly stood up. "I have an idea!" Hinata yelled.

Naruto looked at Hinata for a moment. "I stand corrected." he said before getting smacked on the back by the snake, throwing him on the floor.

"No, you lie corrected." Sakura started laughing at her own joke, after a while she found out that no one was laughing with her so she looked around and saw everyone shaking their heads, even the snake. "What? It was a good joke." she said.

Hinata finishing shaking her in disappointment and looked at the snake "Naruto you keep attacking it and try to make it fall, I'll get behind it ." she said as she ran towards the snake only to vanish the next second.

Naruto blinked but quickly shook his head and glare at the snake. "Let Ino go!" he yelled while pointing at it.

"How many times did you say that? Like a dozen times." Naruto heard Ino's voice from the snake. "And how many times have you failed? Like a dozen times!" this time she yelled.

"Ino-Chan…" Naruto said pathetically.


Naruto nodded frantically. "Got it!" he made several clones. "Now, as one, we punch him." Naruto ordered.

"If you wanted to do this as one, why did you summon us?" one of the clones asked.

"Yeah, wouldn't it be easier to do this alone, since you'll be 'as one'?" another clone asked.

"It would've been less troublesome." another clone pointed out.

"Ok, you guys shut up and just help me in this." Naruto said with a popped vein. The clones muttered 'fine' before they all started to run towards the snake and jumped towards his face.

"TAKE THIS!" they all yelled before punching it their hardest.

The snake started to tumble over and fall.

Hinata stood behind the snake watching it fall towards her.

"EIGHT TRIGRAMS, SIXTY FOUR PALM OF PROTECTION!" she started to spin around and making a chakra line vertically, she continue to spin, making the line thicker and sharper.

The snake soon fell to the chakra line and got his head cut off easily, like a piece of paper getting cut by a scissor.

The head of the snake fell on Hinata's right while the body fell on her left. Hinata glared at the snake head before turning to the body when she heard a groan.

Ino and Choji slowly got out of the snake's stomach and rubbed their heads.

"Damn it, that was the most disgusting, painful, dizzy, and revolting moment of my life." Ino said, before she turned to Naruto and her eyes turned to hearts. "But if it ends with you being my knight in shining armor…" Ino walked towards Naruto. "Then I'll go through that every day if necessary!" she went and hugged Naruto tightly despite the fact that she was covered in snake slime.

"Ugh, Ino-Chan… at least take a bath." Naruto said but Ino didn't let him go.

Sakura rolled her eyes and turned to Choji. "How did you two end up inside a giant snake? And where is Sasuke-kun?" she asked.

Choji shook his head like a dog, getting the slime out of them. "It was creepy, we were just discussing who we should attack before this creepy guy came by, I think he was named… Orochimaru by what he told me…"

Hinata's eyes widen.

'He found them so quickly!?' Hinata asked.

"Fucker's too quick for his own good." Kurama growled.

"Orochimaru killed the genin team that we were fighting before…" Choji continued. "After that he faced us and unleashed this frightening amount of Killer Intent." he said, slightly shivering.

"Killer Inte-" Naruto was saying before he noticed Ino shaking in fear.

"Yeah, he started fighting Sasuke alone, since me and Ino were frozen in fear, he wanted to fight Sasuke alone for some reason and when me and Ino got over our fear and interfered, he summoned this giant snake that swallowed us whole… I think me and Ino have been inside for at least twenty minutes." Choji concluded.

Sakura took a thinking pose. "Where is Sasuke-kun right now?" she asked, oddly calm.

"We don't know, we were inside a snake with no way of knowing where he was heading, we got lucky that the snake went to your direction and you guys killed it." Choji asked.

Hinata turned to the snake and walked towards it, before anyone noticed Hinata walked towards the snake and sniffed, not surprised that several small snaked was mixed into it and…

'Do I smell butts?' Hinata asked.

"Young Boys ass? Didn't know he actually takes them?" Kurama asked.

Hinata turned to her team and 2/3 of Sasuke's team.

"Guys…" she said, gaining their attention. "I think I know where Sasuke is." she said.

"And how can you be sure?" Sakura asked.

"Because that's where I was going the whole time." Hinata said with a frown. "I wanted to form an alliance with Sasuke-kun team and Kiba's team so we all get to the third exam, beside, I have the byakugan." Hinata said.

"That's right, she got the byakugan!" Ino said.

Sakura sighed. "Alright alright, lead the way." Sakura said, stepping aside and waving her arm in front of her.

Hinata nodded before running and jumping towards the tree, the rest quickly following.

(With Sasuke)
Sasuke continue to look around.

"Where are you coward!? Show yourself!" Sasuke yelled. Suddenly a strong gust of wind pushed Sasuke to a tree; this was stronger than other time Sasuke crashed into trees as the tree cracked under the pressure and Sasuke cough some blood.

"Kami help my back." Sasuke said. "I don't want back problems until I'm 80." he muttered.

Orochimaru yet again chuckled while materializing.

Sasuke watched in awe as Orochimaru slowly appeared in a pillar of flames. "That… was awesome…" he said.

Orochimaru chuckled… again (Seriously, when doesn't he chuckle in the whole fight). "If you join me…" he held out his hand. "You can have this awesome ability to appear anywhere… and more…" Orochimaru said.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "It'll take more than that to convince to go with you…" Sasuke said, he went to stand up but he screamed in pain and held his back.

"Broken back?" Orochimaru asked. He gave a predator smirk. "Perfect." he made a hand sign and suddenly his neck stretched towards Sasuke.

Before Sasuke could react he got bit on his neck, Orochimaru's fangs sinking into his flesh.

It took a moment for Sasuke to react as Orochimaru retracted his fangs and three tomoe appeared near to part where Orochimaru bit him.

Finally the pain registered in his mind.


"SASUKE!" Orochimaru turned and saw an Anbu appeared next to Sasuke. The Anbu removed his mask to reveal himself to be Itachi. "Sasuke are you ok!? Sasuke!" Itachi called but Sasuke continue to scream, his mind focused on the immense pain. 'Why didn't I stop the fight when I could? Why did I have to come so late?' Itachi turned and glared at Orochimaru with unbridled angered.

"Orochimaru, what have you done!?" he asked.

Orochimaru chuckled. "I just gave my little Sasuke-kun a little farewell gifts." he said.

"He is not yours; you weren't even supposed to be here." Itachi said.

"Maybe. But who said I follow the rules?" Orochimaru chuckled. "Besides, with that mark it'll insure that Sasuke-kun comes with me."

"For what!?"

Orochimaru smirked wickedly. "Power."

"Power? Why the hell would he want power?" Itachi asked.

"Many reasons…" Orochimaru started to walk around them (It's a really thick tree branch). "For one, Sasuke-kun could be trying to impress his father who keeps pressuring him, to be a powerful son and get things right…" Orochimaru lifted a finger showing that as one reason, he lifted another. "He could also want power to defeat anyone; he could also want it to protect his friends…" he lifted another. "He would also want it to beat you."

Itachi was taken back by the last one. "Beat me?" he asked.

Orochimaru smirked. "Why yes, the one he want to so badly to beat, if only so people would stop comparing him to you, so his father doesn't make him feel weaker by constantly telling him to be like his brothers, also by the fact that you keep teasing him about never being able to reach his level." Orochimaru finished, turning to Itachi and marbled in Itachi slight guilty look.

"So… how's those for reasons?" Orochimaru asked.

Itachi simply looked at Sasuke, he wasn't screaming anymore but was giving pained gasped. "Get the hell out of here." he told Orochimaru.

Orochimaru shrugged his shoulder. "Fine, but you know I'll see Sasuke again…" Orochimaru turned. "And if the Hokage stops the exam, I'll personally kill Sasuke-kun." Itachi eyes widen.

"Then why would you give him the curse mark if you'll kill him!?" Itachi asked.

Orochimaru shrugged his shoulder. "I'll need a new body soon and getting the sharingan while at it will be a good bonus but they are other Uchihas that I can use… Sasuke-kun was just the easiest to get." and with that Orochimaru vanished.

Itachi stayed there, watching where Orochimaru was before another of Sasuke's small scream reached his ear.

"Sasuke!" Itachi said, grabbing Sasuke shoulder. At that moment Hinata and the others came.

"Itachi!?" Hinata said in shock.

"Why is he here!?" Kurama asked.

"Sasuke!" everyone else ran into Sasuke side.

"Sasuke, are you ok!?" Ino asked worriedly, Sasuke opened one of his eyes to look at Ino. He opened his mouth to answer but only a pained screamed came out.

Sasuke, who was on his hands and knees, collapsed on the floor, holding his neck.

"What's wrong with his neck?" Sakura asked. That got Hinata's attention.

Hinata hurriedly pushed everyone away and took Sasuke's hand off his neck and was shocked to see the cursed mark.

'N-no, we were too late.' Hinata almost cried there.

"Small setback we can still save this timeline." Kurama said with determination.

"What is that!?" Sakura asked, everyone looked shocked at Sasuke's cursed mark.

"Orochimaru's cursed mark." Itachi answered. Everyone turned to him. "Apparently Orochimaru claimed that with this, Sasuke will come to him for more power." Itachi explained.

"That's ridiculous…" Sakura said. "Sakura-kun is perfectly fine as he is, he's the strongest in all our classes!" she said.

Itachi shook his head. "Apparently that wasn't enough. He wanted more; enough to impress his father… to protect his friends… and to prove that he's stronger, so that he doesn't need to get compared to me anymore."

Hinata looked impressed. 'Compared to the reason in our timeline… those are actually good.'

"Need to give him some credit." Kurama said.

Itachi looked at Sasuke for a moment before starting to pick him up.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Sakura asked.

"I need to get him out of this exam." he said.


"No buts, Sasuke got the curse seal and with it he won't be able to be at his best, he could actually get killed. I can't let him happen." he get Sasuke on his back and was about to jump.

"Wait!" Hinata quickly yelled, making Itachi almost tripped. "Isn't this what Sasuke was angry about?" she asked. "You pointed out that Sasuke wanted to be strong enough so that people stop comparing him to you, and he wants to impress his dad, if Sasuke return in that state, not only will his dad be even more disappointed, he'll bother him more about becoming like you." Hinata said.

'I should know. That happened to me after I lost to Neji.' Hinata thought.

"Aw, you poor thing, maybe I can-"

'Not now!' Hinata mentally shouted.

"So you see… if you bring Sasuke back, it'll just bring Sasuke more pain and a bigger chance of going to Orochimaru." Hinata said.

Itachi thought it over, on one hand he could take Sasuke back but risk him leaving to Orochimaru, but on the other hand he could leave Sasuke here and have him have a chance of dying.

"Besides, we'll protect Sasuke-kun if it comes to it." Ino said.

Oh, well when you put it like that.

"Alright." Itachi said. He put Sasuke down; everyone immediately went to his side.

Itachi turned back. "Please… protect Sasuke." he jumped away through a couple of tree branches.

"I… Itachi…" Itachi stops, hearing Sasuke weakly call to him. "Th… Thank you…" with that Sasuke passed out.

"Sasuke!" Ino said alarmed.

"Don't worry, I know a shelter nearby." Hinata said, Naruto and Choji grabbed Sasuke and ran behind Hinata and in front of Sakura and Ino.

Hinata landed on the floor, looking at the hole in a tree.

'This is the place?' Hinata asked.

"Yep, this is where Sakura took Naruto and Sasuke after their fight against Orochimaru." Kurama said.

Hinata turned to the rest of her team and saw them land. "Ok, we should put Sasuke in that tree and nurse him to health." she said.

"Who died and made you boss?" Ino asked, Hinata simply pointed at Sasuke and she laughed nervously. "Right."

Naruto and Choji tried to put Sasuke down gently, though they failed because Choji claimed to have smelt something good.

Sasuke groaned in his knocked out form.

Naruto punched Choji's head. "Nice job lardo!" he said.

"I'M NOT LARGE, I'M-" Choji got interrupted by Ino and Sakura punching his head, both saying different things.

"If Naruto-kun calls you lardo then you're a lardo!" Ino yelled.

"Sasuke-kun is sleeping be quiet!" Sakura yelled.

Hinata sighed. 'How will Sasuke get better is beyond me.'

"Hey, maybe if you were some Arabian clothing and pretend to be a genie and-"

'Is this part of your crazy sex fantasies?' Hinata mentally asked.

"… Maybe." Kurama answered slowly.

Hinata rolled her eyes. "Sakura-san…" Sakura stopped yelling at Choji and turned to Hinata. "Do you have any cloth that Sasuke can use?" Hinata asked.

"Um…" Sakura checked her clothing. "The only thing I have is my panties." she said.

Hinata stared at her blankly before lifting her hand and moving her fingers in a 'give me' fashion.

"What!? I'm not giving you my panties; I love Sasuke-kun but not enough to give him my panties."

"That's a first." Kurama laughed, Hinata would've laughed too but she needed to keep a straight face.

"Sakura-san, we really need to help Sasuke-kun." Hinata said.

"Well, why don't you use some of Ino's bandages!? She got plenty of them!" Sakura pointed out.

Ino immediately hid behind Naruto. "I'm only getting naked to Naruto-kun, and only him. And he's also the only one that can have my clothing!" she said defiantly.

"Geez… thanks… Ino-Chan…" Naruto said with a deep blush.

'Why that no good-selfish-unbelieving-whore wearing-' Hinata started in her head.

"Whoa there girl, save that anger for other villains." Kurama laughed, joined by no one.

Sakura groaned. "Naruto?" she asked. Looking at him.

This time, Naruto hid behind Ino. "I'm a dude, I ain't into that stuff." he said.

"Choji?" Sakura turned to him only to be ignored in order to eat chips. Now Sakura had a deep blush in her face. "W-what about you?" she asked.

"I'm the boss, and what I say is law." Hinata said.

"That's right, and if you don't do what she says, they'll be spanking involved!" Kurama said, too excitedly.

'H-how… how many fetishes do you have?'

Sakura groaned again. "Ok…" Sakura went behind a tree. But they didn't hear any clothes being removed.

"Sakura-Chan~" Ino said in a singsong voice. "Any day now~"

"I know that but…" Sakura said nothing after.

Ino shrugged her shoulder. "She probably needs help." Ino walked behind the tree. "Here, let me help."

"What!? No, get out."

"No see, you have to-"

"I know how to do this just get out!"

"I need to help you since you're so scared."

"I'm not scared! I'm just-"

"Here we go."


"Here you go!" Ino came out with Sakura's panties and tossed them at Hinata.

It gently landed on Hinata's hand, she looked at it and almost laughed, and Naruto looked at it and blushed deeply.

There on her panties were hearts shape with some Naruto's on it, some with smirk, winks, and thumbs-ups.

Sakura walked out of her tree with a heavy blush and when she saw Naruto staring at her panties, she gasped and quickly snatched it.

"Um… any reason why you-"

"No…" Sakura interrupted Naruto, her face getting redder. "I have this because I…" Sakura couldn't finish, looking at Naruto looking at her in wonders at why she had his FACE on her PANTIES, HIS face on HER panties.

Naruto clear his throat. "Well… until you give me a reason, I'll be…" he pointed at a nearby lake. "Over there." and he left.

Sakura looked at Naruto's retreating form before the sound of Hinata's laughter knocked her out of her trance, Sakura turned and glared at Hinata her.

"Well I hope you're happy!?" Sakura asked.

"So this hahaha is why you won't hahaha take off your, pfft, Naruto-imprinted panties!" Hinata started to laughed again.

"Don't laugh too much sweetie; you also have panties with Naruto's face in them." Kurama said.

At that, Hinata abruptly stopped laughing. She turned from Sakura. "Low… blow…" she whispered to herself, she could feel Kurama smirking victoriously.

Sakura looked a little confused by Hinata suddenly not laughing at her, though she wasn't complaining.

Hinata walked toward a nearby stream and put Sakura's panties in it; she soon returned to Sasuke and put it on his forehead.

"So what am I supposed to wear?" Sakura asked.

"Can't you go commando?" Hinata asked.

"No! I swear you a lot less feminine than I expected." Sakura said with a huffed before turning and leaving.

At that comment Hinata popped a vein. "Less feminine!? I'll have you know that my level of feminine far surpasses yours!" Hinata yelled.

"Ha! Please, tell me one aspect of me that is not feminine?" Sakura asked, turning to Hinata and smirking at her.

"You clothing."

"You fucking bitch, I take everything back about what I said!"

"You mean about me being a betraying bitch!?"

"Oh no, those words were 100% true!"

"If it wasn't for me 'betraying' you guys we would've never found and saved Ino and Choji!" Hinata yelled back.

"Yeah but because of that you failed to save Sasuke from-"

'NOT NOW!' Kurama immediately fell silent.

"Pure luck, you didn't know we were going to find them so technically you are a traitor, and a bitch, and the least feminine person I know." Sakura said.

Hinata's anger for the girl just keep rising and rising, she hated Sakura before but this version of Sakura is bringing more hate for the pinkette, Hinata would've loved to teach Sakura a lesson or two but… who is she kidding.

Hinata started walking towards Sakura with Sakura doing the same; only switch Hinata with Sakura and Sakura with Hinata.

"Girl, quit it!" Naruto suddenly yelled.

"Huh, but I thought you were at the lake." Hinata pointed out.

"I was taking a leak." Naruto said. "Anyway, why are you two fighting?" Naruto asked.

"Because-" Sakura started.

"You know what? I don't care." Naruto shook his head. "You two go to the opposite side of the clearing." Naruto said. Both stared at Naruto like he had a second head. "NOW!"

Both jumped and ran to the opposite side of the clearing. Choji looking at both of them worriedly and Ino was grinning the whole time.

Naruto turned to them. "Why didn't you guys try to stop them?" he asked.

"They were scary." Choji said.

"It was entertaining." Ino answered.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at them, unnerving them. "You both certainly deserved some punishment for something this stupid." Naruto said.

Ino smirked. "Well I sure hope you don't spank me, that'll be the worse." she said. Hinata and Sakura almost jumped at Ino at that moment but both stayed.

Naruto shrugged. "Then I won't." Ino's smirk vanished and Hinata and Sakura sighed in relief. "Choji…" he noticed Choji yet again, not paying attention to them by eating.

Naruto walked to him. "NO EATING!" and snatched the chip that he was eating.

Choji stared at his empty hands for a while.

"Now…" Naruto continued, failing to see Ino move further. "To think of a punishment for-"

"MY CHIPS!" Choji suddenly screamed with such anger in his voice, before Naruto could figure out what happened. Choji tackled the poor boy to the ground.

"Ah, somebody help me!" Naruto screamed.

Sakura and Hinata both watched, neither of them moving.

"Want to help me get medical herbs?" Sakura asked.

"Sure." Hinata said, they both stood up and left.

Ino gape at them. "What about Naruto-kun?' she asked.

"He can beat Choji hands down." Hinata said with a dismissal wave of her hand.

"But-" Ino stopped when she heard a grunt from behind her; she turned to see an unconscious Choji and Naruto standing over him while panting heavily.

Naruto turned to Ino and panted a few more time before smiling. "I got it."

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